Sunday, 31 July 2011

3 in 30...# I Just Ran Every Day For A Month :)

Last few day of my 3 in 30 challenge....

Run at least a mile a day
Friday          1 mile

Saturday      1 mile

Sunday       3 miles

Exercise dvds

Going out last few days so did not get chance to do any...
Lose some weight

Not at seaside chips donuts McDonald's breakfast...

Run at least a mile a day 30 days challenge review
Friday/Saturday had a few days at the coast but after at least 7 miles walking a day I did still manage to drag myself around a mile run to complete my month of running which I've wanted to complete for a long long time.Very pleased about how this challenge has ended my running is back on track also ran around 156 miles this month my highest mileage month ever so very happy :) :) :)

Exercise dvds

Did 9 parts of exercise dvds not to good as this month I was aiming for 16 but so hard to fit in with all this running...

Lose some weight

After week two I had lost 2 pound but with all this running and eating more I have ended up the same as I started :(

Now I'm going to think of my new challenges to start tomorrow..... Starting with a rest day.....

Silent Sunday...

Silent Sunday

Friday, 29 July 2011

Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop....

Hello and welcome to week 2 of  welcome to the weekend blog hop the rules have not been set yet. Just link up and visit some other blog to make new friends.It would be good if you followed me on Google friends connect and if you follow me leave a message so i can follow back :)

Thanks for joining in and have a great weekend....

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Thursday, 28 July 2011

3 In 30 And Fitness Friday...

3in30 I'm In!!

1.) Run at least a mile a day

Saturday          7 miles

Sunday            8 miles

Monday          2 miles

Tuesday          5 miles

Wednesday    7 miles

Thursday        4 miles

Exercise dvds

20 minutes Zumba

20 minutes Zumba

When I set my 3 in 30 goals I forgot all 4 kids break up for summer so it has been hard finding time to run and  Zumba but hopfully come September I can make Zumba part of my exercise routine...

Lose some weight

This goal may have to wait a been to bad this week but then again not been to good either....

Today I'm linking up with....

Life As I See It [Fitness, Health and Happiness]

Zumba: 4 Weeks Review half way....

This month I'm reviewing the Zumba Fitness dvd kit and over the last 2 weeks I have been loving the Zumba's dance moves and I can really feel the movements toning up my stomach.The first week I spent reading the total-body transformation guide learning the basic and 20 minute express.

Day one: Zumba basic dvd followed by total body stretch.

Day two: Zumba basic dvd followed by total body stretch.

Day three: Zumba 20 minutes Express.

Day four:  Free Day.

Day five:  Zumba 20 minutes express.

Day six:  Free.

Day seven: Zumba 20-minutes express dvd.

The music is really great and you really want to move and groove to it.

Top tips from the total body transformation guide....
1.) If your new to Zumba follow the basic dvd which breaks down each rhythm into easy to follow step.

2.) Use the RPE chart so you stay within your zone and don't over do it.

3.) Wear supportive footwear.

4.) Stay hydrated drink water before,during,and after your workouts.

5)  Modify if needed.

6.) Make sure you have plenty of room to dance.

7.) Do a five minute stretch routine after Zumba without bouncing and breathing deeply.

Basic and 20 minutes Express


It's a great idea to watch this dvd if you are new to Zumba to get the most out your workout.
The Zumba instructors guide you through each step in 3 easy beat breakdowns.Starting off with a quick introduction. The essence of Zumba is the fantastic music and the Latin rhythms and this is the key to all the routines so by learning the routine and rhythm it will ensure its fun and easy follow and if your stuck on a move you can always repeat and practice the move.

The basic workout  is great for breaking down the moves and every move is broke down into 3 easy steps giving you a good explanation how to move and what the moves are called...
The easy beat dances are-

Merengue    Quebradita    Cuban salsa     Cumbia     Reggaeton  Plus  a few more 

20 minutes is a really good workout and you can really tell its giving you a total body workout. Now I've got use to Zumba tomorrow I'm starting the 10-days drop a dress or trouser size be sure to check back on Thursday 4th of August for my end of the month review....

so please pop back on Thursday 11th August for my end of the month review...

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Fashion Wednesday...

How quick the week is going and Wednesday has soon came around again...

Not much time for taking outfit pictures with all 4 kids off for the summer but here is a few things I've been wearing .....

George from asda top, Primark leggings,Garage shoes....

Matalan dress ,Primark shoes ....
Linking up with....

pleated poppy

Matalan Review...

Matalan is one of my favourite shops. I have purchased loads of shoes for myself over the years and lots of beautiful dresses for my daughter.So when they contacted me to see if I would do a review for them I jumped at the chance. I have been waiting for my husband to have a day off work, so we could have a run up to Matalan so when he had yesterday off, I told him to take a detour on the way to the park so I could have some retail therapy..

Good to know about Matalan

Matalan offers something for all the family with an average 30,000 sq. ft per store and there product range offers a comprehensive selection of quality homewares,ladies,men's and children's footwear all under one roof.

Matalan is one of the UK's leading clothing and homewears retailers offering quality fashion and homewares at up to half the equivalent high street price.

Matalan always have the latest key looks for the season from modern basics to classic styles.

They also stock top fashion names such as Wrangler,Falmer,Wonderbra,Wosley and Lee Cooper as well as in house brands like Be Beau,Et Vous, Rogers & Rogers,24:4 and Denim 73.

By buying direct from the manufactures and having convenient out of town stores with low over heads,Matalan is able to offer unbeatable value for money.

Matalan offers outstanding quality at great prices.

