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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Where Has The Sunshine Gone?

Happy Tuesday lovelies.

It feels like ever since we got back off our holiday's and the children went back to school that Summer has disappeared! Where has the sunshine gone? It has been miserable around here.

Where Has The Sunshine Gone?

I can feel an Autumn chill in the air and notice the nights are getting darker earlier and colder. Brrr.. Talk about rain too, it has been awful. The wind nearly broke my umbrella yesterday too as it kept blowing it inside out.

I got wet through so many times yesterday. First up walking the dog, as Mollie still wants walkies, even in the rain. Then I had to walk to the train station to meet my Husband from work as we were going to a funeral and I was getting so wet but with the wind it was wetting me through and drying me out at the same time!!

Last night I popped on my warmest hoodie and sat in it all night. I think I got a bit of a chill as I could not get warm. Time to think about putting the heating on now!!

Today I am sharing some photos of what I wore on holiday, to try and warm me up a little. No, I do not want Summer to leave just yet. I love Summer so much. Can we just have a few more weeks of sunshine?

What I Wore: Sunglasses: Primark |Top: Primark | Legging: H&M | Bag : c/o George at Asda | Shoes: Local Market.

Over the weekend I even packed some of my Summer clothes away. I do not think I am going to get anymore wear out of my white dresses and skirts now. I am keeping this top out for the minute though. Just in case we have a warm spell.

Do you love Summer and want it to hang around a little while longer or are you ready for Autumn?

Have you started packing some of your Summer clothes away?

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  1. The weather has been rubbish lately but the sun is shining here, it's dry but it's still ruddy cold.
    Lovely photos. I want the summer back too x

  2. We've taken a turn to cooler weather too and I noticed the trees beginning to change color!

    1. Not long now to the colder weather Tamar. I think I am going to buy some warmer clothes this week.

  3. I don't want to pack my summer things up yet. It is getting cooler but it's been sunny and warm still in the afternoons. I love your top and that looks like a fun place to vacation!

  4. Just the colours alone are summery! :) I LOVE that top... gotta love Primark (and lord do I ever)! I hope you can get some bits and bobs of summer in your home all year long so that the dread greys of winter don't get you down too much!



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