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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Polka Dotty...

Some pictures of what I wore on holiday in Blackpool last week on the blog today. How cool are the windows and the stair case in the hotel we stay in? When I go away I always pack a few different dresses but a find I love one outfit more than the others.. 

Or is this just because I adore polka dots!?!

This outfit got wore on a night out, to the beach and on the scooters...

What I wore~

Dress~ Select
Legging ~ Matalan
Shoes ~ F&F

Now the holidays are over and children are back to school it is time for mum to get fit again. The last 4 weeks of the holidays I went away, ate junk food and did no exercise. After a kettle ball class on Friday and a run yesterday, boy do I hurt all over..Fitness eh!... take forever to gain and weeks to lose it!?!...

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Scarf's, Flowers And Selfies..

Another scarf featured on the blog today from the new range of BHS scarf neckaces. 

I wore this one family day out to the Seaside. Lots of walking here ...

I styled this pink scarf necklace with a flowered tunic, white denim jacket, super fun ripped jeans and trendy pumps.

Can you guess where I was when I styled this one?

These picture were taken on a day trip to Butlins in Skegness...

This week I am featured over on the BHS blog styling up some of the new scarf necklaces...

Hope you can stop by and have a read..


Scarf~c/o BHS
Tunic~ Asda
Jeans~Abercrombie and Fitch
Shoes~c/o Keds

About this post~

I was asked to style some of the new scarf necklaces from BHS for the point of this review. All thoughts are my own honest opinion and I did not get paid for this post ...

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Butterflies on Primrose Hill...

What I Wore~

Dress/top ~ Matalan
Jeans ~  Abercrombie and Fitch
Shoes ~ Longsdale

Whoo I am in love with a park!!

All the times we have visited London and I had never been to Primrose Hill before. When we went to down to stay for a few nights for my marathon, we stopped by. My husband had a list of places we needed to visit, this was on top of his list.

The views over London were stunning, breathtaking and I can not wait to visit again!!

This one is on top of my places you have to visit when going to London now. Have you been before? We even went to London zoo a few times last year, and missed it.

How could we? it is only just across the road!!

Today I am so tired, I have done so much but also so happy. My husbands day off so we went out for the day to Bakewell. A rare evening out at the pub too.

 I have found out today I am on the Brit mums short-list for the style bloggers!! So exciting and I so needed to share...

Thanks so much to everyone who voted and I just need to ask one more little favour?

Could you please vote again to get me down to the last round???


Sunday, 30 March 2014

Do You Still Have Dreams?

Happy Mother's day to all the mums out there, hope your all having a lovely day...

It's great being a mum and getting spoilt once a year by you kids :)

My children brought me lots of yummy chocolates, a swimming cap and goggles (for after I've eaten my choc's?) to help me learn to swim better instead of only doing breast stroke and hurting my neck..

My son is home from university for a month and I had forgotten how much he eats!! feeding 5 of us is a big shop twice a week but 6!! haha no stop shopping and filling the fridge back up...

I know he is on a mission to help me get fit, help encourage me with my running, swimming, fitness and watching my biscuit and cake obsession, who knows I could be fitter in a month!?!

Yesterday we had a lovely lazy Saturday. The little 2 did not fancy going to far away as it was lovely and warm. So off to the park we went. Taking about what the had been dreaming about my 10 year old son asked me " mum do you still have dreams?" "How old am" I replied? "I'm not to old to dream!!"

Then he asked "But what do you dream about"

Trying to think em, "our old house when you were small, my old house when I was growing up," em "I can't quite think off hand"..

Then he replied " is it posing, selfies and blogging idea?

Haha you have to laugh, err maybe son, but I can't remember??!!"

What I Wore~

Sunglasses ~ Primark
Jacket ~ Matalan 
T-shirt ~ Primark
Jeans ~ Firetrap
Jellies ~ Primark
Breaclet ~ c/o cutey 

So here is me, posing, selfies and blogging...

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Lets Go Shopping....


