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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Rock Top Got More Rockier : Up-cycled....

After- above..

Before- below..

I love this top had it for years and years but never worn it.

Being tight across the bum it never sat properly over jeans.

So time to re-fashion and up-cycle and have a new makeover!!

What you need-
  • Long t-shirt
  • Sharp scissors

What to do-

  • Try the t-shirt on to see when you want to be covered up to and how far up the fringing needs to go.
  • Cut up the t-shirt in straight lines, same distance apart.
  • When all cut, lightly pull all strips down to give the material a curly effect.
  • Tie 2 of the stripes together going around the front first then the back. so not to make the rip go up the t-shirt.
  • Watch not to tie a front and back together ( like I did! or you wont get it on, and have to un knot them)
  • Quick and easy makeover all finished...

What do you think of my new t-shirt?

Have a lovely weekend everyone ...

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Three Lions Not On Your Shirt...

My soon to be 11 year old sons first football shirt.
On my daughters Hello Kitty

With the World Cup only a few months away, retailers are starting to stock up on merchandise and already have our household thinking about the football season. Each time a new England kit comes on sale, my 3 sons and husband are not satisfied until all of them have all purchased the new shirt. However this year the FA and Nike seem to want a larger slice of the cake than anyone with their over pricing of the new England kit.

It was only 10 months ago that we had the last England kit and 7 matches later a new one arrives. Prices are amazingly £90 for the match shirt, £60 for the stadium shirt meaning a £30 surcharge for advance cooling technology?! Does it really cost this much? With child sizes coming in at £42! So for my 3 boys and husband I would need to spend over £300 to get the full England shirt experience. Wow! This really is shocking, I can think of more important things this amount of money could be spent on.

Football is no longer for the working class, large families and people on lower income are penalised. With the designer price tags, do you really get a designer t- shirt for the price? I don't think so! At the end of the day if you sell something at a affordable price, you will sell more!! Win, win for everyone!

Disappointed as they may be then, none of my family will wearing the official shirt this year. Come kick off in Brazil they may just be a bit less interested in the TV and go out in the sun, riding their bikes or going on a run!! Grass roots old skool.. Footballs loss may be cycling or athletics gain. Watch out Mo Farah!!

About this post-

I was asked to do a voluntary posts for the Nottingham evening post newspaper (out tomorrow) on the new England kit. Here are my thoughts... ..

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Millets Hooded Long Jacket : Review...

After spending a wonderful weekend away in London with my family I was so glad I decided to take my lovely, warm and cosy new Millets hooded jacket I got sent last week to review?

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

All In One Company Review...

I have found the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who likes creating something unique, personalised and loves to wear a Onesie...

I must admit we do love them in our household.

I love them, nice and warm. The kids love them for different reasons, university parties, keeping warm, cute and cuddly just some of the things my four children tell me about them. There is just my husband who needs converting to the dark side. Although he was looking sneakily at them round town the other week.

A few weeks ago I was kindly introduced to the All In One Company, they sell everything you need to create the perfect all in one.

The website is so much fun choosing your perfect all in one. I spent hours changing design and material as you get to see what it would look like on a virtual model.

To start you pick which style of all in one you would like. Then choose if it is for a child, man or woman. Then you get to design the perfect fit, material and colour. I started out picking sweet and cute, changing it to really wild, then finished up by picking a little bit of everything rolled into one.

You then move on to picking any add ones you would like, hood, ears, tail, mittens, pockets and feet etc. Finally you get to complete your all in one buy adding a name to personalise it.

About The All in One Company

The All-in-One Company® was started by Kate Dawson in October 2008 after she was unable to find all-in-ones for her own children on the High Street. Hugely successful the company is now making all-in-ones for people of all ages and sizes all over the world. As all of our all-in-ones are made to order we can accommodate nearly all special requirements.

Our aim is to bring warmth, fun and happiness into your life in a luxurious and functional way.

My All In One I ordered

Type: woman

Size: small

Chest 36in

Inside Leg: Long 33in

Zip Position front standard Two Way Zip

Fabric: fleece

Cuff: thumb hole

Front Left Colour: Candy Cane Hearts (Polar Fleece)

Front Right Colour: Hoot Red (Medium Weight Cuddle)

Back Left Colour: Hoot Red (Medium Weight Cuddle)

Back Right Colour: Candy Cane Hearts (Polar Fleece)

Right Arm Colour: Star Aqua (Polar Fleece)

Left Arm Colour: Star Aqua (Polar Fleece)

Personalisation Line 1: Clairejustine oxox

Font: block Personalisation Coloured

Price £76.48

Postage £7.99

Total price £84.47

My thought on the All In One

I love my new onesie.

