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Friday, 14 September 2012

Tesco Family Perks Package...

On Saturday we had a wonderful surprise parcel from the lovely people at Tesco

As a busy mum with teenage kids they wanted to send me a gift along with some information about new "Family Perk package".This is a new initiative intended to make life easier for families.

About the Family Perk package

The idea is to help busy families by offering a single mobile phone bill for up to five handsets.Not only that,but you just need to have two handsets on the same contract to qualify,with each member of the family then able to choose one of the following perks-

500 minutes to Tesco Mobile phones
150 extra minutes to any network
250 MB of extra data

For more details you can visit Tesco Mobile

I think this sounds a great package and is definitly something we will look into.As a family of 6 we already have 4 mobile phone users in the house,3 of which are already on different contract with money coming out at different times of the month.

They sent us a gift that would bring together value to family life as this is really the key behind Tesco's Mobile's new Family Perk package. After reading the letter I couldn't wait to open my gift.

I was very please with what was inside our gift we got sent

A packet of chocolate fingers - Yummy these didn't hang around too long...

A 500 free days out guide - This will come in very handy as were always hopping out on the train for days out...

£10-00 Costa gift card -  Saving this on for a special treat when we next go out on the train for a day out we will all have our favourite hot chocolate...

Little Red Press,Keep Calm And Make A List Diary - I'm always making lists and loosing them!!...

Little Red Press ,Put On Your Lippy And Smile make up bag - Great because I am always chucking lipstick in my bag and can never find them either...

A mobile phone emergency charger - This will come in very handy as when we go out on the train I'm forever wasting my battery then realise I may need my phone once its out of charge..

A £10-00 Tesco gift card - I will remember this day at Christmas as I'm off to pick treats up now as I've noticed they have just started doing tin of chocolate that we can all share...

Thank you Tesco we love our gift :)

About this post-I got sent this gift from Tesco and I decided to post about this,I was not paid for this post and all thoughts are my own honest opinion


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