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Cath Kidson Haul...

I adore Red, Polka dots, Cath Kidston, London and London buses. So this is what I brought in the sales. I got some money off my husband and son for Christmas. I wanted to buy something special this time instead of lots of silly little things I would never wear, just because they were cheap.

First choice to spend my money was on some new Irregular Choice shoes I had seen on the Internet and I was sure I would not see anything else in Meadowhall on a shopping trip out. Then you know when you want to just buy everything in the shop?

Well that happened. I was good though I put down things I did not really need and just spent my money on 3 things I really loved.

The best thing was, everything was in the sale and I picked these all up for £56.00. That is £9.00 cheaper than the dress was before Christmas... Bargains eh!?! Can not wait to go to London again now, just might wear my new red dress and polka dot bag...Or some jeans and my London bus bag..

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Blogging Rocks...

After 3 years {not far off 4 years} I have to admit last years was my favourite ever year for blogging.

So many fun memory's made.

Holiday fun typed down here to look back on. Fun outfit post and did I really wear that!?!, Baking fun with the children, yum!! Going to London lots. Days out and weekends away {wow I need a break now}. Running London Marathon. Even every reviews make special posts for me to look back on and remembering where and when I went to take the pictures.

How my children change and grows each years is such a special thing share and look back on. Writing about events we have been to, makes me remember the smallest things and I always smile to myself when reading them again and again.

I have really tried to improve my photography last year and still have so far to go, so here is some of my special moments of 2014...

Looking forward to sharing lots more of our fun throughout 2015...

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A Windy Day In London...

Love these pictures of me and mini me my husband took last year. 

We were in London and it was really windy. 

Walking around a park.

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Peacocks, Pea Hens, Park And What I Wore...

This outfit is what I wore when me and my hubby had a nice day out together in London. 

These pictures were taken in Holland Park...

Wow it is an amazing park. 

The waterfall is so beautiful...

 We had lots of fun watching the peacocks and taking lots of pictures of then.

One made me jump/ scared/scream when I did not see him on a big wall and jumped off just behind me!!

Gave the people stat down a laugh though...

What I wore~

Necklace ~ my old shop
Jacket~ Matalan
Shirt ~ New look
Jeans ~ Selfridges
Bag ~ Cath Kidston

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A Walk In The Park...

What I wore~

White denim jacket ~ Matalan
Vest~ Sportsworld
Trousers ~ Matalan
Converse ~ c/o JD Sports

I am really looking forward to the school holidays in a few weeks. We are going down to London for a few days and nights. Lots of exciting things planned to do. Some places we have been before and some we have never seen. Today's outfit was from last time we went down. I was a little warmer then. This outfit was super comfy, stylish and perfect for 8 miles walking around London...

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London Marathon 2015 Ballots Are out!!

Remember how I was saying on Sunday I wanted to know if I have got into London marathon from the ballot I enter months ago?

Me and my husband both entered..

Something to keep us busy through out the Winter months..

Well  it is a NO for us!! ...

I can not complain..

I've been lucky for the last 2 years..

Once for a running club...

Once I was lucky on my own..

Would have liked my hubby to have got in though..

Lots of years trying to get a place..

Oh well, new goals..

New challenges..

Something else fun will come up..

Are you a lucky one!?!

Did you get in? 

Maybe we will go down and watch!?!

Maybe I will eat cake at watch from the sofa!?!

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Weekly Top Shot : Bike Ride Anyone?

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Follow That Van!!

How excited can the youngest 2 children be {and me for that matter} when seeing a van driving down the streets of London!?!

This was no ordinary van though... it was a Krispy Kreme one!!


Follow that van..

So we did..

Till it stopped..

Then we took lots of pictures...

Haha...this is how we roll..

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