Scarf ~ c/o School Gate Style
Shirt ~ Primark
Cardigan ~ Primark
Jean ~ Matalan
Shoes ~ c/o Keds

With my husband having a Saturday off work today we went Shopping....Yeah...

A Quick visit to my mother-in -laws house, and a trip into Chesterfield for breakfast,  and me to buy some crafting things first.

Then off to shopping to ....Meadowhall.

Can't believe we went today, if you watched Ant and Dec's Take away show  tonight? you will have seen the super computer is going to be there on Monday giving some holiday tickets away,,,Grrr can't get Monday!!

A mad few hours around the shops, wow it is packed on Saturdays, them home for some yummy Pizza.

This time I had a plan, when it is busy, shopping with the children too and I have no plan, I end up buying nothing. So this time I had a plan, new shoes for walking miles when we go to London. Something bright, comfy and fabulous.

Converse! ...I had these in mind! After changing my mind in every shop, blue ,red, pink, light blue I ended up with these.

With 5 coloured tongues that could go with most things I own, what not to love!?!

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

What I Wore : Mans Shirt Restyled!!

What I wore~

Headband ~ Primark
Shirt ~ Primark (mens)
Jeans ~ Calvin Klein
Shoes ~ Irregular Choice~ Patty

I am feeling very bouncy today. Yeah I managed my first long run in months yesterday, 10 miles :) Just a matter of adding another 16 miles on now before April  =-0!!

When my son left for university he cleared out lots of old clothes, some worn, some very worn and some never worn at all. After clearing most out to the recycled bin I did save some of the nice ones to refashion into something lady like for me.

After walking around the shops I noticed lots of ladies checked shirts looked so much like mens shirts. So here we have it, da da no up-cycling need on this one.

What do you think? It looks great fastened with my chunky red belt and red pencil skirt too.

Don't ya just love Irregular Choice shoes?

I am a little obsessed with them. If money was no object I would buy most all styles!! I love their designs. Here is one of my new pairs I got for Christmas. How great that they call each one a different name too... Meet Patty.

In other news, these jeans were to big before Christmas, now I managed to just squeeze into them :(

Eek and running feels so much harder last week but I realised on Sunday I had covered 34 miles for the week, so not all was bad. I really need to stop eatting treats, one leads to another..... Bumping the miles up quickly for the weeks I missed over Christmas worked out good but tiring. I was hoping for a quick road to fitness but I guess No pain no gain!!

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Saturday, 11 January 2014

What I Wore : Running In The Rain...

What I wore~

T-shirt ~ H&M
Cardigan ~ Primark
Jeans ~ Primark
Shoes ~ Keds

What a cold very fresh morning it was first thing today!

20 minutes before park run (a free weekly timed race) we woke up, thrown our running clothes on and jumping into the car without even the time to make a nice cup of tea, all for the fun of running.

It was a  rush to the start but me, hubby and 10 year old son went and really we enjoyed the race once we got started. I even enjoyed the rain (the kind that wets you through) that started just near the finish line it was a welcomed at the end when I had worked hard and was really warm and tired out.

I was pleased with my time just over 26 minutes for 5k and my 10 year old son keeps doing amazing at just over 24 minutes.

After I finished the race I felt like the ready brek kid!

Remember the old advert from the 80's where he used to have a orange glow walking to school after his breakfast?

Once home and showered I got quite cold so started off wearing lots of layers at first trying to warm up. On with the sausage, bacon beans, waffles and egg breakfast, soon warmed me up though!!

Wearing some more of my sale bargains today this H&M t-shirt caught my eye straight away and a great price of £3.00 and this is one of my chunky cardigans I picked up from Primark for £5.00. I also got this in cream from another store the week before first at £7.00.

Off now to take the children scooting, only I can not move. Too much breakfast me thinks...

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Summer To Autumn Dress : Share Your Style Saturdays...

