Just Chillin and #Runstreak Day 76 ...

What I wore-
  • Dress - Charity shop last week
  • Legging - Primark
  • Shoes - Primark
  • Braclet - Merci Maman

After me and my youngest son did a race Saturday race we went out to lunch.

Did you see the size of his burger I posted yesterday? he picked this as a treat for doing the 5k parkrun and ate it all!!

Sunday was a lazy day, I didn't have anyone to watch the youngest two children so my 20 miles marathon run is on hold until today, eek wish me luck!! Trying to catch up on ironing and pairing socks up yesterday and about 200 pairs later...

Catching up on training-

Thursday - 9 miles warm up/ reps / cool down with running club
 Friday - 1.5 recovery
 Saturday - 1 mile day before a half marathon
Sunday - 13.15 miles half marathon and p.b at 158.43
Monday - 2 milerecovery run
Tuesday - 8.5 miles warm up/ club reps / cool down
Wednesday - 2 miles run
 3 miles walk
Thursday - 6.5 miles at running club with warm up/ reps / cool down
 Friday - 3 miles run
 Saturday - 3 mlies run
 Sunday - 1.5 miles rin

Days ran this year 76/76 #runstreak #Londonmarathon

Miles ran in January 175

Miles ran in February 162

Miles ran so far this month 87

Workouts this year 89

Miles this year so far 413

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All Dressed up And Nowhere To Go...

 Can guarantee when the kids are off school and you want to do fun thing's the weather is always miserable!!

This week it's been very foggy, rainy and dull so yesterday was the first day we ventured out. We had planned a special of breakfast out and a fun trip to the cinema. I should have known it was going to go wrong,  and we (should have stayed home to played fun dance games) when the breakfasts turned up cold and burnt.

Not to dampen the morning off we went to the pictures, just as we entered there was and announcement... Sold out for this showing ...Great!! After this we walked home in the cold damp air and fed up .Even more reason for me to tucked into some more chocolate bars all day!!. I'm sure I wont be able to run by the end of half term!!

  •  Dress - Matalan
  •  Belt - Primark
  •  Cape - Last week from Charity shop
  • Legging- Lytess
  •  Shoes -Primark
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Together for Short Lives And The X Factor Charity Single...

The profile and funds generated by the X Factor will make such a difference to this critical work.

Together for Short Lives is the only charity representing the estimated 23,500 children and young people across the UK who are unlikely to reach adulthood. The charity works to ensure that every one of these children and their families get the best possible care and support whenever and wherever they need it.

The single, a cover of the Rose Royce classic Wishing on a Star costs £3.99 and is available to pre order at HMV and Amazon now, and via download on 27 November on Syco Music.

The X Factor Charity Single is a unique and extraordinary opportunity to tell the public about the issues faced by these children, young people and their families.Providing care - often 24 hours a day, seven days a week - can place families under enormous emotional, physical and financial strain. Relationships can suffer; careers may have to be abandoned; well brothers and sisters can feel left out; and normal family activities become almost impossible.Many remarkable organisations, including children's hospices embrace not only the physical, but the emotional, social and spiritual elements of care, focusing on quality of life for the child or young person, and practical support for the family. However, while there are some excellent services available, many families struggle to access co-ordinated care when and where they need it.

Together for Short Lives is here to help. It could be as simple as signposting a parent to a place that can take care of their ill child while they take their well sister to Brownies, or providing them with a ‘family companion’ booklet to help families work through what to expect, and where they can find help.

Together for Short Lives: Helps families know about care available to them- Works with organisations so that they continue offer the highest standards of care. Raises and distributes funds to essential care organisations.Provides a voice for children, families and providers, ensuring they are heard by Governments. Highlights the needs of children, young people and their families requiring support.The profile and funds generated by the X Factor will make such a difference to this critical work.
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innocent Fruit Juice:The big knit...

For the past 8 years, innocent’s smoothie bottles have been raising money to keep old people warm in winter with the Big Knit campaign. You can visit the website they suport over at Age UK

the big knit - play our hat tag game here

All you have to do to get involved is get creative with their little woolly hats in their Hat Tag Game.

Simply take a photo of of anything you like hold the hat between your finger's near the camera and make it look like the subject is wearing the hat and take a snap of the picture. It can be people,pets,buildings or even a photo of picture of someone famous.

When you've got the perfect picture pop over to their Facebook page where you can upload your picture to the Hat Tag gallery and every picture that gets uploaded they will be donating 10p to Age UK. Every week people can vote online for their favourite picture and with each vote the will give another 5p to Age UK and the winner each week will get a case of smoothies also they be announcing the ultimate Hat Tag winner at the beginning of December, and they will win £500 worth of Amazon vouchers to help them with their Christmas shopping.

I have been practicing....

some of last years pictures below...

Who is going to be this year's winner???

About this post- We were sent some innocent fruit juice for this post and was not paid for this post, all thoughts are my own....
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Pudsey Bear Is Back In Build-A-Bear Workshop For Children in Need....

Pudsey and his Beary Best Friend....Blush Bear...Return to Build-A-Bear Workshop...
We have just been sent a Pudsey Bear teddy to review how excited was my little girl!! Below is a snippet about the Children in Need campaign from Build-A-Bear Workshop...

Following the success of last year’s campaign that sold over 11,500 bears, Pudsey and Blush Bear are back and now available at Build-A-Bear Workshop® stores nationwide.

In 2010, Build-A-Bear Workshop donated a bear-illiant £135,000 to BBC Children in Need through the sale of Pudsey and Blush Bear and this year they’re hoping to do even better with the addition of new clothing for the furry pair. Every penny raised helps to make a positive difference to the lives of disadvantaged children and young people right here in the UK.