I was sent a £50-00 gift voucher to spend and this is what I brought everyone-

Ladies dress sale £22-00 £10-00.

Girls tops, left and middle:sale £8-00  £5-00 pair     right:sale £9-00 £3-00.

Boy's T-shirts sale £8-00 £5-00 for all 3.

Men's Chino's £22-00

Denim short's sale £22-00 £10-00.

We got loads of great quality clothes for a bargain price of £55-00 for all of them....

Blog Hops...

If you have a blog hop please post your blog hops to the blog hop library page ....

And don't forget my blog hops this week.....


Saturday, 23 July 2011

Matalan Autumn Winter 2011

Matalan have some great woman's wear coming in store this Autumn/winter.

Here is some of my favourite things and over the next few weeks I will post some great outfits ideas....

Friday, 22 July 2011

Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop....

Hi everyone and welcome to the weekend I'm trying a blog hop and I hope you all join in .There are no rules but as it's my blog hope it would be good if you please follow me on Google Friends Connect and if you leave me a message I will follow back.Have a great weekend and I hope that we can find some friends and read some great blogs....

Also got a blog hop on Wednesday where you can link up your fashion posts..

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3 In 30 And Fitness Friday...

1. Run at least a mile everyday

Saturday 2 miles

Sunday 4 miles

Monday 6 miles

Tuesday 7 miles

Wednesday 7 miles

Thursday 6 miles

Friday 5 miles

Been a great week for running,hill reps felt great on Tuesday first time in ages.Nice early morning run today then strides on track and got home to everyone still in bed. Start of the summer holidays now so it's all play and not much blogging but in saying that there is always time when the kids are sleeping....

2. Exercise dvds

20 minutes Zumba

20 minutes Zumba

20 minutes Zumba

20 minutes Zumba

Managed time to get some Zumba in this week but time is hard to find....

Lose some weight

Again I just can't leave the sweet things alone the biscuits just fall into my tea.This week is my munchies week hopefully I will be OK when I start my drop a dress size Zumba 10-days challenge.

This week I'm linking up with

Life As I See It [Fitness, Health and Happiness]

Also I've got a blog hop at weekend would love you all to join in :)

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Run Mummy Run...

Today I did a blog post match up with Not Another Mummy Blog?

I did a blog about running and how I went from a size 16 to the smallest I've been since the age of 11 a size 10 and what I think of running.......

Please pop over and take a look Run-Mummy-Run

Block out Beckham and ditch the scales

Today I am excited to announce my very first guest blogger.....

Guest blogger: Alison from Not another mummy blog?

   Not Another Mummy Blog

Who am I? I’m the mum of a ten-month-old. I’m new to blogging. I’m a magazine editor. I like writing lists. I love drinking tea (and wine).

Admit it. You’re just waiting for that first photo of Victoria Beckham post-birth, looking fabulously slim, despite it being mere days/weeks since she delivered baby Harper Seven via c-section. It’s inevitable, and so are the ‘GOD, how does she DO it?’ comments, from us.

Do celebrity mums have a different kind of body to us mortals? They must do. How else can they ‘ping’ back into shape so quickly? Of course, the reality is probably a pre-pregnancy and mid-pregnancy fitness regime that means their abdominal muscles are more impressive than Wendi Deng’s right hook. Add to that the fact they have a chef to prepare them healthy food and a nanny to look after their newborn while they exercise.

I’m lucky in that I wasn’t that in shape before getting pregnant, so it’s easier for me to regain that ‘not-in-shape’ look, than someone who was a slim size 8. To be serious for a minute, though, a woman’s body in the months after birth can seriously affect their wellbeing. So it’s important to attack your body, and mind, head on. For what they’re worth, here are my tips:

1. Stop looking at photos of celeb new mums. Unless you have a chef and nanny too of course, and then look all you like.

2. For the first three months, don’t even think about counting calories. You’re sleep starved and (first time round) on a huge learning curve, so the last thing you need to be doing is depriving yourself of other comforts. Like chocolate muffins with a gooey centre. Mmm.

3. Sounds like a cliché, but when you’re ready to start exercising, find an activity you love. Like Zumba! Who wants to run on a boring old treadmill for 30 minutes, when you can shake your booty?

4. If you need a real kick up the backside, invest in some personal training sessions. Companies like Penelope Fit Star., based in Kent, are aimed at mums and offer discounted rates for pairs/groups of two, three, four etc. They also offer cheap-as-chips bootcamp classes which give you the same work out as a personal training session, but in a larger groups.

5. Put your scales in the bin. If you want to judge how well you’re doing, measure your arms, legs, bust, waist & hips. But enough with the weighing. It’s a load of baloney and will only have you reaching for the Dairy Milk.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

What I'm Wearing...

What I've been wearing this week....

Dress Primark last year
Shoes Primark Last year
Leggings Market
Jeans Primark
cardi Peacocks
Top Jane Norman

Jump suit Primark
Shoes Johnathan James

Dress freebie from mum
Shoes  Garage
Trouser suit Primark
Shoes Garage

pleated poppy

Linking up with the pleated poppy....

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The gallery:Vintage

This week at The Gallery the theme is vintage-something old you own...

After trying to think of something I remembered Alf and Alfreton my two little puppets I got a long long time ago.I found them in a auction in a box full of rubbish hidden in the bottom.this was about 25 years ago now but when I got the out the kids didn't like them and told me to hurry up and put them away...

What made me laugh was I found them hidden in this bag ,which was from my first ever job over 20 years ago so I'm sure this is vintage too now!...


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