Hold Onto Your Hats...

Boy is it windy today!?! Just woke up and looked out the window, next doors dustbin is laid flat, down the road with everything down the road! Thankful it is not mine!!

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What I Wore: Over 40 Style...

I found this heart top the other day, just sitting in the wardrobe waiting to be worn again. It is a nice and light top perfect for Spring. With my padded gilet on now, it is just perfect. 

Red is my favourite colour, such a happy cheery colour. 

Talking of Spring I am going through my clothes today and sorting a big bag out of boring, chucky winter clothes out I am not going to wear again for the charity collection to make room for my Spring one...
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What I Wore...

Yeah, Spring is just around the corner now. I can almost feel the warm nights and smell the food cooking on the BBQ!! We are love the lighter nights. Getting out on a run with my son and walk to the park with my daughter after school are so much fun.

Me and my youngest son are getting out doing lots of running at the minute, even though I had a fall on Sunday. You can catch up on my running posts over on my running blog.

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What I Wore : Day In London..

We walked around 8 miles {in one day} last week in London. Wow it was so cold and a little windy but we still had a great time. There is so much to see and do in in London so a 8 miles does not feel that far. 

We walked through parks around the museums and a look in the shops. With a few rides on the tube chucked in for good measure. My husband told us as he tracked our miles on his new watch and my youngest 2 did great.
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What I Wore : Day In Sheffield...

Over the half term we had a lovely day out in Sheffield. We go to Meadowhall Shopping Centre on the outskirts of Sheffield quite often in the car. This time we decided to go by train into the City Centre. 
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What I Wore...

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Spring Ballet Shoes Ready..

Morning, looks like it is going to be another nice day here :)

Hope you all having a fun half term week? We have lots of fun plans for this week. Cooking, crafting and a few days out planned. I am just hoping the weather is kind to us!?! You know how I  am ready for Spring? I pulled out this lovely floral shirt out the wardrobe yesterday as I am fed up with wearing jumpers. I teamed it up with a pair of jeggings and some new shoes. (more on the shoes later this week)..

Wondering which colour shoes to wear first?

I am going to start to wear more of what I have in my wardrobe now, instead of buying new and try not to wear my comfort clothes everyday.  I had a lovely Cath Kidston dress for Christmas but keep saving it for best.. It needs to be worn. Going think outside the box on outfits in future. Shake my wardrobe up more. More pattern mixing. More wear what I like. Sounds good eh?

What I wore~

  • Shirt : H&M
  • Jeggings : Primark
  • Shoes : c/o Shoe Zone
Hoping to get some garden work done today. Looking forward to making it nice for summer...

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What I wore~
  • Jumper : Primark
  • Skirt : Matalan
  • Tights : Tesco
  • Boots : c/o Shoetique

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Share In Style : Tartan..

 What I wore~
  • Jumper : Primark
  • Skirt : Matalan
  • Tights : Tesco
  • Boots :  c/o Shoetique
Nothing much to say this week...


Staying indoors is driving me mad!!

Snow after snow. Cold after cold. Poorly sons at home last week. Daughter ill this week. So looking forward to hitting the gym, walks into town and a few days out at the weekend when husband is off work.

Hopefully by then everyone is well enough to go out.

Until then I am sat looking at the doughnuts my husband brought yesterday!! I know I'm not going to stay healthy and good being inside all day,{ maybe I should eat one now to get it out the way!}. Hopefully I will be able to run it off later...

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Tartan Scarf And Comfy Boots...

What I wore~
  • Dress : c/o Landsend
  • Scarf : Primark
  • Tights :Primark
  • Boots : c/o Shoetique

Pinch and a punch it's the first of the month :)

Got a good feeling about February, change is in the air...Last month was so cold and miserable I was mostly living in chunky jumpers to keep warm. I had been living in these boots too. With all the wet, snow icy and slippy conditions outside these boots have been perfect for the school run. I am also loving everything tartan. I was so close to picking a new tartan jacket the other day but changed my mind at the last minute. This scarf I picked up from Primark at Christmas for £4.00 such a bargain. Nothing much exciting happening around here at the minute. 2 of my boys have been ill in the week and now my daughter is poorly. Not going out anywhere far this weekend.

How about you?

Been anywhere exciting?

 Going anywhere fun?

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Snow Dress...

Funny how I only wear this dress when the snow is here!! Maybe because it is so warm and cosy.

Last week I was knocked off my feet with a cold. I am so behind on blogging, housework, washing and exercise {so just a quick post today then!}. To top it off my tumble dryer broke and the snow came back!! 

I went over to see my mum and dad wearing this dress and swapped it there and then for another one. {cute black jumper dress with stars on} It is great having a mum a few sizes bigger, she gets my dresses that are to big for me I get the ones that are too small for her...

What I wore ~
  • Dress : Asda
  • Belt : Primark
  • Tights : Matalan
  • Boots : Local shop

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Flashback Friday : Sunglasses...

With all this cold weather, snow, rain and wind we've been having, it is fun to think of summer. Me and my daughter love trying Sunglasses on. I remember us having such a giggle at each other popping these ones on. In the end we both brought some a sensible pair each and not the novelty ones!!

Then again she still has these sweet strawberry ones that she purchased at a different time. I love buying sunglasses but not as much as shoes!! Looking forward to shopping for new ones this year...

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Share-in-Style : Scarf...

What a horrible weekend. I have been knocked off my feet with a cold. Sore throat, achy bones, runny nose the works!! The weather is so cold at the minute too so not much fun going on around here. Another dusting of snow last night too.

This weeks theme over at Mis Papelicos Share-in Style blog hop is scarfs so what better excuse to wrap up warm!?! Big scarf's woolly tights and comfy boots is called for...

