Saturday, 19 January 2013

Rainbow Rocky Road Cupcakes...

I made these rainbow rocky road cupcakes as something to keep the children's energy levels up when running around in the snow this weekend. This recipe made 34 cupcake sized bun so you could half the recipe or make a big batch up for children's party's. Found some rainbow drops in a shop a few weeks back, not seen these in ages so had to try something with them!!you can replace the rainbow drops for rice krispies.


75g Dried cranberries

25g Chopped dried apricots

25g raisins

100g Mini marshmallows

80g Packet of rainbow drop sugar coated rice

100g Cornflakes

600g white cooking chocolate

Approx 34 cup cases


In a large bowl mix all the ingredients together apart from the cooking chocolate

Place the cup cases in a oven cup cake tray so they will keep there shape when you add the mixture

In a heat proof bowl break the cooking chocolate into pieces and place the bowl over a pan of pre boiled water simmering to melt the chocolate

When the chocolate has melted pour into the dried ingredients a little at a time so it all mixes in well

Spoon the mixture into the bun cases and leave to set


  1. We have an upcoming holiday (next Saturday) in which we make sweets with fruits. These cupcakes are perfect for this holiday :)

    1. Whoo sounds great,hope you get to make some...

  2. Your children are certainly in for a wonderful treat Clairejustine. Looks delicious! I hope you all have a good time in the snow.

    1. Thanks Judy... lots of playing in the snow and lots of washing for me ha...

  3. This looks like a fantastic treat, thanks for sharing!

    Hello from your newest follower, over from the blog hop Creative Mondays

    Hope you can stop by sometime :-)

    Have a great week!

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