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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

8 Things That Made Me Feel Good Today...

8 Things That Made Me Feel Good Today...

1.) Cappuccino when I wake up early with the puppy!!

2.)  Finding some Strawberries left in the fridge for breakfast!!

3.) Warm enough for my cotton maxi dresses!!

4.) Seeing red poppies everywhere I go, they looks so beautiful!

5.) Daughter enjoying spending her Birthday money!!

6.) Beautiful sunny day, hello summer ;)

7.) Daughters massive chocolate cake, enough to feed us all for 3 days!!

8.) Mollie the Collie having her first injections, she is doing good and put 2 lb on in a week. Only 2 more weeks and she can walk the streets safely..

What made you feel good today??



  1. Mollie is beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing, it's the little things that are so important #BrilliantBlogposts

  2. Ha, did you call her Mollie purely for the delight of rhyming??x


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