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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Working Out With The Davina Range At next Week 5.......

This is the last week of the Getting fit with the Davina range at next and wow how quicky it has gone. I have really enjoyed being a part of this challenge and 5 weeks have just flown by.These were the 3 items I got to try were...

The item I loved the most from the 3 items I got to road test was the trainers.They are so comfy and great for Zumba ! I even took them for a long walk on Monday around London on a day out with the children...

Now I know I'm not going to make it to the Olympics 2012 this year on my training but the last few weeks have got me back into exercise.

This weeks exercise was-


3 miles run
Zumba class


1 mile run with kids


7 miles run


2 miles run
Davina Dvd


Walking all day around London with kids


Kids games on X- Box


Kids games on X- Box
  have joined a gym,started Zumba,box-fit,spinning and not even counted the 3 miles I have to walk each school days,swimming and playing sporty games on the X-Box with the kids..

Over the 5 week's I have

Ran 91 miles
Atteneded 5 Box-Fit classes
4 Zumba classes
 Zumba and Davina DVDs
2 Gym workouts and
1 spinning class...

Only 3 lb lost but when I put my jeans on for a day out to London they were loose.I just have to chuck the biscuit tin away because the more I exersice the more I reach for them..

My plans this year are-

  • To lose some weight
  • To Get a 50 min sub 10k
  • To get as fit as I can but over the last few weeks it has been hard with getting poorly and the snow holding me up.
Been hard to find time to exersice with the kids of school this week...

What's everyone been up to this week?


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Working Out With The Davina Range At next Week 4.......

4 weeks have already gone by and I though this was the last week of working out with the Davina range at next but no I still have one more week left to try and lose some weight. How quickly has this month gone? I have had a fun/packed/tiring/ month fitting as much exercise as possible.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Working Out With The Davina Range At next Week 2.......

As many of you who reads my blog would know this month I'm getting fit with the Davina range at next and have been sent some lovely thing's of my choice to review...


Thursday, 19 January 2012

Working Out With The Davina Range At next Week 1.......

Tried a few from the list
Had a good  first week getting fit with the Davina Range at next but a bad week for feeling ill and having to push through it ...


Thursday, 12 January 2012

Working Out With The Davina Range At Next....

My new years resolution didn't actually start on the 1st January as I had planned.It was cold and very windy and just too hard to get myself back out running after a lazy month of not much exercise and eating to excess over Christmas. The husband under my feet and four children still off school did not help either!!


Friday, 23 December 2011

Next’s New Shoe And Fitness Collection In Collaboration with Davina McCall..

3 of my favourite hobbies are running buying shoes and eating cakes.Come the new year one of these will have to go.Reluctantly its going to have to be cake, which will hopefully make way for my new fitness regime.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Ultralift Challenge...

Today I am starting the ultralift challenge apparently 71% of consumer's don't believe in anti-ageing claims so Garnier and Davina McCall launching the Garnier Ultralift Challenge and you can try it for free.


Just go to there website ultraliftchallenge fill in your details and wait for your free 14 day's trial to arrive...

All they ask is for you to measure your crow's feet on day one use the cream for 14 days and then measure again to compare the results.After the trial they hope you visit the website and provide feedback and report the results. So I'm starting today and please pop back in 14 days to see what I thought of it ....

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