i Carly Groovy Foodie DS Game Review...

This week we got the chance to review a DS game i Carly Groovy Foodie. My 7 year old daughter loves her 3DS, luckily all DS games play on it, so I knew she would like to try it out.

We were not familiar with Carly so after a quick crash course on the series courtesy of the Internet, we were all set to see what the game had to offer.

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Heron At Chester Zoo : Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop...

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday hosted by Clairejustineoxox and Judyh-jsThoughts where you can link up your Wordless / not so Wordless Wednesday photo posts each week...

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Poached Eggs Benedict With Quick Hollandaise...

Serves 4

516 calories / 429 fat per portion

  • 4 fresh eggs
  • 4 slices hot buttered toast
  • 8 rashers bacon, grilled
  • 4 tbsp Hollandaise sauce (recipe below)
  • 1 tbsp finely chopped chives
For the Hollandaise sauce
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 110g (4oz) Kerrygold butter, now softer, cut in to roughly 1cm (½ inch) dice
  • 1 tsp lemon juice

Method – Hollandaise sauce
  • First make the hollandaise sauce. 
  • Place the egg yolks in a heavy bottomed saucepan on a low heat and whisk thoroughly.
  • Add the butter bit by bit whisking all the time. As soon as one piece melts add the next. 
  • Do not leave the pan or stop whisking.
  • Keep cooking very gently until the sauce has thickened, enough to coat the back of a spoon. 
  • If there are any signs of the eggs slightly scrambling, remove from the heat immediately. 
  • The whole process should take 5-7 minutes from start to finish.
  • Finally add the lemon juice to taste.
  • Keep warm as you poach the eggs.
Method – Poached eggs
  • Place a saucepan of water on a high heat, add a splash of vinegar and bring to the boil.
  • Reduce the heat to a simmer, gently crack in the eggs and cook for 3–4 minutes or until the whites have just set.
  • Carefully remove the eggs from the pan with a slotted spoon.
To serve
  • place two pieces of bacon on the hot buttered toast, then place 1 egg on top. 
  • Spoon over the sauce and sprinkle with chives.
About this post-

Recipe and photo credit by-
 This recipe comes from a collection of 6 brand new and exclusive recipes created by Rachel Allen featuring in The Kerrygold Community Recip-e-book.

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Outfit Post : Creative Mondays...

Hello and welcome to Creative Mondays hosted by Clairejustineoxox andJudyh-jsThoughts where you can link up all your creative post each week.... what have you all been up to this week?
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Sweet Potatoes And Orange Soup...

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Blackberry Or Strawberry Macaroons..

Pretty gift ...

These pretty patisseries are very fashionable at the moment but can be very expensive to buy, so why not make your own and give as a gift in a recycled box lined with non-stick baking paper and a lacy paper doily tied with ribbon.

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02/11 Link Up Your Favourite Posts This Week : Welcome To The Weekend Hop ...

Welcome to the weekend hop where you can link up some of your favourite post of the week. Simply link up to 3 different post or just your main blog....
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