Where It All Began : Flashback Friday...

Warning: cringy photos and lots of use of haha and hehe!!

For lots of different reasons this week I have been doing a lot of thinking about my blog!!

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8 Things That Made Me Feel Good Today...

8 Things That Made Me Feel Good Today...
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I’m going to BritMums Live 2015...

Can you remember I entered a competition in April  to win a ticket to Brit Mums Live with Bella Bathrooms? I am pleased to announce I was picked as a runner up and won a ticket to next Fridays event :):) 

I will be going to London a week tomorrow, eek!! 

Throughout the 4 years of blogging,I have wanted to go to this!! 
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No Pain No Gain...

After a few weeks of having the children off school home poorly one by one with colds and fevers it looks like they are all better today. Time for a bit of me time and a visit to the gym is in plan. Spinning, running and a spot of weights is calling. Maybe even treat myself to a swim ans sauna after!?!

Happy Thursday :)

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Share A Coffee...

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A New Hairstyle...

When it come to hairstyles I have had most styles going. From very short and blonde, one side long and one side short, too the long and brown styles. Without spending £100's of pound on someone to tell you which looks the best style, how else do you get to know? I asked my husband! he replied " whatever you like" I asked my kids they all answered "anything other than your grey coming through mum!!" good old kids eh!?!

Here is a flash back over the last 6 years of my Facebook profile pictures ( good old facebook eh!?! I would have forgot about some of these pictures and binned them if I had remembered!!").

Now I really fancy a change. Above photo is how it looks now. But which style to go for next? Long or short? Colour brown or blonde? Fringe or not? I am loving Sienna Millers new hairstyle but then again it always does look great...

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22 Goals For 2015...

Not made any New Year resolutions as I never keep them. So here are some of my 2015 goals!!

1.) Find a perfect job :

Over the next few months I will be looking for a job! Trouble is when your husband works shifts I need to be working in school hours so I can take my daughter to and from school. Be home when its the holiday and take a hour out when I need to. A perfect job would be working from home! Any ideas anyone?

2.) Fall in love with running again :

2014 was my hate running year. I did London Marathon on not much training. I really got lazy with my running. This year I have started a run streak. Not up to many miles yet but it is coming back and starting to enjoy it. Maybe this could be my year?

3.) Scooter more :

I love to go out on the scooters with my daughter. We have so much fun. The wet Winter days and early dark nights my have stopped our fun for a little while, but trying to get 15 minutes in after school. It is only going to get lighter nights and my daughter has a brand new sparkly scooter off Santa she is excited to get out with.

4.) More Weekends away :

Winter makes me long for Summer. Fun day out,  holidays, weekends away and beach fun. Maybe if I find the perfect job we will have more money for more beach fun.

5.) Laugh at myself more :

Ok we all like fun, sometimes I take the banta a bit to serious!!

You don’t stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing. Michael Pritchard

 6.) Quality over quantity :

Stop buying cheap shoes and save up for that special pair. Also wear them, I have to many pretty shoes crying out to be worn. Saying that I just picked up 3 pair of cheap shoes in the sales. They are flat though so I will be able to wear them on the school run.

7.) Visit London more : 

We love London. How good is it to be a tourist in London!?! love it. Ever time we visit we have special times and such fun memories. Good food, lovely walks and always find some where new to explore.

8.) Upcycle more : 

Time and up-cycling don't go at the minute. I should have made this 23 goals and added a time management goal. I love up cycling old things into fun new new things. It gives them a whole new makeover.

9.) Take more rides on the train :

We love going for days out on the train. I really need to organise some fun days out this year {more time management}. So many fun places only a short train ride away, so need to make more use of the trains.

 10.) Plan a race :

Plan a race to have a running goal. If you have a race planned your more likely to get out running!?! Park run is great for a weekly free 5km race but need to think about booking a 10k to get more miles in.

11.) Visit Bakewell more:

Bakewell is such a beautiful place and only about a hours drive away. Country side, big hills to climb, fun market days and shows. Also lots of lovely shops and the most amazing chip shops and bakery's.

12.) Eat less sugar :

Oh wow I am just looking at these doughnuts now and craving one!! Eat less sugar but if I had these now I would be eatting them. One by one... So stop buying them too.

