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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

What I Wore In January: The Wednesday Link Up!...

Happy Wednesday Friends.

I can not believe it! January is nearly coming to an end! Already!?

How quickly did that month go by!?

Blink and you missed it.

Thanks so much for joining us today for The Wordless or not so Wordless Wednesday Link Up!

What photos have you been taking this week? 

Do you want to share with us?

So far this month It has been a cold/snowy/ high winds and really cold. 

Don't ya just love January!?

A comment left on last weeks The Wednesday Link Up, made me realise something. 

Enjoy every day, come rain, shine, snow or wind. 

Sometimes we rush through life and forget to take it in and enjoy every day, with the everyday stresses and strains of life.

The last few day's when I have taken a walk to the park with Mollie I have spent a few minutes breathing in the fresh air and looking around admiring the beauty all around.  

On Monday we went out early and the bright orange of the sun and purple of the sky looked amazing. Typical, when I do not have my phone with me.

I have been wrapping up warm and here over the last few weeks are a few of the outfits I have been wearing:

Feeling foxie? My foxy tights on. 

I wore this outfit at the very being of January. I needed to get one more squeeze out of this jumper before it got packed away for another year and these jeans were too big! Well, they fit nicely now, that is all I am saying on the matter!!

When you put your lovely pink jacket on to brighten up a rainy day and it stops raining and the sun has come out. Result!!

Yeap, we got out running.

Walkies in the woods with Mollie.

Snow boots on.

So far I have only been prancing around the house in these beauties. but its a start isn't it!? I do not want to ruin them yet. 
Layering up to keep cosy and warm.

Adding scarfs to keep me extra warm.

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What I Wore In January: The Wednesday Link Up!

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Now over to you, what have you been snapping away at this week?



  1. I agree...we definitely need to make the effort to notice and enjoy the little things every single day!

  2. I love all your outfits, Claire! And cold and snowy has been the story of my January! Just trying to get through it warm and in style!


    1. Thanks Shelbee, February is set to be our coldest month here :(

  3. love the animal shoes and the red hunters. So many cute looks

  4. OMG!!! Those shoes! I LOVE them! And the fox tights!

    Emma xxx

    1. Hehe, not sure where I am going to wear them yet Emma :)

  5. So many great outfits this month, love the boots and the plaid, love it all!

    1. Aww, thank you Heather :) Trying to keep nice and warm.

  6. I want to see thee shoes!!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. Thanks Nancy, they are sweet aren't they :)

  7. All your footwear is style stylish, glad you had a great year. Jacqui

  8. Cute outfits! I'm LOVING those fox tights.


  9. Those are QUITE the shoes! Too bold for me. I envy anyone who can pull that off!
    Katelynn, hampersandhiccups.com

    1. Thanks Katelynn, I am just trying to think of the right outfit now :)

  10. I love your style! Great post and blog!


  11. I seriously love your fox tights! Cute outfits! Have a lovely week!

  12. Your dog is adorable. That face!!!

  13. You always look fashionable. Thanks for hosting and I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week.

  14. All such pretty outfits Claire! It's even been difficult to keep warm in sunny Florida. When I feel the nice heat in the house, I almost hate to go out...LOL! Thanks so much for hosting, and have a great week!

    1. Thanks Julie, I always imagine Florida to be red hot all the time. I would love to visit.


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