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Saturday, 19 April 2014

My London Marathon : Cheer Me Ons...

The weather has been amazing over the holidays and last Sunday it was just a perfect day for running a marathon.

Never being very well organised I did forget the sun cream again though!! you would think I'd have learned a lesson after getting burnt last year!!

26.2 miles of running is hard work and I take my hat of to my kids who spend the whole 7 hours walking around different parts of the course, cheering on all the runners.

My daughters arm above with her cheer leading pom poms, haha.

One of the best parts for the children is spotting out the charity runners and seeing all the fancy dress runners. How an earth some of these can even run is beyond me. They missed the man carrying the fridge, yes a fridge!! 

All in all it was an amazing day. Looking forward to seeing if me or my husband gets in next year!!

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Saturday, 29 March 2014

But First Let Me Take A Selfie...

My daughter has just started to enjoy using her camera. She has had it for a few years now but just got the bug of taking pictures.

Going walking for miles in London around all the parks she really enjoyed snapping away at flowers, birds and trees. Then I noticed her stand back , arms stretched out in front of her taking selfies. Haha it really made me smile watching her, trying to get the perfect shots...

So I snapped away with my camera whilst she snapped away with her camera...

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Holidays, Trains And Bike Rides...

Wow we have had a few lovely days this week and it is getting me so ready for Spring. On Wednesday we decided to go visit my mum and dad, and have a day out at grandma and granddad.

They live about 10 miles away but if we walk a mile to the train station, then catch the train for a little while, it is only another 2 miles there.

So 6 miles with 2 children on bikes and me running, easy right!?!

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Run, Run, Run...

Getting our two eldest children interested in running was one of the best decisions we have made. The idea came around about 9 years ago when they were 8 and 10 years old. After just giving birth to my daughter and being busy with a toddler, we needed to find a fun pastime to tire the older boys out.

When the boys were at school my husband drove me and our tiny tots to Berry Hill Park In the middle of the park was a running track, my husband started sharing his childhood memories of his running club days and I knew we had to bring the lads up to see it.

A few days later my husband brought the boys up to the park on running club nights. The park was buzzing, full of children and adults of all ages shapes and sizes. All seemingly having fun running jumping and throwing for all they were worth. It was the place to be and if like me (at the time) you didn't run, it sure made you want to start. The boys loved it, so much so after a few years we decided to sell our house move schools all to be nearer to the club.

For years my sons enjoyed training nights and weekend racing. It developed a sense of pride, kept them fit made them realise the value of hard work and they made some great friends along the way.. Alas the club is now a shadow of it's former self as the club and trustees (who run the park) do not get on. As a result children are no longer welcome to train in the park. The club has essentially been split up with children and adults having to go to different venues around the County to train. It is no longer a hobby we can all do as a family. Such a shame.

My little ones are now 8 and 10 and its time to find them their hobbies. Something that keeps them fit, takes advantage of the great outdoors and is fun. Maybe it will be running again or cycling, or football. Who knows? Maybe even balancing a scooter on your head and seeing how long you can keep your tongue blobbed out?

Hopefully we do not need to move house though?!

As for me I am now training up for my 2nd London Marathon, looks like I caught the running bug!!

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Saturday, 9 November 2013

London 2013...

After my computer breaking a few weeks ago I now am managing to get some pictures back on my new laptop. Today I am sharing some fun times when we went to London a few months ago. I have plenty of outdoor fun to share with Coombe mill, its just finding time ( ha time, never enough!!) to get my pictures sorted.

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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Holiday Time At Butlins 2013...

Can you believe how quickly the weather is changing?


I've not even shared our summer holiday pictures yet!!

We love Butlins and this year we were lucky enough to visit twice. At the beginning of the summer holidays we went to Bognor Regis, where the weather was amazing and it felt like being abroad and at the end of the 6 weeks we went to Minehead.

Both our holidays this year we were lucky to have great weather and having food included always makes it so much easier for me not having to worry about cooking and more relaxing time, lots more eating, lots more chocolate cake.

When we was away it was our 17th Wedding Anniversary, this is why we were being nice to one another,, ha ha

Also I am so excited to get to choose a holiday for us all next year as we were chosen as one of the lucky Butlins Ambassadors 2013-2014. Now the decision on our favourite Butlins!!

These pictures are from our Minehead holiday...

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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Fun In Grandma And Grandads Garden...

My mum and dad have a cool large garden and the children can always find plenty of fun things to see and do when we go to visit.

The apples are growing nicely now so soon they will enjoy picking some, eating them and throwing the bad ones at each other that have fell of the tree.

High jump is a favourite out door game with 2 chairs and a stick off the Pampas grass...

Eek nearly made the Jump...

Always an adventure into the top of the garden...

They love to eat the plums, not long now until they ripen

Lots of pretty flower to see...

And somewhere nice to sit and chill

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