Dress ~ summer sale in a shop in Nottingham
Cardigan ~ Matalan
Shoes ~ original Cheeky shoes

After a few days of what felt like none stop showers and heavy rain, especially when it was time to pick the children up from school!! it was lovely to see the sunshine on Thursday. Sunny, with a crispy chilli in the air  and very dry, my favourite kind of Autumn day. 

I wore my dress I picked up in the Summer sales that I have loved wearing for the last few months. My cardigan is one from Matalan, the waterfall style but I never wear it much a it does not fasten and just hangs there so I gave it a bit of an 80's twist and tied it in the middle,  love wearing it this way!! and beening dry a chance to wear my yellow Cheekyshoes.

What have you been wearing this week? want to link up and Share your style Saturday?

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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Cowboy Boots Ready For Autumn!! : Share Your Style Saturday Blog Hop...

Top ~ Kiss Colletion ( local shop )
Skinny Jeans ~ Matalan
Cowboy boots ~ Matalan

Wow yesterday it really felt like Autumn was here, and after an amazingly hot Thursday too.

It started raining on my morning run and stayed all day long. After I did a body fit workout class at the gym it was really heavy rain so after the mile and half run home, I was shaking with the cold. Reminds me I need to go shopping for a new onsie :)

 Must admit it I loved running in the rain, bring on Autumn training it is my favourite season to run in.

In other news yesterday we went shopping with our oldest son!! not very often he goes shopping with us nowadays. Buying things to go off to University, only a few weeks and he will be flying the nest :( he promises to be back with all his dirty washing though!! Good news is though its only a few hours drive away or 2 small train rides, so we will get to see him regular.

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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Fun Outdoor Activities For The Children This Summer...

A few weeks ago I took part in a twitter party with Matalan and some other bloggers, where we shared our ideas around keeping the whole family entertained on a budget this summer.


My thoughts are based around free or spending a few pounds and having lots of fun, having 4 children we are always thinking of fun things to do on a budget.

 Here is my list of 10 outdoor activities to keep the children happy this summer...

1.) We all love Park Run-

 Park run is a free timed 5k race for all the family to join in. You can race, Jog or walk the distance and they have venues all over the UK so check them out to see if there is one local to you. They start at 9am every Saturday morning.

We try to go every week my husband gets a Saturday off work, now me and my 10 year old son has a little friendly competition, he is winning at the minute!!

2.) Nature trail walk -

Write a list of things to look for  on your walk before you go - eg flowers, insect, tree, bees birds dogs. Children can tick them off the list and draw a picture either on the walk or when you get home, a fun way to pass a few hours.

We went for a walk yesterday and was out 4 hours, we forgot out list so had fun taking lots of pictures of interesting things instead.

Find a camera you no longer use, and let your children have fun taking pictures on a nature walk!!

3.) Grow something fun-

Kids love to dig and learn new things. Clear a little garden patch for them and let them grow something fun, pretty flowers a bean stork or something yummy to eat like strawberries.

At the minute me and my daughter are growing beanstalks as we will be going to see Jack and the beanstalk around Christmas time at the theatre.

4.) Set a fun challenge-

We did a challenge a few years ago, we called it "5 parks in 5 hours"  we walked to 5 local parks, had a picnic in each. The children loved this challenge and still talk about it now, we took lots of photos and burned lots of calories.

5.) Car boot sale-

Let the children sort out some old toys and maybe a few old items of yours too? Let them play shop and sell their things on the boot sale. A day out, playing shop and making money so everyone is happy.

6.) Teddy bears picnic-

 Take some food, blanket and teddy's to the park for a teddy bears picnic . Also take some little bits with you for after food. Make daisy chain, paper aeroplanes, blow bubbles or Frisbee to chase.

7.) Feed the ducks-

Its amazing how a few hours can pass by taking a walk or a ride on your bike to your local park. Perhaps feeding the ducks something healthy. Play on the park and stop for a drink at the cafe or just take some of your own and sit on the grass. Lovely.

8.) On the garden-

Children can spend hours of fun on the garden. Water is always a big favourite to pass the time. Padding pools, water bombs, make a fort out of old boxes, make a wig wam, set up tent.

