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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Pick Six Saturday...

Week 2 on the Six Items Or Less clothing challenge and I'm so missing my jeans and something flowery to wear. Six items of clothing to wear for just one month is hard work!!

I should have chose my six a little more wisely!! No room for getting bored when you can only wear a few things, I just have to keep focused and be more creative.

What was I thinking of not putting jeans and a flowery dress in my 6 items of clothing?

I am sure this challenge is made to make you chose your clothes that you buy and wear with more thoughts to them!!

This made me decide to do A "Pick Six Saturday"wishlist style post!!

Starting today and every week.

How cool!!

A post where I pick 6 clothes from the high street websites and  mix and match them to make 12 outfits. Can I make 12 outfits? Wait and see.

As it is Spring, day's with a chill in the air I've picked a knitted cream dress and then for the warmer day's some sun dresses.

I am loving the red skinny jeans. How about you? Love red jeans too?

How cool are these outfits mixed together!?

So this week  my six items are from Topshop. These dresses would look great with chunky belts and chunky shoes.

Top left £36.00/ middle £29.00/ right £45.00
Bottom left £38.00/middle £12.00/right £46.00

These dresses look great with heels on their own or with the leggings/jeans. Love how I paired each outfit? I do!!

How many outfits could you make from theses pieces?

Would love your to let me know what you think of these six items I picked.

Could you only wear six items of clothing in one month? What items would you pick? Maybe by the time the 3rd challenge comes along, I will be a lot better at choosing my six items? Haha, we will see.



  1. ♥I love your blog so much.)) ♥

  2. Thanks Mary ♥ Mur,for you lovely comment:)


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