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Monday, 17 March 2014

Reflections In My Sunglasses...

It has been an amazing sunny day yesterday and I managed to get loads of washing done. ( Can you see the washing in my sunglasses in my garden selfie? lol)

So board doing housework we got dressed up and had a nice long walk to the train station. We had lots of fun going to Nottingham, around the shops then meeting my husband from work.

First up on our walk to the train station we played a little game. We gave each other 5 clues to guess a famous person. Me up first-
  1. He is green...
  2. He loves a pig...
  3. He has been kidnapped and a bad person in his place... 
  4. We had our photo took in Meadowhall outside the pictures with him yesterday...
  5. He loves the pig so so much!!
My son chirps up I guested it... its daddy!!! What who loves a pig? gee thanks!!

Haha.. not even a clue it was Kermit the frog!!

On the train we had at run for a table, just managed to get it before 2 lads..yeah ... we won... a man on the next seat , laughed and said bad look boys...

Then all the way my kid ripped me with the jokes ~

My mums so ugly she ...

My mums so big she...

My mums so thick she...

Making lots of silly but some quite cleaver jokes up,,, all in fun, I'm sure they watch to much tv!!


Top~ Republic
Scarf~Petticoat lane market
Jeans~ Citizens Of Humanity Selfridges
Shoes~  Converse

What have you been up to this weekend?

Enjoying the sunshine?

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Sunday, 2 February 2014

What I Wore...

It has been so cold this week and I have been layering up to keep warm. With snow in the week but only a snow shower, it has been really cold. Warm and cosy jumpers ready for when I've done my runs, swimming and cross training, here is a few of the layering up I have wore this week...

Jumper ~ Sports Direct
Jeans ~ Sports Direct

Dress~ Lands End
Long sleeve t-shirt ~ Primark

Jumper ~ Sports Direct

Sweatshirt ~ Republic
Waist coat ~ Republic

Onesie ~ The all in one company

Hope you are all staying warm? 

Have you been layering up too? 

Or do you live somewhere nice and warm?

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Share Your Style Saturday : Walk In Matlock...

A few weeks back me and my husband hopped on the train from Nottingham for a walking day out in Matlock.

We got of the train at Matlock Baths and walked along the country lanes to Matlock town centre, stopping to take in some of the breath taking views along the way. We well earned the big bag of fish and chips, hot chocolate and chocolate chip muffin at the end of our walk!!


Body warmer ~ Republic
Blouse ~ Peacocks via Charity shop
Jeans ~ Abercrombie and Fitch
Trainers ~ Reebok

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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Guess Whos Back, Back Again!!

Outfit ~

Top ~ Republic

Jeans ~ Abercrombie And Finch

Shoes ~ Crocs

This morning me, my husband and our 10 year old son manage a to go the weekly park run event which I mention last week that my son was after winning me. My husband has this weekend off work so along with lots of party plans for my daughters birthday tomorrow, we all manage to sneak a park run in first.

My son had me in his sights this morning and he manage to win me on the 5k race, taking me on the last lap,,bless him!! I really do need to train harder now lol..

After the race we picking a cooked breakfast each for us to eat at home, one on the princess's wish lists!! ( which really wont help me loose some body fat ) but never mind it tasted so good.

After showered and breakfast next stop pictures to see Despicable Me 2, was the first showing today and my children love this film, I had only watched clips from the first one but really enjoyed the film too.

 Lots of popcorn and sweets later a trip to Matalan to pick my middle son a new prom suit up, a party dress for the birthday girl and a new white jacket for me :)

Tomorrow is my daughters birthday so lots of cakes to plan, balloons to blow up and pass the parcels to wrap,, eek I need to go for another run now as I'm hyped up on popcorn, ice cream and jellies from todays trip!!

Whats your favourite pop corn? sweet, toffee or salted?

I bet you can guess mine? toffee it is the sweetest :)

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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

What I Wore Wednesday:A Day in London...

Been a long time since I did my "What I Wore Wednesday post" so I thought I would start as I mean to go on and join back in again....

On saturday we took a day trip to London on the train...

Me and two of my children in Regent's Park...

What I'm Wearing
Republic Gilet
Marks and Spencer Jumper
Republic Jeans
Reebok Trainers

And in the Zoo my Monkey suit...

After a busy day in the parks and Zoo a long walk back to the train station...

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Friday, 20 May 2011

Something For The Men...

My son ordered some great thing from Republic last night as they have a big sale on but forgot to ask his Dad if he wanted anything.So I pop down to see what they had in and they've got some great thing at bargain prices...

Got some men's shirt down  from £24-99 to £5-00...

Men's t-shirts down from £19-99 to £5-00...

And I did try to be good and not buy anything but....

Ladies vest tops down from £5-99 to £2-00...

Bargains or what?

As I had other shopping to carry this is all I could buy today but hubby said he will take me back after work as I need something new for going out!!!!..... :)

Just hope they have what I really wanted left  in store as they were very busy
got to be quick at these prices.....


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