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Saturday, 29 March 2014

But First Let Me Take A Selfie...

My daughter has just started to enjoy using her camera. She has had it for a few years now but just got the bug of taking pictures.

Going walking for miles in London around all the parks she really enjoyed snapping away at flowers, birds and trees. Then I noticed her stand back , arms stretched out in front of her taking selfies. Haha it really made me smile watching her, trying to get the perfect shots...

So I snapped away with my camera whilst she snapped away with her camera...

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Pettiecoat Lane Market...

What I wore~

T-shirt ~ Pettiecoat lane
Jacket ~ Primark
Skirt ~ George at Asda
Tights ~ Primark
Shoes ~ Jonathan James

Don't you just love a good market?

Bargains galore?

Fashion at unbelievable low prices?

It has been years since I visited a Sunday market. I use to love them but got so carried away buying things I did not really need, want or use, just because the prices were so low. On Sunday a few weeks back when we went to London we stumbled up on Pettiecoat lane market. A nice market with loads of bargains. 
Trying not to look at anything as we had to carry them all around London , I still could not help buying something. I brought 6 amazing summer dresses all priced up around £25.00 for £1.00 each. They are new, priced up, just seconds. A ll they needed was a strap sewing back on!! Even I can manage that. Can you imagine how may I would have purchased if we did not have miles to walk as we were sight seeing?

Lucky my husband had a bag on his back ...

We past a stall full of scarf's £1.00 each so i had a few of these too...

London t-shirts anyone? £2.00 each

And a fabulous little stall full of fridge magnets and soverniers £1.00 each.

Can not wait to visit again!!

Still need to find Portobello market now, never visited this one yet!!

Do you love a good Market?

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

London Marathon Countdown : 1 Month 7 Days....

Last years London Marathon...

London marathon update...

The fear has now set in...

It has not been easy...

I am tired out...


A little dehydrated...

Poorly heel...

Poorly knee...

And panicking...

Only up to 12 miles...

And only 1 month 7 days 15 hours left till race day..

Lets hope tomorrow is a better day....

Time to train the mind and hopefully the body will follow...

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Thursday, 13 February 2014

What I Wore : London...

Last weekend we had a wonderful time  in London.

Lots of food, lots of walking and lots of laughter.

One thing we did all have to do was, wrap up warm!!

It has been so cold and windy lately.

Roll on Spring...

What I wore-

Jacket ~ Millets (reviewed here)
Jumper ~ Primark
Jeans ~ Abercrombie and Fitch
Boots ~ Barratts
Boot socks ~ Primark
Bag ~ Cath Kidston

Saturday, 23 November 2013

The Runner ...

My dad loves to write poems and wrote me one to help me get back into my running for the VLM 2014.

Loved it and thought I would share it...

I started off my run today, and went across the park. 

Children playing on the grass, in the distance a dog did bark. 

Carrying on, down the narrow lane, till I reached the wood. 

Training hard for a Marathon, the peacefulness was good. 

It's not just lungs, and legs that hurt, I've learnt to deal with pain. 

It's that certain mental attitude, your mind has to attain. 

I looked down at my trainers, pounding on the ground. 

My heart, still beating steadily, and the pace, was good and sound. 

As I left the wood behind, I felt an ice cold chill. 

'cause I knew what was coming next, that steep and muddy hill. 

I grit my teeth and focused hard, started that energy sapping climb. 

My legs were drained and heavy, as my feet slipped in the slime. 

This is where your attitude counts, there was no way I was going to stop. 

I pushed, and pushed through all the pain, until I reached the top. 

I remember feeling good inside, I had conquered that hill again. 

Even though I was exhausted, and my legs were racked with pain. 

Six miles down, four to go, before my end would be in sight. 

Thinking just, how tired I was, and would sleep very well tonight. 

Looking down, at my watch, I knew I'd done a decent time. 

My body was getting tired, and I was covered in mud and grime. 

The last two miles, were getting tough, but I would never give in. 

Then I saw my house in the distance, and started kick on again. 

As I reached front door, I put the key in to the lock, I pulled off my trainers, and my dirty muddy socks. 

While I was in the shower. Washing the pain and dirt away. 

I thought of the London Marathon, and how I would run that day. 

Now it's time to treat myself, to a cuppa and some cake. 

Hoping tomorrow, I'm not too stiff, when eventually I awake. 

Because even in the morning, if joints and muscles, are in pain. 

I know, I'm so determined, I will do it all again. 

The end

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

WW Blog Hop...

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday hosted by Clairejustineoxox and Judyh-Jsthoughts where you can link up your Wordless / not so Wordless Wednesday photo posts each week...

Saturday, 9 November 2013

London 2013...

After my computer breaking a few weeks ago I now am managing to get some pictures back on my new laptop. Today I am sharing some fun times when we went to London a few months ago. I have plenty of outdoor fun to share with Coombe mill, its just finding time ( ha time, never enough!!) to get my pictures sorted.

Linking up our fun weekend with-

  Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop...

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday hosted by Clairejustineoxox and Judyh-Jsthoughts where you can link up your Wordless / not so Wordless Wednesday photo posts each week...

Sunday, 27 October 2013

London Marathon Countdown 5 Months 17 Days...

This year ~ My first London Marathon.

 After I finished
Meeting my wonderful family ...

One of the hardest things I have ever done this year was on April 2013...

The London Marathon!!

No no never again!!

 Entered my head and stayed there for many many hours days and weeks...

Then I started think...

Wow, I didn't expect that to happen! should have done that different? I could that changed that!!

Then came the idea I should really try it again as my first marathon and surly it was only a practise run?

So by the time the ballot opened my husband had convinced me to try again!!

 "Come on I will enter with you, we can get fit together" he said!! 

Go down together, go to the start together and you wont be on your own this time!!

Aww little did I know I was to get through and he wasn't!!

After the mad crazy thoughts of oh no what have I done?

How will I manage it again?

Will I cry so many times?

Will my knees go again at 12 miles and cry the next 14?

And after the lazy few weeks feeling sorry for myself...

Being run down and now catching a cold...

I am finally ready to start training ,,Yeah!!

The next 5 months will be tough, challenging and really hard work...

But now I am ready for the challenge!!

By race day I want to ~

Take all the excitement in!!

see all the amazing sites!!

Run around with my head held high and not hoping people wont see me crying!!

High five all the spectators at the end of the mall!!

And make my family proud!!

Went out today only 2 miles as I've been ill and still have a cold...

But let the run streak begin..

Watch out London, I'm coming at ya!!!

#Runstreak day 1

London Marathon countdown 5 month 17 days...


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