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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Brilliance In Blogging Awards 2014...

If you read my blog, you may have noticed by now?...

I am in the short list of bloggers for the Brilliance In Blogging Awards 2014....


I am in the style category with 16 other amazing blogs.

Brit Mums is a community with more than 6,000 parent bloggers, mums and dads too.

They received hundreds of nominations for the awards and I am proud to have made it this far.

I just need your help to vote for me?

To make it to the next stage....

Where 4 bloggers with the most votes with go through and 2 more are picked by Brit Mums in each category.

Eek, it would be so exciting...

About me

I am a 41 year old mum of 4, who love to blog about family life and my own person style, mostly trough pictures, as I love taking them.

I love high heels but you will mostly find me rushing on school runs in trainer (on my way out for a run) flats and converse.

I do have an unhealthy amount of high heels though, which I am proud of!

Just need to wear them more!!

Maybe getting though to the next stage would be a good chance?

I also love to up cycled my shoes, clothing and anything in the home that is lying around gets a coating of modge podge and glitter.

I use to many smiley faces!! :):):)

When I stated my blog

I started my blog over 3 years ago now.

Wow where does time go?

I use to have time to read the fashion pages in a on line newspaper where I read a story about the editor trying a fashion challenge 6 items or less.

( Now my time is spent blogging)

This was an American challenge where you had to only wear 6 items of clothing in a month, mix and match them to make lots of different outfits.

I was hooked.

After trying the challenge I met a lovely blogger and was inspired to start a blog.

I was amazed by the blogging world, until this I had never heard of a blog!!

Just for a laugh this is the 2nd, 6 items or less challenge I did...

How different have I changed over 3 years?

I like to think I have grown in style since starting my blog?

Still can not pose properly!!

I know this is one thing I need to work at...

So many ideas so little time

I have so many ideas left to share, I need a computer chip in my brain to store all my ideas.

I share all my styles, even running...

Me and my family ( well the oldest refused to join us ) aren't we a stylish lot!?!

If you have a few minutes to vote you will make me very happy :):):)

Clairejustine #style #BiBs2014

Please vote here- Congratulations bibs shortlist

I leave you with a quote my granddad used on life, it is now my fashion quote-

'I may not always be right but I am never wrong!?!'

Friday, 21 March 2014

BiB Awards : Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop...

Welcome to the weekend blog hop everyone. 

The Brit Mums brilliance in blogging awards are open if any of my lovely reader would like to vote for me?

 Please?  :)

Now it is time to link up your favourite posts this week-

Thanks for stopping by and linking up to the weekend blog hop :)

We are happy you are here and hope you have fun hopping around and finding new blogs to read, follow and comment on.

The blog hop is hosted me Clairejustineoxox in number 1 and my co host is Nekky from Reflexions in number 2 spot.

Would be great if you would follow us in in some way? but that is up to you :)

GFC, Blog Lovin, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and we will follow back ( don't forget to let us know your a new follower :))

If you want to share the hop this would be great?

Simply grab the blog hop button from the right and the code from below....

Friday, 14 February 2014

Mad Blog Awards : Welcome To The weekend Blog Hop...

MAD Blog Awards

Hi everyone, "here comes the weekend" yeah I love Pink songs on my i-pod when I'm working out. 

It is OK I'm not cracking up I am just happy to have my little ones off school for a week. Just hope this horrible weather improves!!

Thank you so much for all the lovely comments over the last 3 years ( well 3 years on the 19th Feb) I must make cake :)

Today I ask a little favour? if you stop by my blog and like to read? join the blog hop? see what I'm wearing? or just landed here today by mistake!!

 Would you like to vote for my little blog in The Mad 2014 Blog awards?

Even if you don't have a blog you can vote for me? I know my mum has :)

Thank you mum!!

And a Big Thank you to anyone else who would like to vote for me.

Just click The Mad button and you can vote


This is the post where my blog started 3 years ago First started running in 2004 .Notice any famous runners?

Saturday, 20 October 2012

19/10 Link Up Your Favourite Posts This Week : Welcome To The Weekend Hop ...

Welcome to the weekend hop where you can link up some of your favourite post of the week. Simply link up to 3 different post or just your main blog....


Friday, 3 August 2012

03/08 Link Up Your Favourite Posts Of The Week : Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop...

Welcome to the weekend hop where you can link up your favourite post of the week.

Simply link up to 3 different post or just your main blog.


Saturday, 21 July 2012

20/07 Link Up Your Favourite Posts Of The Week : Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop...

Welcome to the weekend hop where you can link up your favourite post of the week.

Simply link up to 3 different post or just your main blog.


Friday, 19 August 2011

Stylish Blogger Award And The Versatile Blogger......

I would like to say a big Thank you to The Fashion Spot  for giving me the Stylish blogger Award.....
sorry about re posting this as I forgot....

And Thank you to The ordinary Aunt who has gave me The Versatile blogger Award...

                                  The rules are...

1. Thank the person who gave it to you and link it back to them.

2.Share 7 things about yourself.

3.Award it to recently discovered bloggers.

4.Contact the bloggers and tell them about the award....

                             7 thing about me....

1.My first job was in a shoes shop and i use to spend my wages

2.Even though I'm a  runner i love to eat junk food...

3.I can laugh at myself ....sometimes...

4.I spend to much time thinking of what jobs i have to do instead of doing them...

5.My two oldest boy's are taller than me....

6.I am a desperate housewives fan....

7. My favourite colour is red.....

                     The recently dicovered bloggers that i'm passing these awards onto are as followed.Please check out there blogs...

1.Jos nursery

2.sunshine and rhubarb




                          Thank you The fashion spot and The Ordinary Aunt :)

Friday, 24 June 2011

Sunshine Award...

I want to Thank my wonderful blogger friend  Ofelia at  My Intended Life who gave me the Sunshine Award.She is so lovely and always finds time to visit me and leave such lovely comments.

I'm suppose to share some things about myself and then pass the award on.

1).I try to be healthy but have eaten 14 piece of cake/cup cakes in 3 days(well it was my daughter's birthday)....

2).I held a dog by it's collar today stop it geting run over,even though it was very heavy and scratch all my feet trying to grab another dog for 50 minutes then cried for 5 minutes after in shock.

3).I love red wine ( but if you read my reader-profile you may have already guessed this )

As well as Ofelia some bloggers who I pass this Sunshine Award onto ...

1.)are you dressing your truth

2.) workingmum of 4

2.)new mum online

Thursday, 7 April 2011


So pleased to get these Awards,not 1 but 2 :)...

Thank you so much to Molly at Mcatherine7

Thank you to Matchlessvision for the lovely comments...

Here are the rules:

1* Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post

2* Tell us 7 things about yourself

3* Award 15 recently discovered new blogger

4* Contact these blogger to let them know they've received the award

Here are my 7 fun facts:

1.I cannot swallow pills but can eat a cake whole....

2. I would rather have kids than have a tooth out.....

3.I am wearing only 6 items of clothing for 30 days as part of a challenge....

4.I have started giving my shoes away as I have no more hiding places left...

5. Sing when running with my I-pod on,especially if Robbie Williams most handsome man song comes on....

6. I give up to easy and need to work harder for my goals...

7.I love to eat cake,lots of cake....

Here are the blogs I am passing this award onto:                                     
                                         roxy carmichael reveals

                                         Middle england mum

                                      Bakes books and my boys

                                         Beads paper glue

                                                Mum 0f 3

                                        Our hand made journey

                                    Family parents girls devon


                                Working mum of 4


                                    The mummy musings

                          Would like to be a yummy mummy

                                  Tick tock timeless vintage


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