Thursday, 7 April 2011


So pleased to get these Awards,not 1 but 2 :)...

Thank you so much to Molly at Mcatherine7

Thank you to Matchlessvision for the lovely comments...

Here are the rules:

1* Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post

2* Tell us 7 things about yourself

3* Award 15 recently discovered new blogger

4* Contact these blogger to let them know they've received the award

Here are my 7 fun facts:

1.I cannot swallow pills but can eat a cake whole....

2. I would rather have kids than have a tooth out.....

3.I am wearing only 6 items of clothing for 30 days as part of a challenge....

4.I have started giving my shoes away as I have no more hiding places left...

5. Sing when running with my I-pod on,especially if Robbie Williams most handsome man song comes on....

6. I give up to easy and need to work harder for my goals...

7.I love to eat cake,lots of cake....

Here are the blogs I am passing this award onto:                                     
                                         roxy carmichael reveals

                                         Middle england mum

                                      Bakes books and my boys

                                         Beads paper glue

                                                Mum 0f 3

                                        Our hand made journey

                                    Family parents girls devon


                                Working mum of 4


                                    The mummy musings

                          Would like to be a yummy mummy

                                  Tick tock timeless vintage


  1. Congratulations on winning that award!

    I used to be unable to swallow pills, too. What I started doing is to throw my head back, pour water in and drop the pill into the water so it floats down my throat. That worked and for the past 20 years, I've been able to do it. Now I can swallow several at a time and with less water.


  2. Thank you Jeanine, thanks for that i will try it :)

  3. How nice of you to pass it on, thank you! Great blog by the way :-)

  4. Wow, thanks a lot. I've only been blogging five minutes and already I have an award. I think I'm gonna enjoy this blogging lark!


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