13.) Take better photos :

Read up on how to take better photos. I havebeen saying this for years. When ever I go out with my camera I really wish I had read more about my camera a taking the perfect picture. Study the instrutions my new camera Santa brought me.

14.) Enjoy life more :

Sometimes I get stressed over the littlest and so unimportant thing! Why? Must try harder to think the glass is half full instead of half empty. Less stress, more fun...

15.) Holiday:

Plan a few nice UK holidays. Maybe thinking about going abroad again. Sun, sea, sand special family time.

16.) Dress up more :

Dress up more. Wear my nice clothes, shoes and make up more. Instead of just making my wardrobe pretty.

17.) Take more bike rides : 

Get out more on family bike rides and sneaky days out again in London with the hubby hiring a bike and riding around site seeing.

18.) Take better food photography :

My photography' of food never take to well in the darkish kitchen. Read how to take better photos and take a perfect picture like this Seasonal Berries one.

19.) Eat out more oftern :

We love taking time out and going for meal. Need to plan family fun meals out and the occasional meal out with the hubby more.

20.) More quality us time :

Meals out? cinema? nights out? together!?!We keep saying we will, just waiting for warmer days...

21.) More quality family time:

Learning new things whilst having fun. Visiting more museums. More fascinating places. More learning when having fun.

22.) Be the best in the world :

Well the best I can be!!

What are your goals for 2015?

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Merry Christmas...

Just a quick post of today's outfit. Lots of baking cakes and sausage roll today. Chocolate log is on hold till later as I've ran out of Cocoa powder, typical!! Getting some baking ready for Santa :)

Merry Christmas

Today's Outfit | Jumper : c/o Bonmarche | Jeans : Calvin Klein | Shoes : New Look
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Having Fun With Pictures...

Having fun with pictures, I love editing my photos do you?

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New Hairstyle...

You know when you go to the hairdressers wanting one thing then come out with another? 

Last Friday I decided I needed an nice haircut and colour. 

Chocolate brown shade, nice for Autumn!! 

I though... 

As I had not had a skin test for over 6 months she could not do a colour... 

Hairdresser "Can you come back next week after we have done a skin test?"
Me " No I wanted it for My Kylie concert I am going to tomorrow night"
Hairdresser " only thing I can do is  few highlights in foils"
Me "how much will the cost?"
Hairdresser " £71.00"
Me "think I will just have a cut and put my own colour on"
Hairdresser "wait a minute I will just get another price" 
Me " !?!"
Hairdresser "£49.00"
Me "ok then"  

Do they make these prices up? 

I am sure it was still to much for a cut and a few foiled highlights? 

No wonder I never go regular!! 

Was nice for a few days though! 

Don't you just love it when it has been cut, highlighted and style by a hairdresser? 

2 days later it looks the same as before!!

My mother in law visited and never even noticed I had it done!!

What I wore~

Dress ~ Rule1store

Selfie before our night out to see Kylie...

 As it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month I am adding this beautiful pink flower into my post and sharing over at Renae's Pink Power blog hop over at Fashion Item Friday..

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Parkrun Parkfunday...

I am finally back on the roads and trying to improve my running..

Last week we started back doing Parkrun on a Saturday mornings.

For those who do not know, Parkrun is a free weekly 5km timed run. There is most probably an event going on near you? as there is hundreds going on all around the world.

9 a.m on a Saturday morning.

Why did we stop?


Family fun! 

Timed run!

Only 5km!


I do not know why we stopped!?!

It is a great way to spend quality time with my children, doing something we all love.

 Last week me and my 2nd oldest son took park, this week me, my 2nd oldest son and youngest son took part. 

Next week my husband may join us!?! 

Just got to get my daughter into running now...

For some reason this year I have fallen out of love with running. I am hoping that trying to do most Saturdays ( when husband is not at work in the mornings ) morning runs will help me love running again.

No more excuses, from me !?!..

Got to be in it to win it  improve my running :):)

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Wake Up And Be Awesome...

Happy Saturday everyone... 

I hope you remember to...

Wake Up And Be Awesome...

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