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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Shoe Cabinet For Under £30.00...

Having a large family, hiding all the shoes away can be a big task. I have been looking for ages for a big shoe rack that looks nice and tidy, holds lots of shoes and is trendy in the hallway too.

Having broken our last shoe rack how could I add all our shoes onto the little shelves that you see in the shops?

On a trip to Ikea, I came up with this idea.

A book case, some material and a curtain rod...

And this is what I made~

I have now finished all the papering, painting and the carpet is fitted in the hallway.

 It looks amazing...

Will update more pictures soon..

Next job ...

The kitchen ...



P.s I have got a comfortable just over 50 pairs of shoes on here!!

Mostly mine and my daughters with a few size 10's boots and a pair of wellies...

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Rainy Day Crafts..

As it was pouring down with rain all day Sunday, we thought it would be the perfect time to stay inside and catch up on some crafting projects. Thankfully we had something new and exciting to do, as this months crafty parcel challenge from Bostik and Tots 100 had arrived earlier in the week.

My daughter wanted no help in making this months things. She wanted to make something all by herself and it was going to be a big surprise at the end. 

Great I can cook Sunday dinner whist she got crafting!?! 'I thought'

5 minutes later... "mum can you help!"

"What can we make?"

First up my daughter designed a pencil pot, so she can stop losing all her pencils!?! 

This was an easy one to start with as we had a tube already and it just needed some fun hearts and a cupcake sticking on.

Everything at the minute is all about baby Oleg. We made him a new bag to be carried around in and a new bed as the old one got broken.

Baby Oleg bag~

What you need ~

  • A plain bag
  • Some material
  • Some sew simple Bostik glue
  • Some fun letters, numbers and picture stickers
  • Scissors

What we did~
  1. Lay the bag flat.
  2. Cut material to size.
  3. Glue the material down with the sew simple glue and leave to dry.
  4. Stick the letters, number and pictures on.
Lastly we made baby Oleg and grub a new bed

What we used~
  • The box our crafty pack got delivered in
  • Material
  • Sew simple Bostik glue
  • Scissors
What we did~
  1. Cut around the box leaving one side high up for cot behead.
  2. cut material for bed head and blanket
  3. Stick bed head material down, leave to dry.
  4. Place baby Oleg inside and cover with blanket.

About this post-

We got send a lovely parcel of fun things to share our crafty work. All thoughts on the post are my honest opinion and I was not paid for this post...

Sunday, 15 June 2014

My First Dress : I Made...

I have finally finished making my first ever dress!!

I brought some different material from Ikea with my birthday money last month with the idea to make 3 fun skirts.

I started making this dress with the intentions of making a maxi skirt.

Being a little worried I would make it to small or to short,

I made it to wide and too long for a skirt!!

Oh well!!

I like it better as a dress!?!

What do you think?

I am loving this pattern on the material.

60's or 70's era?

Amazing, how it is only £4.00 a metre.

With the elastic I picked up from Hobbycraft the dress cost me less than £5.00 to make.

Now I need somewhere fun to wear it...

Happy Sunday...

Thanks for stopping by...

Don't forget to come back later and share what has got you creative this week :)

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Up-cycled Girls Shorts, A Necklace And What To Do With A Pinchy Bracelet...

With this months crafty parcel challenge from Bostik and Tots 100 we have gone all girly. 

When I was wondering what we could make this month my daughter was putting on her jeans. "Mum they are to short" she shouted. "Try another pair on" I replied. 'These are to short too' !!

All of last years jeans were to small (lucky I had just brought her some new ones). 

I know, we can cut the legs off to make shorts, I told her. She just gave me that look and walked off into the room. 

Off I went upstairs chopped off the legs half way up, rolled them over a few times for effect and sprinkled beads and sequins over. The shouted her upstairs. 

Wow she said, these look great...

Yeah I finally got her attention...

But it was left to mum to sew them all on..

I have had this bracelet years now but for some reason it pinches the hairs on my arm and sometimes my skin. It is so uncomfortable to wear I simply stopped wearing it altogether. I think it catches around the 2 bits pointed out below so I did something that has stopped it pinching...

I simply screwed a bead onto the bottom on added a few charms, another bead and screwed another one onto the top on. So far so good, not pinching....

And my daughter made and designed her own necklace...

About this post-

We got send a lovely parcel of fun things to share our crafty work. All thoughts on the post are my honest opinion and I was not paid for this post...

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Coat Hanger Jewellery Organiser...

Yeah summer is here and it is time to get those pretty necklaces and sunglasses out...

Do You have anywhere to put them?


Why not make some Coat Hanger Jewellery Organiser?

I now have somewhere cool to keep all my fun sunglasses..

