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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Sun, Sea, Sand And A Parkrun!!

Sun, Sea, Sand, and a Parkrun!!

Happy Thursday friends. How are you today?

I am tired but happy. We have been away to visit family at the coast and have had a lovely time.

Sun, sea, and sand. How happy does getting away make you feel!?

Sorry if you stopped by for The Wednesday Blog Hop Yesterday? I wasn't sure how long we were going away for and I forgot to set up The Wordless Wednesday blog hop up before we went.

Creative Mondays blog hop was still open and I hope you linked up with us there instead?

Even though we were 160-200 miles away from home we manage to find the local Parkrun in Margate. Yep, we took our running trainer just in case. The only day I ran though ;).

Margate Parkrun...

Running never gets any easier. Especially when there is a  slight hill and the wind is in your face!

All smiles before Parkrun, even though it was over 2 miles warm up to the start. 

How cool running by the sand and sea. Breathing in the fresh air. Love every minute of it. 

After running 2 miles before Parkrun we walked the rest of the way towards the start so we were not to tried before we began.

Love hills anyway... Not!!

Beautiful views, overlooking the sea.

Plus a little break from our warm up. I was already tired, lol.

A large gathering of people around the start. People in running clothes. Always a clue where the start is.

A few family running selfies before.

Smiles all around.

I was not too smiley after a 2 miles warm up, 3 miles Parkrun and an 2 miles run back. I can tell you! Furthest I had run in ages. All good fun though. Over 7 miles in total. Well, a good training day done.

Last fun selfie and then we were off.

Although it was windy and up hill to the finish, I over took 3 people so felt good!

Trying my hardest.

Looks like I am getting nowhere fast!!

I was trying though.

Red faced. I must have been working hard. 2 and a half minutes slower than last week though. It must have been a tougher course.

All finished and time to go back for a nice shower and breakfast.


Sun, Sea, Sand And A Parkrun!!

Do you like to run by the sea?

Have you run Parkrun at Margate before?



  1. Well done you! What a gorgeous place to run.

  2. You always impress me, Claire, with your dedication to running. And I love that it is a family affair! What beautiful views...that must have been inspiring during the run! Great job!


    1. Aww, thanks Shelbee, I find it so hard sometimes.

  3. Well done. What a great place to run! I would have stopped along the way to enjoy the view!!!! Ha! Happy Thursday!

    1. Aww, thanks. The views were stunning and took my mind of the running for a few minutes too :)

  4. Well done Claire, you put me to shame! I've been to Margate today - dropping some paperwork off and then visited Westwood X Jacqui

    1. After your tweet I thought, how funny it would be if we walked by each other :)

  5. Good job! I am thinking about visiting Margate in September. It has changed over the years hasn't it?

    1. Thanks Nancy. I am not too sure, my Sister in law moved here and last year was the first time we have visited.

  6. Wow - being away and doing a run! That's so impressive. I need to get my running shoes back on - so you have just inspired me!

  7. I love the fact that you embrace parkrun wherever you are, well done! It looks like a great route to X #PoCoLo

    1. Thanks Lins, we love visiting ones we have not ran before :)

  8. Well done you! I feel exhausted just reading about you running. I am not a runner. #PoCoLo

  9. You are putting me to shame here - glad you enjoyed it though.



  10. I'm impressed - and also relieved to hear that running never gets any easier! Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo


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