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Saturday, 19 July 2014

A Walk In Regent's Park..

So much fun finding new parks to explore.

These photo were taken at Regents park in London. 

I took them when we all last went to visit...

And all looking forward to going again in the summer holiday...

We all had lots of fun here ..

How cool are these fun wooden sculptures?

Not as big as this one, even when jumping!!

Something must be wrong, they are being nice to each other !?!

So relaxing..

A quick look back, until we visit again...

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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

A Visit To Holland Park...

You know when you see something beautiful, dresses up amazing in the most wonderful colours?

You just have to film it!!

No not me, haha

The stunning peacocks...

Last week me and my husband had a rare day 'us time' and 'no children' in London. Thanks to my oldest son coming home from uni and taking his youngest brother and sister to and from school. 

First we went to find Holland Park. 

A park my husband had read about how lovely it is and wanted to see for himself.

They were right!!


Lots of wonderful things to see.

The waterfall and Peacocks being my favourite...

Can you see this fish?

Amazing how big they are!!

We had an amazing day walking around the parks and riding around London on the hire bikes...

What I wore~

Necklace ~ my old shop
Jacket~ Matalan
Shirt ~ New look
Jeans ~ Selfridges
Trainer ~ Pimped up Reeboks
Bag ~ Cath Kidston

Double denim eh, what do you think?

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Saturday, 5 July 2014

A Walk In The Peak District : Bakewell..

We love to take the children out for a walk in the Peak District. 

It take some planning though. 

Whenever we have a free day off with no school, work or jobs to be done and the weather is fine, a day out exploring is great. 

One of our favourite places we visit time and time again is Bakewell.

And it is only around a hour drive away.

At the weekend there is often some fun things happening on the show-ground and we always get distracted. This time we made plans not to shop for long!! (even though there was a cool vintage market on) and head for the hills.

No moaning about all the walking from the children. 

Just me!!

Wow I felt so unfit...

Lots of fun climbing the hill and seeing the amazing views..

My son took his bag but we forgot to take supplies of water and sweets, for energy!!

This little lamb was soooooo sweet..

Everyone found extra energy when we was near the bottom 
as a visit to the chip shop was promised..

After some energy drink, battered sausage and chips me and my daughter 
was ready for a another walk up the hill selfie...

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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Queen's Park Chesterfield : How Does Your Garden Grow?

The trouble when taking lots of photographs is by the time you get through them all..

The seasons had changed slightly...

These photos were taken a few months ago on a day out at Queen's Park in Chesterfield.

A nice day for a walk around the park...

Around the time the daffodils were in full bloom..

A nice and quiet morning, perfect for a reading of the daily newspaper?

The birds were all happily chirping...

Only I could not see them to take pictures...

Morning dew on the flowers as they were just opening up to the sunshine...

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Tuesday, 29 April 2014


"Best Saturday ever" 11 year old son said to his dad when talking about 'Butlins Splash Waterworld Skegness' when we visited...

On Saturday we were invited to a Butlins Ambassadors meeting in Skegness. We are so happy to be Butlins Ambassadors, and jumped at the chance to spend the day in the Skegness Butlins. Recognise any of the other Butlins ambassadors or the Redcoats in my photos?

Any chance of a selfie?

Or an outfit post?

We have visited Butlins for over 20 years and I still learned lots of new and exciting things off the Redcoats..

Anyone for an oversized sunbed, umbrella and beach ball?

Although I would have loved to stay for the weekend to fit more things in, we had an amazing day...

My husband taking a well earned rest from driving....

Oh wow I could have stayed in Ludo's!! for a good few hours. Time was up though with hubby up early for work on Sunday. We just took a couple of Pizzas to have on the drive home, but how good would it have been to stay and have red wine and ice creams inside?

 They were delicious.


About this post-

We are proud to be Butlins Ambassadors. In 2014 we get to choose a 4 day break at Butlins. I was not paid for this post and all thoughts are my own honest opinion ...

Saturday, 19 April 2014

My London Marathon : Cheer Me Ons...

The weather has been amazing over the holidays and last Sunday it was just a perfect day for running a marathon.

Never being very well organised I did forget the sun cream again though!! you would think I'd have learned a lesson after getting burnt last year!!

26.2 miles of running is hard work and I take my hat of to my kids who spend the whole 7 hours walking around different parts of the course, cheering on all the runners.

My daughters arm above with her cheer leading pom poms, haha.

One of the best parts for the children is spotting out the charity runners and seeing all the fancy dress runners. How an earth some of these can even run is beyond me. They missed the man carrying the fridge, yes a fridge!! 

All in all it was an amazing day. Looking forward to seeing if me or my husband gets in next year!!

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