What you need-
  • Wooden coat hangers ( I picked a pack of 3 up from the pound shop).
  • Mod podge.
  • Red glitter.
  • Old pot and brush for mixing glitter and glue.
  • Strong glue.
  • 12 various sized heart buttons.
  • 3 heart tags.
  • Polka dot ribbon.

What to do-
  • In an old pot mix some mod podge glue with the red glitter (enough to cover 3 hangers).
  • Paint the glitter glue all over the front of the 3 coat hangers and leave to dry.
  • Cut pieces of ribbon and make them into bows.
  • With strong glue stick bows on to the heart tags.
  • Once coat hangers are dry place heart tags over the top of the coat hangers and glue on the backs of the hearts, to hold the tags into place.
  • With the strong glue, stick heart buttons on.

What do you think?

Now I can find my sunglasses, necklaces and scarf's...

Monday, 5 May 2014

IKEA Table Cloth Pattern : Tried And Tested!!

Since shows like The Great British Sewing Bee have been on TV, Ikea have seen sales of fabric and sewing accessories soar. Sewing and crafts are making a come back, I am very happy to hear this.

My mum has a sewing shop, so it has always been a big part of my family life. I have dabbled in sewing over the years, normally asking mum for help when it goes wrong or I get stuck. Lately I have been doing a little sewing for myself by up-cycling old clothes to make something unique. My sewing machine was over 20 years old though with lots of things broken, so it did not make sewing much fun.

It has all changed now since I took on a IKEA challenge. See how easy it is to make a table cloth from one of their patterns. How exciting....

I had never undertaken anything big before just fixing or finishing, at first then this seemed a daunting challenge. I need not have worried though, sewing machines have improved alot in 20 years. It was instantly a pleasure using the Ikea machine, the tide had turned, watch out mum!! I got to try out the patterns that Ikea stock, which anyone can pick up for free in store.

The patterns that they have include the following:
  • Curtains
  • Tablecloth
  • Table runner
  • Napkins
Along with one of their sewing machines, some accessories and a choice of fabric to start me off. I chose EVALENA material, I was excited to try out the table cloth pattern out.

First up I set up the sewing machine. It was so straight forward to set up and only took me a few minutes to figure out how to sew, most things were similar to my old machine, just in slightly different positions.

5 minutes later I had a shuttle full of cotton and a sewing machine ready to use to try out the table cloth pattern.

You will also need
  • A tape measure
  •  Iron
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine.

How much fabric will I need?
  • To make a cloth to fit a table for 4–6 people you will need 225 cm of fabric.
  •  Most metre fabrics are now sold in 150 cm widths.

  • Fold over 1 cm of fabric on each long side. 
  • Then fold again so that you have a double hem of 1 cm. 
  • Press with an iron so that the hem stays in place.

  • Set the sewing machine to a simple straight stitch with a stitch length of 3 mm. 
  • Sew the double hem in place.
  • Now do exactly the same on the short sides of the tablecloth.

I was very pleased with my table cloth. From setting my sewing machine up to making the table cloth it took under an hour. I really liked the material I picked, loving how professional the table cloth turned out! Thanks again to the easy follow pattern...

When my youngest son can home from school, I asked him "do you like my new table cloth?" He said "yes, where did you buy this from?"

"I made it"

"No way" he replied "it looks great"!!

Aww "thanks son"!!

I think the material is fabulous and I still have some left over.

Now what shall I make next?

I cannot wait to visit IKEA this week with my birthday money, I have so many things planned to make with the great choice of material they stock.

About this post-

I got sent a sewing machine, accessories and some material to take part in this challenge. I was not paid for this post and all thoughts are my own honest opinion. 

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Home Made Easter Bonnet...

My daughter has been waiting patiently over the last few weeks to wear her Easter bonnet. Pictured above she was so excited to get it made up. We decorated this hat in no time at all and then saved it until Easter for her to dress up in. Now we have lots of other crafty bit to finish off quickly today for Easter Sunday. Easter baskets, glittery eggs and Easter cakes to name just a few.

Don't you just love the pound shops? We always find something crafty and cheap in these shops. Everything above was only a pound each, the little sets of nest and the set of chicks all from the pound shops apart from the ribbon. I picked up this sweet lemon reel up from Lidl but still only £1.00 a roll.

What you need-
  • A Easter hat
  • Some ribbon
  • Little Easter chickens
  • Little Easter nest
  • Coloured feathers ( I picked ours off a fancy scarf, picked up at the £1.00 shop!)
  • Strong glue

What to do-
  • Measure a nice big length of ribbon, enough to go around the hat and to tie a nice big bow up.
  • Glue the ribbon to hold in place.
  • Leave to dry.
  • Make a pattern you like with some of the nests and chicks.
  • Glue in place.
  • Leave to dry. 
  • Easy eh!!

All ready now for the Easter egg hunt tomorrow...


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