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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Last Day Today....

Here is my 6 items.... made them into 30 outfits.......

My Favourite Outifits......

Been a fun 30 day's now i need a new challenge.....



  1. WOW!!! You're amazing!

    We have similar taste and I would wear just about every single item here (are those white shoes Miss L Fires? And the fluoro pink shoes Nine West?) and you have mixed the crap out of that gorgeous maxi - it's so interesting to see the ruffles at different lengths!

    Congrats. I am seriously impressed.

    Sarah xxx

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment,the cream one's were from Garage shoes and pink ones from Primark they were both bargain buys of about
    £9-00 each :)

  3. How many of these combinations have you worn?

  4. I would say i have have wore nearly all of these combinations,for the first 2 and a half weeks i took photos everyday but as kid were off i took last lot together because i knew i would not get time....
    The shoes were just for the photo's though, (running around after 4 kids would be another challenge,lol) :)

  5. I adore all the red and you have an amazing collection of shoes.
    Like I said before you are an inspiration! I don't have the strength to pull off 30 days of any dressing restrictions. Bravo for you!

  6. You are so tiny, you make a perfect model.

    Following via Hop A Little Tuesday

    Life Below Zero

  7. Thank you Ofelia and Lifebelowzero for the lovely comments :)

  8. great job! i love that maxi!

  9. you are an expert mixer. i love love the polka dot red dress and those cherry bomb wedges.

  10. Thank you,i so love polka dot :)


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