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Miss Santa Christmas Fancy Dress Review...

Last week I was asked by Fancy Dress Ball  if my daughter would like to choose a Christmas fancy dress costume from them. I stopped by their website and picked out the little miss Santa costume, I was going to surprise her and order straight away, but then thought I would wait until she got home from school so she could pick her favourite one.

Excitedly she looked at all the costumes, they have a lovely wide variety to choose from. After spending a while looking and deciding, then changing her mind, she picked the same one I had chosen for her.

Who'd have known!!

The mini Miss Santa costume includes a dress and hat. Made from velour and comes in 3 age sizes.

Small 3-5 years 
Medium 6-8 years 
And large 9-12 years

My daughter is only 8 and I went for the large size as she is very tall for her age and this is the size I buy all here clothes in.

It fit perfect.

Price £10.99

Delivery starts from £4.99 no matter what quantity, size or value.

Verdict- I have one jolly happy mini Miss Santa!!

Every year, for the last few years we say we are going to buy a nice dressing up costume but it always comes around so quickly that never get round to choosing one. Then when it gets to party time, I wish I had remembered to pick her one up. She is really pleased with her mini miss Santa costume and now looking forward to party season.

About this review-

I got sent this mini Miss Santa costume to review. I was not paid for this post and all thoughts are my own honest opinion.

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Claire's And The Secret Union J Gig...

My daughter was super excited when I mention Claire's was sending her a special parcel to create a Union J Halloween cat inspired outfit.

Claire's have teamed with Union J band for a secret gig taking place on 22nd October and we have been invited to join in some fun creating a Jcat look.

My daughter 8 is a huge fan of the stores, which she discovered earlier this year.

 We were shopping in Meadowhall and passed by their store, there was a pretty girl with long curly blonde hair in the window being twirled around and sprayed with glitter. My daughter said "wow she sparkles like a princess". Often mentioning the girl in the window sparkling, I knew we had to visit so my little princess could sparkle too.

When on holiday a few months later in Blackpool, my daughter squeezed my hand when we were in the shopping centre, just next to Claire's, looking down at her she had a big smile on her face, "shall we go in?" I said!!

Just like her mum in a cake shop! her eyes sparkled and hands twitched not knowing where to look first and wanting everything in the shop. We came in for the glitter, I mentioned,, and walked out with gold glitter spray and roll on glitter body lotion also the biggest smile ever on her face!!

The parcel arrived when I was out. Typical. After standing guard looking for the neighbour to return, she excitedly told me when they were home [thanks neighbour for taking in delivery]. She was really pleased with everything we got sent and had lots of fun dressing up, the silver spray was her favourite item and she has promised we can share. I am also looking forward to trying a few of the things out, that is if I can find them!!

Daughters outfit~

Skirt ~ £10-00
Black beads ~ £4.50
Cat hair clip ~ £9.00
Silver glitter hairspray ~ £4.00
Face tattoos ~ £5.00
Black glitter nail varnish ~ £3~00
Glow in the dark make up ~£4.50
Nail stickers £5.50
Necklace £10~00

About this review- I was sent this fun parcel to review and was not paid for this post, all thoughts on everything and website are my own honest opinion. All links in this post are which I have chosen to add in ...

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Halloween Scare...

Trick or treat,
Smell my feet,
Give me something good to eat....

With only weeks away from Halloween, all the little witches, skeleton's, zombies, ghouls and ghosts 
will start to be appearing from nowhere. It has already found us going through my children's costumes to see which ones fits them or if we need to buy new ones.

We live on a very quiet street where not many people have children, plus it's very dark up here so we don't get many trick or treaters. Just around the corner there is always lots of people who really go to town dressing their children in all kinds of scary costumes and some make a real effort to decorate the outside of their house too.

My youngest two children love to dress up, as did their brothers when they were younger.They have fun scaring everyone. Once the children have came in from school they have a quick snack and get their scary costumes on. When the evening starts to turn to dusk I take them out a few hours trick or treating.