Day off from the gym today. Hot lemon and bed rest me thinks...

What I wore~

  • Dress : c/o Landsend
  • Scarf : Primark
  • Tights :Primark
  • Boots : c/o Shoetique 

Also linking up here ~ Weekend Snapshots, Creative Mondays, Manic MondayBlog hops here

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Black Jumper And Ripped Jeans Kinda Day...

 How cold was it yesterday!?!

I popped back up to the gym for my 2nd day of a spinning classes. I am being good!?! apart from the biscuits when I got home, and the remaining Christmas chocolates... Boy can I tell today that I have done them! 2 spinning classes in 2 days...When I have not been in a while... Love how the gym is full in January, with everyone wanting to get back into shape after Christmas. Come February it will be a lot easier to get into classes.

Thankfully I got in from my run home just before it poured it down with rain. Phew!! In the afternoon it was even trying to snow. I was so cold. Wearing a nice cosy jumper and the heat tuned up always helps...

What I wore ~ 

  • Black Jumper : Primark.
  • Blue Jeans : Abercrombie and Fitch.
  • Bright Pink Shoes : Primark.
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Share-in-Style: Masculine Look..

I was not sure of this weeks Share in Style theme over at Mis Papelicos blog this week so I just got a post ready of something I had wore in December. This morning when I popped over I noticed it was 
Share-in-Style: Masculine Look!! Who'd have known I would have got it right without knowing, lol...

What I Wore : Blouse : F&F Tesco | Waistcoat : Wrangler | Trousers : Primark | Shoes : Primark

Linking my outfit up with ~ Share-in-Style

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Happy New Year...

Happy New Year everyone...

Just a quick post today sharing some of my favourite pictures this year. These pictures were taken in Victoria Embankment Nottingham, such a beautiful park when I reviewed this dress on my other blog Clairejustineoxox {kaliko dress review} earlier this year.

What I wore :

Dress : c/o Kaliko
Shoes : Irregular Choice
Bag : Cath Kidston
Sunglasses : Primark

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The One Where It Snowed On Boxing Day : Over 40's Snow Style..

Hi everyone, hope you have all had a lovely Christmas?

We have had an amazing few day. Oldest son home from university,  lots of yummy food, quality family time and the best present of all is watching the children's faces as they open their Christmas presents!

All 4 of them = Priceless...

To top off a special few days the snow arriving on Boxing day was perfect. We went straight out in the dark to play, just in case it disappeared by morning! but it did not... Lots of playing outside, walking to the shops plus freezing cold feet and finger. I'm sure the children don't feel it!! They would stay out and play in it for hours if I let them...

I am wearing this outfit today as we went around the shops for a spot of sale shopping. Not going to far away in the snow but I picked up some nice new make-up and a beautiful dress from Dorothy Perkins { I will show you later in the week when I share my bargains}. For now its another play in the snow, whilst its still here. Oh my it is so tiring trying to walk in it though. 2 miles walk to the shops was so much like hard work, it was like a hour ice-skating for me... Think I might try and get a 5 minutes sleep if the children let me...

What I wore~

Coat : (*) Gray & Osbourn
Jumper : Lee Cooper
Scarf :Primark
Jeggings : Primark
Posh Wellies : (*) Lotus
Bag : Primark
Hat : Christmas present : New Look

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Summer Flashback ...


 This is one of my favourite dress review from the summer 2014. Here is a few more pictures from a warm summers day when I was wearing it. After all this cold weather I am dreaming of long summer nights and chilling on the garden...

What I wore | Sunglasses : Primark | Dress : c/o Kaliko | Shoes : c/o Cheekyshoes

Youtube | Shoes : Irregular Choice | Bag : Cath Kidston

Now I am layering it for Winter...

What was your favourite item from summer?

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Posh Wellies...

My favourite clothes to wear with Posh Wellies...

Over 40's style...
  1. Bright coloured tights and above the knee dress/skirts.
  2. Leggings, patterned ones can be so much fun to wear with a plain long jumper.
  3. Jeggings and a long shirt.
  4. Calf length skirt with a fitted shirt.
  5. Skinny jeans with a long shirt and short jumper.
  6. Denim dress and over sized scarf.
This look is my favourite one, I have wore it loads over the last few weeks...

What I wore | Dress : Primark | Cape : Primark | Handbag : Primark | Posh Wellies : C/o Lotus Shoes

What do you like to wear with wellies?

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No Pain No Gain...

Yesterday I woke up in pain. Not just any pain, self inflicted pain from a exercise class. 

Now I love classes at the gym, throw a spinning, body fit, pilates, fit ball class at me any time and I love to take part but this class was different. A 20 minutes class called meta fit, how hard could it be!?! 

I know I will book a hours yoga class for after I thought' to get some workouts in. Usually the classes are always busy, after one class people stay in for another but not this time. I should have known then when everyone started to pile out the class. Hay ho there was only 3 of us. 

'Have you ever done this before?' the fitness Instructor asked. "no never" I said. Oh right, she said "all you have to do is remember it is only 20 minutes long and keep this in your mind". I should have ran then when I could, lol. 

The next 20 minutes was the hardest I have ever worked out in my life. From star jumps to laying on the floor, bends squats to running on the spot, with only 8 seconds rest in between was the toughest workout I have ever done. In a sick kind of way I loved it and will be looking for this class again. Yesterday and today I hurt, hurt so much. I am kinda proud of this pain, as they say 'no pain no gain!!' My family think it is so funny how I can't walk from 20 minutes exercise...Hehe...

What I Wore | Coat : c/o Gray & Osbourn | Scarf : Primark | Gloves :Sportsworld | Dress : c/o Landsend | Tights : Primark | Boots : c/o Shoetique | Bag : Primark

What exercise make you hurt like mad the next day?

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