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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Last Minute Holiday: Right Leg In: What I Wore..

Hello again.

This week is just whizzing by. Do you think so too? So many thing happening around here at the minute. Busy, busy. 

This week I have been getting the children ready for back to school. Decorating before Autumn. Not to mention I pulled out my open plan kitchen on the day we came back from holiday as I was fed up of the clutter and dust it made in the kitchen and made it into a wardrobe for the boys room.

It looks great in there bedroom. Saved me a few hundred pounds as I had promised them a new wardrobe each. They are really pleased with is too as it fits everything on here, so much room for them. A lot more than 2 small wardrobes would have fit in, that is for sure. I have just got to buy a couple of clothes rails now to complete the look.

Eek, there was a few big spiders under there. 🕷🕸🕷🕸🕷

Glad my Son was here to help or it would have taken me days to take it down and put it back up again instead of a few hours.

Now my kitchen looks a mess again!! I think it is now time to plan a proper makeover. Sometimes doing jobs on the cheap, does not always turn out as you plan. Or following new trends!!

The youngest children went back to school yesterday and it is kind quiet around here now! Not for long though.The school hours go by so quickly too.

I think to myself when they go to school, I have hours spare, I will get this done, I will get that done but the time just flies by. Then it is time to pick them up from school.

As soon as they are gone to school, I walk Mollie, get a few jobs done, eat lunch and then it is time to walk Mollie again before they get home.

I have so much to do but never get time it done this week.

Maybe after a few days I will be back into a proper routine. It takes a few weeks to get organised and into a routine again after change, don't it!?

That will teach me to go away in the last week of the holidays. Grr.. Still going though holiday washing and the weather has an Autumn chill to it. The clothes are just not drying.

Time to chill and sort out some blog posts then and catch up on comments and emails today, methinks 😃.

Talking about holidays; We are terrible for leaving things until the last minute. Days out, holiday, shopping trips. Always planned last minute. So they are not really plans then!? When will we learn!?

Can't you tell I was never in the Girl Guide's? I remember joining The Brownies when I was younger. Then once my Mum got me the uniform, I never went again. Typical me!?

We simply go through life making up our plans as we go. No need to plan, get stressed out or even have weeks of excitement and spending too much money buying new things this way either.

Take the other week for instance. We booked a holiday, had our last minute planned Sunday dinner, packed up the car full of holiday clothes, towels and suntan lotion then and drove a few hundred miles away to stay at a hotel before setting off on Holiday the next morning. All though up of that morning.

My Husband had broke up from work for a few weeks holiday and we had nothing to do the last week of the holidays so just up and went.

My Husband was looking at holidays on the internet and seen that Butlin's in Minehead has a few late deals with food included, so we booked and went that day.

It was a good job second eldest Son was at home to look after Mollie. Or we would not have been able to go just like that. Some last minute plans just come together perfectly. A great time to go as we had nothing stopping us. I even left him some washing up too ;) Only as I was rushing though.

My Husband booked us a hotel from one of our favourite hotel chains half way to where we were going on holiday. So Monday we had only half the way to travel. Still a few hundred miles though.

It was a great idea driving down the day before. So we could enjoy the start of our holiday the next day.

Wished we had planned where to stay for the night better though. The hotel was just off the motorway, which was close for getting back on our journey the next day but there was nothing around here for miles other than busy roads and an industrial estate.  No worries though as we were starting our holiday on Monday and not Sunday night so a nice lazy afternoon and early night was had by all.

The hotel did put a bit of a dampener on our holidays as it was unbelievably warm at night. I have never stayed anywhere in the UK so warm at night.

Too hot in this room to sleep, I would have thought we were abroad. So we had to sleep with a fan on, all night!

I was tossing and turning all night and then woke up with a sore throat from the electric fan. Not the best night sleep I have had. Not going to let that spoil our holiday though.

The pre paid all you can eat breakfast that we usually enjoy turned out to be a waitress picking bits of fried breakfast out in the back kitchen for you and not offering you more than one plate of hot food.

Not that I am greedy but when you pay for an all you can eat breakfast, we like to pick out a little of what we want and fancy eating, then go back up for seconds if we need too. No filling up at this restaurant!! The was toast and cereal on some tables but when you go out for breakfast you fancy something different to what you have at home.

Then as we walked out as we had pre paid she stopped us and charged me £2.75 for my drink of coffee that has always been included in ever other place in the country we have ever stay in!?


But again, I wasn't going to let that spoil our holiday,even though it was a complete waste of money.

It certainly has me thinking twice next time my husband as me to go here again!! No Thank You!! 

What I Wore:
  • Sunglasses: Primark
  • Top: Primark
  • Legging: H&M
  • Bag : c/o George at Asda 
  • Shoes: Local Market

{You put your left leg in, your left leg out. In out shake it all about. OK your right one in this photo!!}

Do you plan things properly or just like to do things on impulse like us?



  1. Hi Claire Just popping by to say hi as you are new to me and I love to find new style bloggers!
    also thank you for linking up to mine and Laurie's new link up welcome!
    Ashley x

    1. Thanks for stopping by Ashley, just stopped by you beautiful blog :)

  2. An interesting post Claire, pretty top and a fab last min holiday. Jacqui

  3. I love your outfit and those pink sandals! It sounds like a fun way to plan a trip, just up and go! I'm definitely more of a planner but I see the appeal of your way too. I'm glad you didn't let the hotel spoil your holiday fun!

    1. Thanks Heather, one day I will plan ahead :)

  4. This tunic is gorgeous!

    xx, Elise

  5. What an awfull hotel! But good that it didn t spoil your mini break! We are going to the UK next week! Yeah! Cross your fingers for some nice weather for is please!

    1. Thanks Nancy, hope you get some nice weather when you are here :)

  6. Love that top!!! Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thanks for hosting and stopping by Tamar :)

  7. Your top is just fabulous, Claire! And love the dance at the end...so cute!
    Thanks so much for joining us in the Ageless Style Linkup!

  8. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. the tunic is so chic and looks so fresh.

  9. This tunic is so bright and pretty! I really like how you styled it with pants and sandals. Hope you have come up with a new kitchen plan you will be happy with. Thanks for linking up with Fabulous Friday!

    Jennie - A Pocketful of Polka Dots


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