What I wore : Just Chilling...

Last few day's I have a horrible heaache and felt so weak so today I am just chilling with the children.
Having fun catching up on some dance games ( not dancing in these shoes though!! :))

  • Dress - Asda (few years ago)
  • Legging - Primark
  • Shoes - local shop 

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Windy Days...

My husbands snapped these pictures a few weeks ago when we was on holiday to Blackpool.It was a really windy day,my hair was a mess I had no make up on and it was hard to pose but I love these pictures and thought I would share...

This last ones shows how windy it was and after these pictures we went back to fetch my jacket!!

  • Dress-Jane Norman
  • Shrug - Peacocks
  • Sandals- Clark's

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