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Friday, 6 October 2017

World Smile Day: Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop...

Happy World Smile Day.

I am always happy and smiley on my walks with Mollie but even more, a reason to be smiley today as it is world smile day.

Big smiles all-around!

Welcome back friends to this weeks 'Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop'. We are happy you are here and hope you have fun hopping around the blog hop to find new blogs to follow.

Link up, grab a drink and have fun and hopping around some other blogs.

What have you been up to this week? We have been baking.

Making lots of yummy gluten-free bakes!

Toffee popcorn chocolate cupcake anyone?

In other news. I got the SORRY you have been unsuccessful in gaining a place the ballot for the Virgin London marathon 2018. That is it, a nice lazy Winter it is then!

Talking of Winter, did you see my 11 Tips On How To Prepare For The Cooler Months?

The month of Halloween and I have started posting Halloween recipes; fancy making a Roasted Cauliflower Brain with Green Slime Hummus and Dead Man’s Finger Sandwiches?

Love coffee? Why not try one of these 11 coffee Recipes.

Now over to you, what have you been writing about this week?

This week's link up:

Do you want to join in the blog hopping fun?

Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop. 05/10/2017 Guidelines:

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  • Find time to have some fun, hopping around all new blogs that have linked up this week and finding new posts to read, blogs to comment on and new followers. 
  • Try to stop by a few blogs and leave comment after linking up and comment back if someone stops by, it makes the blog hop much more fun :) 
  • Tweet me your links over at @clairejustineo on Twitter using the hashtag #weekendbloghop and I will share your posts. 
  • Have a lovely weekend and we will see you again on Monday for Creative Mondays Blog Hop and Wednesday for The Wednesday blog hop.



  1. Bad luck with the marathon, hope you're lucky with another one. x Thanks for hosting the link-up Claire. x Jacqui

    1. Thanks for stopping by lovely. Now onto plan B. Not got it yet but watch this space ;)

  2. Happy Friday, Claire, and thank you so much for hosting! I'm looking forward to sitting down with a cuppa and catching up with your posts. I've shared my most popular muffin recipe ever on the blog here today - Easy, Healthier Banana and Chia Seed Muffins. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Happy Friday April, thanks for linking up :)

  3. So sorry about the marathon! Can you join a charity team that gets entries?

    1. Thanks Tamar, I can but I just can not raise that kind of money. Shame really as I would now run for coeliac disease!! A charity close to my heart.

  4. Hi Claire, I'm going to go out in a minute with my biggest smile on, it's not every day it's World Smile Day!... I'd never have thought to use popcorn as a cake topper, what a fun idea, sweet or salty would work well, I imagine. And as for your Marathon entry. Unlucky! We tried several years running with no luck. The Athens Classic Marathon is good because it's the birthplace of the Marathon, but I imagine London is so much fun! The trouble with doing it for a charity is you have to 'promise' to raise a certain amount of money.... Better luck next year and enjoy your 'lazy' winter!

    Thank you for hosting.


    1. Thanks for stopping by Debbie. I am so pleased you are going out with a big smile :) So many people do not smile back or speak when you say morning :(

      I have thought of doing a marathon for charity but the need to raise so much money and truth is I do not have a big circle of friends or work colleagues, so I could not raise the amounts they need.

  5. This is a great post with so many fun ideas! Thanks so much! I always try the recipes you show most recently the pumpkin chili in little pumpkins and it was so good! Happy Friday!

    1. Aww, that is great to hear Cheryl, thank you so much for trying my recipes that I post here.

  6. So many great post picks this week! Love the Halloween treats featured. Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. That is a bummer about the marathon... but maybe not it is a big commitment! Thanks for hosting the link up!

    1. Thanks lovely. I get a stress free Winter again now :) I would like to try one more time for a better time. I have ran it twice for fun and would really like to train up now and do a pb before I get to old.


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