9.) Visit your local forest-

Forests are so much fun, they also keep you cool when its red hot too. Children like to run, climb explore, and play with sticks and pine cones.

10.) Keep a look out for whats going on-

Follow your local town on twitter for fun things to do. I picked a great booklet up from our local train station on everything that is happening near us. Local councils usually have lots of sporting events going on for the children during the Summer holidays.

*Sponsored post* although all thoughts are my own...

Saturday, 27 July 2013

What I Wore : Blackpool Tower...

Dress ~Matalan
Shoes ~ Crocs
Bag ~ Cath Kidston
Wow first half week of the children's holiday and lots of amazing things have been happening, not much time for blogging though!! Sorry will catch up with you all soon.
I've miss doing my outfit post but getting dressed up and remembering to take pictures is hard work when your getting up at 6 to fit a run in before the children wake up, mind you I have laid in a few times and missed my run..
This is one of my outfits I found on the camera from last Friday night in Blackpool, digging the cool shades from the Tower Eye 4D Experience? and I am so happy I did the walk of faith this year, I have a few good videos on Instagram of me doing the walk of faith and my husband doing press ups if you want to stop by and take a look.
Have a great weekend everyone, whats your plans?? Want to link up your style posts?


Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Want To Join Us At The Matalan Summer Tips Twitter Party?

This Thursday (18th July ) Matalan  is hosting a Twitter party for everyone to share their ideas on keeping the children entertained this holiday season. All you have to do to get involved is tweet @Matalan using the hashtag #MatalanSummerTips between 1pm and 2pm. Tweet away with your ideas!!

You can tweet/share your tips or read, learning some great ideas to do with the children this summer. Remember use the  #MatalanSummerTips hashtag so people can find your tweets and you can read others.

Join in the fun with Matalan and some great bloggers Mammasaurus, Mediocre Mum, Blog by Baby, Oh So Amelia and ME!!

Matalan will be giving you the chance to win 1 of 10 £20 vouchers so as they say "You have to be in it to win it!!"

Hope to tweet you there???

*This is a sponsored post.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Back To School Range With Matalan Review...

With the children only having 10 days left before they break up for the 6 weeks holidays, it is time to start planning for September when they return. After all summer off school with all 4 children getting on great?!! it will be (Flags out!!) ??.

This will be the first year since 2008 that I will only need two children to plan for. My eldest will be off to Uni and the 2nd in line to our throne will be starting sixth form.(No uniform.Phew...)

When I first started buying things for the start of the school term, many moons ago, it was always last minute. Sizes ran out, favourite lunch boxes were out of stock or double the price and the uniforms were always available in every colour in the rainbow except for the one I wanted. The last few years I have done more forward planning (honest!) buying items all year round as and when they are on sale at a bargain price. The holidays are hectic enough without worrying about back to school!!

Seeing that  Matalan were looking for some bloggers to try their back to school range I therefore jumped at the chance. We are regulars in Matalan as they offer quality garments at an affordable price. What is not to like? We had literally just been there on a shopping trip, getting a prom suit, party dress and a little something for me. Of course!!

I was asked to see what back to school range I could buy for my children with £50-00 credit. I was amazed and very pleased with the amount of things I managed to buy.

What I got for £50.00
Girls rucksack £5.00
Hello Kitty lunch bag £8.50
Zip pinafore dress £7.00
2 pack girls polo t-shirts £6.00
Girls cardigan £6.00
Boys school trousers £7.00
Boys sweatshirt £5.00
Unisex pack of 3 polo t-shirts £5.50
Total £50.00

Everything is of high quality at a great price. I am very pleased with the things I received.
We have bought school wear over the years from all the usual suspects, I would say taking into account wear and tear, fit, price and choice Matalan scores highly across the board. Their garments come thoroughly recommended in my household.

About this review- I received £50.00 credit to spend at Matalan to try there back to school range, all thoughts on the items I bought are my own honest opinions ...


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