Rolled Up Jeans..

What I wore~
  • Jacket : c/o House of Fraser
  • Shirt : Charity shop
  • Jeans : Calvin Klein
  • Shoe : F&F
I wore this outfit a few days ago. The day before the snow arrived again!! Phew it did not last long (the snow not the outfit, lol) The forecast says it will be back by the weekend, Great!?!

I reviewed this jacket from (House of Fraser here) and love it. It will be great for warmer weather, such a great colour for Spring don't you think? I teamed it up with this silky brown and cream polka dot shirt that I brought from the Charity shop a few years ago. Before I had nothing to go with this shirt, I do now.

My jeans are getting a little big now for some reason!?! They use to be a tight fit, not sure how this has happened !?! I'm sure with keep staying indoors looking after poorly children and not getting to the gym that they will fit nicely again soon! I thought these jeans would look nicer with a bit of a roll up on them? Showing a bit of ankle! bit chilly though as it is so cold outside, need my socks on! Lastly I picked up these cute gold shoes from Tesco just after Christmas in the January sale for a fiver, bargain eh?.

Loving brown and cream with a touch of denim thrown in for good measure...
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Brown And Cream..

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All I Want For Christmas Is...

All ready for Christmas jumper season with this beautiful Santa Jumper from New look, these amazing Levi trousers I picked up new from the Charity shop a few years ago and my black silver heeled stilettos.

How cool are the colour of these trousers? They have such a lovely shine to them too. £5.00 for 2 pairs, these and the same style in pale blue was such a bargain and they were new and tagged up. 

I love Christmas jumpers, do you? they are so fashionable and so much fun to wear, even in your forties!!

What I Wore | Jumper c/o : New Look |  Trousers : Charity Shop | Shoes : Jonathan James

 Do you have your Christmas jumpers ready?

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What I Wore And A weigh In!!


Hope you are all well and enjoying the summer holidays? 

We have been busy filling our day with fun, exercise, laughter and eating lots of yummy food when out and about. which reminds me, I have my monthly fitness test at the gym this morning!! 

I wonder if the old body fat has come down? or if the chips and doughnuts on days out at the seaside over the last few weeks has made it go back up? Why I am feeling so nervous?

It is only a fit test! 

Maybe because I want to improve? and get my body fat down a little, to help with my running. I find it so hard to be motivated for exercise when the children are off school though!

Do you? 1 step forward, then 1 back.

Oh well, here goes! Wish me luck!!

What I wore~ 

Top ~ Charity shop
Jeans ~ Abercrombie and Fitch
Shoes ~ Converse

Don't you just hate bedding new shoes in?

Ouch on the heals..

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Charity Shop Finds That Are Worth Sharing...

It is hard to smile and take a natural picture when the sun is shining directly in your eyes and the neighbour is in he kitchen window, maybe watching? Eh? oh well here goes...

Over at Avril's blog School Gate Style her March challenge is all about those charity shop finds that are worth sharing.

Avril shares some great tip on buying from a charity shop in this post and it is totally worth checking out.

Sometimes I can pop into a charity shop and never find anything, this put me off for while then sometimes I nip in and find an unexpected bargain.

I found this bargain on the £1.00 rail a Vintage style Herringbone Tweed coat from the L'Art range at River Island. Just checking the name on Ebay I notice this jacket has a starting price at £39.99!

With its 40's style kick to it and 3/4 sleeves I just have not found the right thing to wear with it yet!


Jacket~ River Island via Charity shop
Shirt ~ Primark
Jeans ~ Abercrombie and Fitch
Shoes~ New Look with a Spring make over here

What are your charity shop finds that are worth sharing?

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Levis Trousers And Charity Shops...


When is a bargain, not a bargain?

When is something that looks great, not great?


When they do not fit!!

Do you ever start a post and never finish it?

Today trying to clear out some of my unloved posts in draft that got started and never finished. I found this post right at the end, from over a year ago.

85 posts, yes I have in draft 85.

All started with an idea that got lost or forgotten about...

Anyway back to the Levis, I picked them up last year when having a nosey around the charity shop. My heart beat fast, I loved them, the colour, the style the length.

A Bargain £2.50 a pair, brand new tagged up!!

Got them home and to tight!

Perfect length but to tight!

Do the fit now?

Runs off to try?


But the good news is I am going to make them fit after Christmas.

So keep your eye out for the post!

These are one bargain that is going to stay a bargain!

Do you buy something that you think is a bargain, only to find out when you get home it does not fit?

Do you have unloved posts in draft? how many? please tell!

One last thing before I go I have a whole lot of new blog buttons!

Do you like them?

Please, please say yes?

If not lie ;)

haha.. See you all tomorrow for Welcome to the weekend blog hop ....

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Dots and Skull...


T-shirt ~ Primark
Skirt ~ Charity shop
Shoes Cath Kidston

You can really tell winter is settling in now, yesterday it was so so cold. This outfit is a bit of a throw together look, trying to wear things that never get worn! Also accomplished by a chunky grey cardigan and cosy tights (just forgot to add the picture). 

A week today and hopefully the children will be pleased with all the goodies Santa brings them?? I think I have already started putting weight on by already tucking into the Christmas food, drinks and treats, Oh well lots of work to lose a few pounds and training to be done in the new year!! London will not run itself!

Talking of running my 10 year old son did amazing at a race on Saturday. So proud of him!! 24 mins 10 seconds for 5k race  (7.52 mile pace) and a Pb by 1 min 20... He is my running hero and my new coach!!

Just a quick outfit post today, so much catching up to do, blogs to read and comments to be made, shopping to be done, hairdressers to go to, living room to finish, Turkey to be brought, more food to by as us lot go through it as soon as it arrives. Oh wow the list goes on and on...