It fits perfect being made to measure and is so warm and cosy. The material is high quality and the choice of styles, fabrics and add ons make every ones design fun and unique. The thumb holes style are a sweet idea, perfect for keeping my hands warm on cold nights. How great is it having your very own blog name personalised on your all in one? love this ...

My youngest son says "I like your Onesie" its a bit crazy" "Crazy is good!!"

And my daughter says "Aww I really think it looks cute on you"

Aww my kids say the sweetest thing :)

Just had a panic when looking for my tripod in the garage so I could take some pictures,, the from door got stuck,,Ekk nearly had to do the school run in my all in one ....

You can also find them on



About this review-

*Onesies supplied by the All in One Company I got sent this All In One to try out and review. I was not paid for this post and all thoughts are my own honest opinion.

Monday, 26 August 2013

26/08 Creative Mondays Blog Hop And This Weeks Featured Post...


Hello and welcome to Creative Mondays, hosted by Clairejustineoxox and Judy-H-JS Thought where you can link up all your creative post each week.

This weeks pinned posts and featured blogs are-

2+ Pound Fudgy Brownies
Tue Blue Baking

Grab the button if you have been featured!!
Want to join us?

1.) Link up your crafty, recipe, diy, fashion, creative writing, photo, family, tutorials, favourite, helpful, make-up, outfit or anything creative,,, post's below...

2.) Link as many posts up as you like....

3.) Please visit a few posts and leave comments....

4.) Would be great if you could grab the Creative Monday button or a text link and place it somewhere on your blog to help spread the word...

Happy Hopping :)

Sunday, 11 August 2013

What I Wore : London...

Dress ~ Primark
Shoes ~ Cheeky Shoes
Bag ~ Cath Kidston

Been a mad, tiring and fun few days as we took a little holiday down to London.

The weather was perfect and I had to take a few days break from the diet due to staying at a hotel so nowhere to warm the soups or dinners up.  Ekk I can't diet on holidays so lots of cakes and fast food was consumed!! Shh!!

Lots of walking though, at least 10 miles a day so I must have burned those calories off for sure?? My little 2 were amazing walking all that way.

We loved it in the M and M store in London wow If only I had the spare money, I could have spent a fortune inside. Will share pictures later in the week.

Got some amazing photos inside London zoo and I forgot to take the camera of a pudding me and my husband had to share at Beefeater, I'm sure you would have been well jealous!! imagine a big bowl full of ice cream, chocolate brownies and sauce. Then imagine me who has been good giving up treats for a few weeks trying to get control of the bowl,, enough said!!

This pictures were taken on our first night in London, I walked for miles in my Cheeky Shoes and they are so comfy.

Linking up my outfit with some fashion hops here

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Fashion Link Up : Share Your Style Saturdays...

Sharing some of my style Instagram pictures this week~

Where does the rime go when the children are off school?

Not time to do anything!!

Still being good at getting my run done early, so all is good!!

Top ~ Sweat shop
Running pant ~ Peacocks
Trainers ~ Nike

This week I've been wearing my old faithful dress, I've had this years and still love it!!

Dress ~ Matalan
Shoes ~ Cheekyshoes

My daughter got her first pair of Cheekyshoes, so we were playing twins!!

More running!!

Top ~ Primark
Shorts ~ Sportsworld

Top ~ Car boot sale

Cropped pants ~ Primark

Wearing my up cycled jeans

Top ~ Charity shop

Jeans ~ Calvin Klein

And found a little time to do some shopping...

Top ~ Republic 

Top ~ Primark

Jacket ~ Primark

Now whats everyone else been wearing or buying this week?

Link up your post to share with us..

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Refashion : 5 Minute Makeover : Old Jeans New Shorts...


Great time of year to sort out any old jeans and up cycle them into new shorts.

I love mine I made a few weeks back.

What you need

Old jeans


Sharp scissors

How to make

Simply pin where you would like them to finish

Cut across 2 inches below for a torn look turn up

Or cut 4 inches below for a double turn up

Easy Eh?

Off now to make some whites ones :)

If you make some, would love you to share the with us at Creative Mondays?

Saturday, 3 August 2013

School Holidays Outfits :Share Your Style Saturday Linky...

Love wearing my new shorts made out of old jean.

Jeans ~ Calvin Klein

Trying to pick which Cheekyshoes to wear first

Shoes ~ Cheekyshoes

Dress ~ Asda

New jeans ~ Selfridges

Shes ~ Cheeky shoes

Dress ~ Primark via Charity shop

Dress I picked up in local sales ~ Bargain at £5-00

Fun sunglasses ~ Poundworld

Running to ~ Sweat shop

Jacket ~ Matalan

Skirt ~ Primark

Dress ~ Local bargain

Shoes ~ Cheeky shoes

Whats your style this week?

Want to link up and

Share your style Saturday?


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