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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

How I Plan To Shake It Slim With Forza Over The Next Four Weeks..

Happy Tuesday.

On Monday I started a new diet. I am really excited and motivated about my new weight loss journey because:

I need to lose weight and want to lose weight.

Need To Lose Weight Because:

Over the last year or so I have slowly started to gain a little weight. It is something I have tried not to worry or think about too much but it has now got to the point where nothing in my wardrobe fits me only my joggers and stretchy leggings!!

Skinny jeans are too skinny 👖

Flattering dressers are no longer flattering 👗

Skirts are just too tight to bend down in! NOooooo!!!!!! 😠

It has got to the point where I am thinking do I:

A.) Try to sell or give all of my beautiful clothes away.  Buy a few new ones that fit me nicely!? That is appealing however expensive!!


B.) Try to lose some weight!?

So this is the reason why I want to lose weight.

Want To Lose Weight:

I really want to start running again and it feels good. At the minute I can feel every lb of weight I've gained and it just doesn't feel good to run at the minute. If I lose weight I know it will start to feel easier.

Last week  Forza came to the rescue and asked me if I would like to collaborate with them throughout the month of February and see if I can lose a few lbs using some of their products and working out more.

Great timing as I do not do New Year's resolutions as everyone buys me chocolate for Christmas. It takes me all the way throughout January to eat them. By February I am always ready for a weight loss challenge.

About Forza:

I am not sure if you have heard of  Forza before? They are an industry leader in wellbeing and weight loss products and are currently stocked on Amazon and in Boots stores across the country.

FORZA brand was established in 2007, we were the sole manufacturer and supplier of its pioneering T5 formula, which quickly went on to become one of the UK's most popular slimming solutions.

There most popular product “Shake It Slim” has recently undergone a huge transformation and now has 60% less sugar!

How Do I Plan To Loss Weight And Shake It Slim?

Replace Meals:

Replace my first, second and sometimes 3rd breakfast with one Shake it Slim meal replacement meal after my morning walk/run with Mollie The Collie.

Replace my sandwiches, crisps and a chocolate bar at lunch with a Shake it Slim meal replacement or Bake it Slim mug cake. 

Run instead Of Walk:

Try to run more instead of just walking when out with Mollie the Collie.

Drink More Water:

I am never one for drinking lots of water. So I am going to try drinking more water by having a glass each time I go to the kitchen sink. Which is a lot as I always seem to do the pots!!

Drink Less Tea And Coffee:

I am going to cut down on tea, coffee, wine and spirits and replace them with water.

Use That Gym membership:

I have a gym membership. Now is the time to get out and use it!!

I am really impressed with the starter packs they include 3 different flavours. You need a variety if you want to stick to it. I have been having vanilla for breakfast and chocolate for lunch. Time to shake it up a bit now!

Let's see how much weight I can shake off in the next few weeks!!

I need to get back into my pretty dresses before my 45th birthday, in just over 2 months.

About this post: This post is in conjunction with Forza but all thoughts are my own.



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Tamar, I had forgot how hard running is!!

  2. Good luck! Sounds like you have the right attitude to make it a success!

  3. I definitely know how you're feeling. I can't wait to see how you do! I'm following along of course!

  4. Good luck Claire, I just need the will power to lose weight - it seems to have evaded me atm, i'll be interested to see how you get on! Thanks for sharing Claire. x Jacqui

    1. Thanks Jacqui, it is hard work to keep motivated but I am getting there :)

  5. Good luck with this! I have just joined a gym! It's hard going!

    1. Thanks you Laura, it is hard work getting into a good routine when you ache the next day thought :(

  6. Aw I know that you have got this good luck! I think it is great that the shakes have three different flavors as you are right in saying that you need variety!

    1. Thanks Ana, yes I usually love chocolate but I love mixing it up too or it gets to same-y :)

  7. Good Luck with your weight loss journey, I'm sure you will do fab. Those shake flavours sound yummy too! x

  8. Good luck! Hope the new regime works out for you.

  9. Good luck with the weight loss journey. Hope you smash it.

  10. Forza are a brand I'm only just hearing about through your post. It sounds like you've got all the motivation you need to succeed. Best of luck x

  11. Skinny jeans are too skinny- the story of my life! Good luck with your new lifestyle, you'll smash it!

  12. Good luck to you! Hope those shakes taste good and fill you up as often these things don't.

  13. Wishing you lots of success! And your dog's name is just the best!

  14. Happy Birthday when it comes. Have a fabulous night, and good luck with the weight loss.

  15. Good luck with your diet.

  16. Good luck with your weight loss journey, that little bit of extra weight means such a difference doesn't it. These sounds nice


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