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I am always on the lookout for fresh brands to work with. I spend hours thinking of new and exciting posts to feature them. Please get in touch with any brand collaboration ideas you may have.

I have 2 main blogs:

Claire Justine is an exciting mix of fashion, food and family whereas: I Wasn't Expecting That.  is mainly dedicated to food. With the odd extra thrown in!!

Email : clairejustine@live.co.uk

Please note, I get 100s of emails each month. Unfortunately, time does not permit me to answer them all. Please do not take it personally if I do not respond to yours.

Clairejustineoxox blog now has over 18,000 followers and friends and readers:

⦁ 1,311 -followers by Google Friends Connect
⦁ 417 Blog Lovin
⦁ 177 -followers by Linky followers
⦁ 5,632 - followers by Google+
⦁ 194 - followers by Networked Blogs
⦁ 1,445 followers by Email
⦁ 545 friends on Facebook
⦁ 223 likes on facebook page
⦁ 7,493 followers on Twitter
⦁ 765 running friends on Dailymile
⦁ 1530 on Instagram followers
⦁ 2.5k Pinterest
⦁ 70 Tumblr
⦁ 500+ LinkedIn
⦁ 33 YouTube

⦁ Around 30,000 page views a month
⦁ Pageviews all time history 1,488,028 on 04/08/2015


Proud to have been Ambassador for:

In Butlins : 2013-2014

And again ( Now) 2015-2016

Asics/ Intersports #MixUpYourRun : Spring -Summer2015

Asics/ Intersports #PoundTheRoad: Summer 2015

Asics/ Intersports #PoundTheRoad: Autumn 2015

Asics/Intersports #RunLonger Spring 2016

Featured in Red Magazine.

Wrote 3 articles for The Nottingham Post.

Had my upcycled jeans project photo featured in Selfridges window in London for a week. 

I have enjoyed reviewing for some for some amazing brands:

⦁ Asics/The Running Bug/ Intersports
⦁ Butlins
⦁ House Of Fraiser
⦁ Sainsbury's
⦁ New Look
⦁ Bon Marche
⦁ Asda
⦁ JD Sports
⦁ Ikea
⦁ Matalan
⦁ Gray & Osborne
⦁ Slim Fast
⦁ Frankie & Benny's
⦁ Flora
⦁ Capital FM Arena
⦁ I love Blackpool
⦁ Crocs
⦁ Keds

And many more. You can find my work here: 


You can find me here: 

⦁ Clairejustineoxox: http://www.clairejustineoxox.com/ 
⦁ Clairejustine: http://www.clairejustine.co.uk/ 
⦁ Mollie The Border Collie : http://www.molliethebordercollie.co.uk/ 
⦁ Email: clairejustine@live.co.uk
⦁ Google + https://plus.google.com/u/0/114940697272676645602/posts
⦁ Twitter https://twitter.com/clairejustineo
⦁ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Clairejustineoxoxo
⦁ Pintrest https://www.pinterest.com/claireoxox/
⦁ Instagram https://instagram.com/clairejustineoxox/
⦁ You tube https://www.youtube.com/user/clairejustineoxox?sub_confirmation=1
⦁ Inlinked https://www.linkedin.com/in/clairejustineoxox

Brands I love and have work with on a few different projects and campaigns..


Gifted items will be marked "c/o" 
Sponsored posts or if a brand pays to be featured in a post will be marked as "in collaboration with:...." 
All thoughts will be my own other than if I accept a guest post which will be marked as such.

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  1. Fab necklace Hun, need to get myself one like that in white..x


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