We only call to houses that have a pumpkin in the window or have decorated their houses up outside, this way we know they want us to call. My kids look forward to this fun months before, so I always try to make it exciting for them.

This is a picture of our favourite house we visit every year, they make so much of an effort it would be rude not to call....

Last year we took our camera with us as we were so excited to take some pictures. After calling at some houses we decided to take shots of there fun Pumpkins.

This Pumpkin scared and caused us all lots of stress !! 
and sure made everyone involved jump...

I thought this pumpkin was so good I took a picture. Once I had taken the picture the lady who lived in the house came out running towards me in all of a state.
I thought she was going to hit me !!
 "Where is it,where is it" she shouted !?!?
"It's here" I said shaking and looking down at my lovely camera...
"What!! not that the ambulance" she replied
Looking puzzled I said "There is no ambulance".
 "I was in my kitchen and I saw flashing lights" she replied
"I was only taking a picture of your cool Pumpkin"  I REPLIED
"Oh"she said calmly,turned around quietly and walked back inside.

This is when my children said "mum can we go home now".
I never took another picture that night, not sure if I will be taking my camera out this year...

They forgot about all the fuss once we got back home, shared out their sweets and ate lots of yummy party food....

Do your children love or hate Halloween?

About this post-thanks to the very kind people at Very who have sent my daughter Halloween costume she will be dressing as a Scarlet this year. I have not been paid for this post and all the contents of this post are true from last year...
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Childrens Fairy Costume Review from Jokers' Masquerade...

It was a lovely suprise to be asked if we would like to review one of the fancy dress costumes  from Jokers' Masquerade as my daughter is a big fan of dressing up.She is such a girly girl and loves anything pretty from princesses to children's fairy costumes.I decided to go with this Flower Fairy Costume because of the array of colours and the cute daisy chain headband and I just knew she would love it.

After recieving an email on Friday from the company I was told to expect it around Wednesday it was a great suprise then, that it arrived the next day as this was perfect timeing because it was her birthday.She was so excited to open it and could not wait to wear it she said she loved it and with the smile on her face I knew I had picked her a great kids fairy costume.

What I think of the fairy costume

I think it looks lovely the colours are great and I would say the size is spot on.I ordered a size large 8-10 year and although she is only 7 years old she is bigger than the average child at her age at her age and  I always order her this size in everything.I love their website as they have a huge variety of Childrens fancy dress .

I am glad I've found this website as for my 40th birthday I have always said I would love to see a Rocky horror stage show and they have a perfect Columbia dressing up costume, so watch this space..Eek 40 next May...I will defintly be checking them out for Kids Halloween costumes and Christmas presents.I would recomend this website and they have a huge amount of themes for every occasion.

Flower Fairy costume is £20.49 and on offer at the moment at £18.49

About this review-

I was sent a Flower Fairy costume free of charge for the purpose of this review.I was not paid for this post and all thoughts on the website and costume are my own....

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I first started running in 2004......

I've never been one for exercise but after having 3 children I decided to start running and try to get fit.I trained hard for my first race which was the Great Manchester 10k run on the 23rd of May 2004.I decided to do the race to raise money for charity and the one I picked was Cancer research.I reaached £210-00 which I was very pleased with and the race was one of the hardest things I have ever done...

Soon after this I took another year out to have my 4th child. I started training again in September 2005 for my 2nd 10k race on the 6th of May 2006 Rother-Vally a 2 lap course, this one I finished in 1hour,41sec....

I was so tired out through this race I said to my husband "I never want to run again".....
For some strange reason I carried on running and the 29th of October 2006 I did my first Half Marathon The Worksop one and even though my legs went at the time I was pleased with my time 2 h 18.02...

A lot has change since then and I always surprise myself that I carried on running and did'nt give in when the going got tough (and there is alway tough day's ) but nothing has change in my training I still work as hard as I did then just a bit faster now....

Want to see my next goals? check out my Running page

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