Flashback Friday : London Marathon 2013..

It was nearly 2 years ago when I ran my first marathon. London Marathon in April 2013.

Nothing much as changed since then. I still eat to much sugar and don't run as much as I should do!!

Eek trying to change things now though! My first marathon I cried a lot. My second a little. This year I will be watching from the sofa as I was not lucky this year to get a place. Or maybe I was lucky as I did not have to train up,lol..

How much did I cry? 

This much!!
  • I cried when I left my husband at the train station to go to the start of the London Marathon.
  • I cried when I was all alone at the start of the London Marathon.
  • I cried when I realised I was doing my first marathon.
  • I cried when the marathon started.
  • I cried when children in the street wanted to high five me for running.
  • I cried when I got to 13 miles and my knees went.
  • I cried when I realised I had to do another 13 miles with knee pain.
  • I cried when I had 2 miles to go.
  • I cried when I had 1 mile to go.
  • I cried when I did it in 5 hours 12 mins approx.
  • I cried when I met my family at the end.
  • I have had a great day honest!!
Have you ran a marathon? Did you cry after a race?

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Black And White Project...

Show us your cheekiest smiles kids!?!

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What I Wore : London..

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8 Miles Walk In London...

Today I am sharing some pictures from when the children were off school over the half term holidays.

How quickly does the time go? This was Saturday 2 weeks ago now. (I am so behind with blogging as I am sure this is the day I got ill from how cold it was on this day!?!)

After a week full of flu cold then recovering from a trap nerve in my back I am final fit and well again!! Well almost :)

We walked just over 8 miles that Saturday. My husband measured it on his new watch out of curiosity. Wow the children did great to walk this far, and they never moaned once!.. If we were at home they would not want to walk this far, but in London you can walk for miles and keep seeing something exciting to look at.

We had a lovely fun day out in London. Very cold but still lots of fun.

This is what I wore on the day, very appropriate?

We had a picnic on the ride down to London by train. Lots of fun walking around the parks and I was hoping the squirrels would stand still long enough for me to talk a good picture with my new camera ( ekk I must read the manual!).

A quick pose outside Buckingham Palace. A few pictures of the models coming out of London Fashion Week. A walk around China Town to see The Chinese New Year celebrations and lots of fun things in between.

Sometimes a day goes by and you have done nothing and that day is very unforgettable. Making memory's is so much fun as they happen and when you look back on the day.This Saturday in London was jammed packed full of different things to remember. It felt like we were there a whole weekend. The children will remember this day for a long time..

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The Wednesday Blog Hop..

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The Wednesday Blog Hop..

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Ruby Tuesday..

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Ruby Tuesday : London...

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A Windy Day In London...

Sometimes words are not needed and the pictures tell the story...

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Favourite Five Friday..

  1. Warm fleecy lined boots. So cold, wet and windy outside. So warm boots make it that bit nicer. (*) Pavers.
  2. New cheap but cheerful make up. The colours are so bright on these dark and dull days. 
  3. Rainbow drop  lights from Cable & Cotton (*). First they was in my kitchen over Christmas, now in the bedroom. They look beautiful.
  4. My new and first ever Cath Kidston dress. I have had my eye on this dress for a while and love Cath Kidston things. Thanks t my son who brought it for me.
  5. The thoughts of going to London this weekend! We never plan anything until the last minute but we may be going for the day or weekend. Then again I have woke up today with a sore throat!! Hoping I feel good tomorrow.
What are your Favourite Five Friday?

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Cath Kidson Haul...

I adore Red, Polka dots, Cath Kidston, London and London buses. So this is what I brought in the sales. I got some money off my husband and son for Christmas. I wanted to buy something special this time instead of lots of silly little things I would never wear, just because they were cheap.

First choice to spend my money was on some new Irregular Choice shoes I had seen on the Internet and I was sure I would not see anything else in Meadowhall on a shopping trip out. Then you know when you want to just buy everything in the shop?

Well that happened. I was good though I put down things I did not really need and just spent my money on 3 things I really loved.

The best thing was, everything was in the sale and I picked these all up for £56.00. That is £9.00 cheaper than the dress was before Christmas... Bargains eh!?! Can not wait to go to London again now, just might wear my new red dress and polka dot bag...Or some jeans and my London bus bag..

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Ruby Tuesday : Market Days...

Looking forward to warmer weather and days out exploring new places...

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Blogging Rocks...

After 3 years {not far off 4 years} I have to admit last years was my favourite ever year for blogging.

So many fun memory's made.

Holiday fun typed down here to look back on. Fun outfit post and did I really wear that!?!, Baking fun with the children, yum!! Going to London lots. Days out and weekends away {wow I need a break now}. Running London Marathon. Even every reviews make special posts for me to look back on and remembering where and when I went to take the pictures.

How my children change and grows each years is such a special thing share and look back on. Writing about events we have been to, makes me remember the smallest things and I always smile to myself when reading them again and again.

I have really tried to improve my photography last year and still have so far to go, so here is some of my special moments of 2014...

Looking forward to sharing lots more of our fun throughout 2015...

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