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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

New Ways To Follow Blog Lovin Blog Hop ...

Oh no I hear GFC is going :( and was my favourite way to read blogs. Not to worry my new favourite way to read and follow blogs is through Bloglovin .Its free, easy to set up and a great way to read the blogs you follow. If you have a blog on blog Lovin add your blog lovin link so we can find each other. Just add the title of your blog and the link to your BlogLoving page.

e.g the link that leads from your button to your follow page
Don't forget you can share the hop...
Mine is here-

 Follow on Bloglovin



  1. Following you all :-)


    1. Thanks Michaela, off to follow you back :)

  2. I converted to Bloglovin as my reader today. I like that there was a way to move my Google Reader blogs on over with such ease. Now if I can just find someone with a tutorial and all the HTML codes for the follow options like you have.


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