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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Parkrun And Still Smiling..

Last Saturday we visited a Country park to try a different Parkrun event we had not tried before. 

Way back around 11 years ago when I first started running, I did my first ever race here. I remembered the course perfect. Never racing before at the time I remember how beautiful the the course was around a really big lake. That was a 6 miles race then, and after I finished I told my husband "It was the hardest thing I had ever done". Even though it was nice a easy flat course and I told him "I would never run again"...

After a lot of cakes and a few days rest, I did get back into running..

11 years on and with 2 marathons under my belt, 3 miles is hard work for me at the minute. Does running ever get easier? Anyhow me, my second oldest son and my 11 year old did the Parkrun. It was pefect weather for running faster. Cool and overcast. Much better this time around doing 5km rather than 10km distance. My 17 year old set off at the front with about 6 other men and me and my 11 year old son set off together. Nice running, breathing and staying together, watching all the other runners along the way.  Then at mile one it was time for my son to leave me and went off in front. 

So speedy...He left my sight in a matter of minutes. Me plodding along fast!?! well fast for me. I got to around 2 miles and day dreaming looking around the big pond and I could just make out the finish line. Wow how long left go !?! It looked like miles... 

Just at that moment I seen my 17 year old sprinting to the end, coming in first with no one behind him.. whoo I wish I was that fast ( I thought) ... I wiped a little tear away from my eye, hoping it was him running well and I was not filling up over someone else!! lol (phew it was him) and I carried on running, hoping the finish line would come soon. 

My 11 year old finished 2 minutes before me, which was great. I can not even get him out training in the week either, think he needs to now..He just finds running natural, all my boys do. I wish I did. They take after their dad.

Then eventually I finish in just over 27 minutes...
Wow I did work hard the last bit though... 
A man tried to pass me... 
No I though...
Tries to sprint...
He was behind me breathing hard..
He made me work hard..
Feel dizzy... 
Feel sick ..
But I kept him off.. 

My youngest son watched in amazement..
" Mum I did not know you could run that fast" 
I said... and gave him a cheeky wink ;)
So I do have more to give!!

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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Victoria Embankment ..

There are lots of beautiful parks in Nottinghamshire and one of our favourite places is at The Victoria Embankment. The first time I seen it, I wanted to move here!! I phoned my husband up and said, pack up we are moving.

Nothing ever materialized from that conversation but we love to visit when possible. They also hold lots of great events held here too, so lots of things to look out for. Last year I ran the Nottingham half marathon, we also had a great time at the Arm Forces Day where we watched the Red Arrows fly by and a bike race event was on not to long ago...

How cool is the park for the children!?!

Now if you can get up, you can get down!! "I'm not getting down until someone helps me" *rushes over to help* wow it looks a long way up there!!

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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Sandcastles In The Sand...

We have all had a good start to the holidays, with great weather, yummy food and lots of laughter. 

Followed by fun days out, a pointless surprise bus journey and my eldest son being in hospital with tonsillitis so bad his temperature wouldn't go down. You would think at 20 it was time to stop worrying as much!?! 

So many thing we will remember from this week, for sure!!

I think the best day so far is a day out to Skegness. 

Sunshine, children, grandma and granddad ( my mum and dad) 
sandcastles, freshly made doughnuts, chips and ice cream at the seaside.

Sunday was defiantly the best day to go.

 We went by train and nearly had our own private carriage there and back on the train, it was perfect!!

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Saturday, 19 July 2014

A Walk In Regent's Park..

So much fun finding new parks to explore.

These photo were taken at Regents park in London. 

I took them when we all last went to visit...

And all looking forward to going again in the summer holiday...

We all had lots of fun here ..

How cool are these fun wooden sculptures?

Not as big as this one, even when jumping!!

Something must be wrong, they are being nice to each other !?!

So relaxing..

A quick look back, until we visit again...

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Saturday, 5 July 2014

A Walk In The Peak District : Bakewell..

We love to take the children out for a walk in the Peak District. 

It take some planning though. 

Whenever we have a free day off with no school, work or jobs to be done and the weather is fine, a day out exploring is great. 

One of our favourite places we visit time and time again is Bakewell.

And it is only around a hour drive away.

At the weekend there is often some fun things happening on the show-ground and we always get distracted. This time we made plans not to shop for long!! (even though there was a cool vintage market on) and head for the hills.

No moaning about all the walking from the children. 

Just me!!

Wow I felt so unfit...

Lots of fun climbing the hill and seeing the amazing views..

My son took his bag but we forgot to take supplies of water and sweets, for energy!!

This little lamb was soooooo sweet..

Everyone found extra energy when we was near the bottom 
as a visit to the chip shop was promised..

After some energy drink, battered sausage and chips me and my daughter 
was ready for a another walk up the hill selfie...

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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Lets Go To The Beach : Bognor Regis...

Our first trip to the seaside this year was on our Butlins Ambassadors break, a month ago. 

Really a month!?! Where does the time go? 

Still going through pictures, all 600 of them!!

Over our 4 nights stay, the weather was over cast and a bit rainy. 

The sun did come out on Thursday afternoon.

 So we enjoyed the funfair then.

We loved taking a walk in the evening, after dinner. 

Shake some of the calories off that we had over eaten at tea time!!

Bognor Regis is a stony beach. 

So the children loved to find a quiet place, and my daughter loves to look for shells.

She said to say "she found 6"...

 Everyone loves to do a spot of skimming stones along the sea. 

To see who could throw the furthest and who can skim them along the water the longest.

Dad likes to think he is the best at this game!?!

Oh yes, dad won this time...

With oldest son (who came with us) a close second!!

How lovely is it just to watch the waves?

Lots of fun at the sea.

And lots of brother and sister banter on the walk back.

We have lots of plans to make now.

Which beaches to visit next over the summer holiday?

Can't wait.

I love the beach...

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About this post-

We are proud to be part of the Butlins Ambassador program where we got to choose a 4 night stay in the Wave hotel and review our time here...


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