Are you all ready for the Christmas holidays?

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Red Shirt, Red Rug : Share Your Style Saturdays...


Shirt ~ Primark

Skirt ~ Charity shop

Shoes ~ Irregular Choice

On Thursday it was my husbands day off from work, so I talked him into going shopping!!

IKEA was the perfect date, with a large cooked breakfast to swing him into going and a chance for me to grab some things I had been planning to buy for a while. Having a small car I could not buy everything I wanted ( wow I love this shop ) I did pick up and amazing cupboard with flora boxes to store lots of things away, a wonderful big lampshade for only £2.25, laptop tray for my knee and a big chunky perfect red rug to go under my kitchen table in bright red top match my shirt :0)

Now planning another trip for things I forgot!!

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New Shoes And Lots Of Rain : Share Your Style Saturday...


Dress ~ Next 

Belt ~ Primark

Tights ~ Primark

Shoes ~ Irregular Choice

Arr what a week, great if your a duck!!

We certainly have had our fair share of the rain over the last few days. So much so just trying to run a few miles to the gym was hard work. After only 5 minutes I got so weighed down with all the rain, I had to turn back and go home. Me and 3 of my children had a lovely day out on Tuesday, then we meet my husband from work for lunch as they had a day off from school as the teachers were striking. So lots of yummy food!!

 Finally got to wear my new shoes what my husband treated me to a few weeks back!!

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What I Wore : Holidays...

Last week we went on our holidays, to Butlins in Bognor Regis. First time we have been to the beach this year and the weather was amazing. It felt like we was abroad with the sun shining ever day we all got to wear our shorts loads. Also got to wear lots of summer dresses hooray for summer!!

Maxi dress ~ Primark

T-shirt ~ Sports World
Skirt ~ Primark

My new dress I picked up in the sales at Nottingham, Love this dress I can not believe it only cost £5-00! So I went and brought another!! 

Dress ~ Charity shop
Scarf ~ Ibiza (many moons ago!!)
Shoes ~ Cath Kidston

Now I have to go get the salt out my mouth, don't you just hate it when you put a little salt on your food and it comes out to quickly?After learning a few tip on making an omelette last week I thought I would make one,and added a little salt to mine but the lid came off as I was sprinkling it Errr!!

Linking my outfit post at these great parties
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Flower In My Hair...

Dress ~ Primark via charity shop
Shoes ~ Crocs

Wow it has been amazing weather all weekend, loving the sunshine.
We can safely say summer is here now!!
This week seams to be all go and very tiring with shopping for summer clothes on Friday as it was inset day so the children got a extra day off school, trying to get up early to do some running and going out on a bike ride with the little 2 really took it out of me yesterday with the heat, but I'm not complaining... The summer is magic!!

Today I now how lots of jobs to catch up on, washing to do whist it is nice, one good thing is I got up early to do the ironing, only problem is I'm ready for bed now !!
Happy Sunday everyone :)

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London Marathon Thought, Sunburn And Pale Legs!!!


  • Dress ~ Next via The British Heart Foundation Charity Shop
  •  Shoes ~ Tesco
Not only are my legs in pain from the London marathon I have sun burned painful shoulders! I trained hard all Winter thought the snow, rain, wind even the snow  came back up to a few weeks ago, for it to be a wonderful sunny day in London on Sunday and forgot to take suntan lotion!!

Sunday was amazing, the crowds were amazing, the atmosphere was amazing and the water stations were amazing.The whole experience from where to leave your bag to finding family at the end of the race was perfect.

Thing that will stick in my mind forever-

  • Leaving my children and husband to go to the start
  • The amazing crowds cheering you on for 26 miles
  • Children wanting to give you high fives
  • People giving you sweets,bananas, oranges and even chicken nuggets
  • Knees going at 13 miles
  • The crowds going wild at the end cheering you on
  • Seeing my husband and 2 youngest children happy and sad at the end because I was crying and they were proud of me
  • A stranger stopping me in London to tell me how proud I should be and how fantastic I am
  • People looking at you funny when going home because you cant walk straight line
  • Legs so painful I can't walk down stairs and Sunburn the next day!!
  • The painful look on my face on nearly all the official photos, surely I looked fresh somewhere?
  • Can't wait to try and get in for next year race :)
  • Now wheres the fake suntan lotion? ,,, my legs need to catch up!

Im on the shortlist for the BIB style award, Please please vote for me :):):)

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Charity Shopping and Runstreak latest....

Yeh the snow has gone but boo it's been replaced with cold and wind! Not feeling the love for running yesterday I woke up with a headache and felt poorly. I decided to swap my run for a shopping trip ( but still ran later). Boy did I feel loads better afterwards.

 Not that I brought to much 2 lovely jackets from the charity shop, some bun cases, baking bit, heart trays, bake wear and a heart plate from my favourite bargain shop. Think I'm addicted to buying baking things more than shoes now. 

Cardi - Sports world
Top - Kiss collection
Jeans - Primark
Boots - F& F Tesco

My jackets I got from the charity shops, thinking of changing the buttons on the polka dot on and fancying it up somehow...

Been feeling tired, run down and lack of inspiration for running over the last few days. Think it the cold, wind and start of a cold. I didn't manage my long run this weekend, I have still been running ever day!!

Friday 6 miles run

Saturday 4 miles run

Sunday 4 miles run

Monday 5 miles running

Tuesday 6 miles running 

Days ran this year 29/29 #runstreak #Londonmarathon

Miles ran this month 171

Workouts 34

Now where to run today???

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