What Build-A-Bear Workshop say about Pudsey and Blush bear...  

New for this year is a furbulous Pudsey, who has been re-designed to feature a beary cute spotted heart, a t-shirt with an all new BBC Children in Need design and a bear-illiant pair of Pudsey slippers and pyjamas. Blush has had a make-over too with a beary pretty new pinafore dress. An additional £1 from the sale of the t-shirt, slippers, pyjamas and dress will also be donated back to the charity.

Pudsey and Blush fans are able to make their beary own BBC Children in Need mascot at any of 55 Build-A-Bear Workshop® stores across the UK with £5 from the sale of each Pudsey and Blush Bear going directly back to the national charity Appeal. Blush Bear who is Pudsey’s ‘BBF’, likes playing the drums and dancing and is on hand to help Pudsey with his busy fundraising schedule, lending him a well needed paw when he needs it. Blush loves to have fun and comes with magnetic paws to help her cover her rosy cheeks.
We went to Build-A-Bear workshop just a few weeks ago picking out Christmas presents here are a few Photo's we took whist we were their...

 What we think about Pudsey and Blush Bear...

My daughter is a huge Build-A-Bear Workshop fan which of course means I'm a big fan too.(Where was a shop like this when I was a child?!) The Build-a-Bear Workshop is such a magical place,even my often cynical husband is impressed by the store and staff, no mean feat. 

She loves the whole experience, from choosing her bear to filling it,kissing a heart, making a wish to making a birth certificate.We have never walked by a store without buying a bear or something for a bear unless it's picking the perfect present from Santa.When we were contacted to see if we would like to review a Pudsey Bear from Build-A-Bear Workshop I was so looking forward to seeing my daughter's face as she has been trying to get her hands on Pudsey for just under a year now.

Last year when Pudsey arrived into the shops my daughter wanted him.When we got to the shops she changed her mind after seeing all the bears and got a 'Mint Heart' Bear.Then she decided she wanted Pudsey and changed her mind to 'Santa's little helper'.Finally on her next outing she said this time we will get Pudsey but no too late!! it's limited edition. No more until next year. Temper tantrum avoided by getting a different bear and waiting for next year. 

Pudsey arrived while my daughter was at school, so I got to work making him feel at home. Ready for when she comes home from school.Pudsey Bear and Blush Bear are on her Christmas list so Santa better get a move on to get Blush Bear ready for Christmas or there will be trouble!! As we found out last year.

Limited Editions don't last forever mummy?! I have been warned....

Me and Pudsey waited form my daughter to come home...

I put Pudsey Bear in my daughter room with some friends..

Then when we got in from school she had a big surprise....

But I know where he will be sleeping tonight....

I was right...

Pudsey Bear retails at £15; Pudsey Bear t-shirt at £5; Pudsey Bear Pyjamas at £10 and the Pudsey Bear slippers at £4.50 each. Blush Bear retails at £15; Blush Bear t-shirt at £5; and the Blush Bear dress at £10 each.For more information visit them at Build-A-Bear Workshop Facebook Twitter
For more about Children In Need click here.
We were sent a Pudsey Bear,Pudsey Pyjamas and some slippers for free in exchange for a honest review of what we think of Pudsey Bear.Thank you Build-A-Bear Workshop we love him...

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Children In Need 2011...

BBC Children in Need have launched the designer Pudsey bear collection.The traditional Pudsey bear has had a makeover to raise money for the charity.The collection will be exhibited in Liberty,London from November 7-19 November 2011.Fancy geting your hands on a designer Pudsey bear?

For More information about The Designer Pudsey Collection vistit BBC Pudsey to see the collection of bears...

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30 Seconds To Save A Life....

I HAVE BEEN TAG BY Seasider In The City For Save the Children...


8 million children die every year.

half of those are in Africa.

 Children are dying because they are too poor to seek medical help.

This should never happen...

.On Tuesday world leaders will meet at the

UN General Assembly in NewYork.

Ahead of this Save the Children campaigners have

 been raising awareness and urging David Cameron to

help end this crisis and bring the subject to the forefront of the UN agenda.

We want world leaders to pledge to tackle to dire shortfall of health care workers

in the poorest countries.

What can you do?

  1. So first off – Let’s all sign the petition, 30 seconds work and a step closer.
  2. Then the challenge set by @HelloItsGemma and @MichelleTwinMum is that they want (need) to see 100 posts of 100 words linked up here by Tuesday. If 100 bloggers each write a post about this and encourage more signatures that could make a massive dent in the 20,000 signature shortfall that we sit with right now!Write your 100 words about a great health professional you have encountered in your life. Add a link to the petition and either link or add in some information from Save the Children about the #Healthworkers campaign
  3. Link to a number of other bloggers/ vloggers and ask them to do the same.
  4. Tweet about this, facebook mention it, remark on google plus, talk to your Mum on the phone, whatever you can do to spread this to just a few more people, please do it.
My 100 (ish) words

We are really lucky to have a great health care service in this country that sometimes we take for granted .I have 4 children and 3 of them need help when they were born.My first was born was 2 weeks early and had Jaundice having to stay in hospital for over a week with him in a special cot with a light over him and a orange frame over his eyes to protect him was one of the first scariest thing I ever experienced. My second son was born blue with the cord around his neck and my 3rd son was born with grunt from swallowing to much fluid on the way out.All my children were fine when they left the hospital due to the great staff we have on the NHS and no child should be born to die.Also on giving birth to my second child I could have easily died due to the tear I gain in child birth and the blood I was losing without the help of proper train staff I would not be here now and every woman should have the chance to have proper health care...

Please tag yourself into this as when I have tagged people before they don't reply so I am tagging anyone who would like to help and this is where you add your link to the hop below....

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Red Noses....

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