Black And White Zebra Scarf Necklace : Perfect For A Day In Bakewell...

A few weeks ago I was sent some lovely scarf necklaces from the BHS Spring Summer 2014 collection. I was asked to styled them up on our days out. This week I am featured over on the BHS blog with the lovely Fritha from Tiger Lilly Quinn, sharing our outfits.

First outfit for a lovely day out walking around Bakewell. Dressed smartly, yet fit for purpose I was ready for a day out in the Peak District. I styled this black and white zebra print one with a red tunic, black and white shrug, black shiny leggings and some red lace up boots.

We love Bakewell, the fish and chips taste amazing. Always to full to try a battered Mars bar though!! Have you tried one? They sound so yummy..

We always sit by the river for lunch. Such a lovely peaceful spot even on busy days...

Something so relaxing about having a nice walk around the river...

A cake from the Bakewell pudding shops are also a must!!


Scarf necklace ~ c/o BHS
Tunic ~ Asda
Shrug ~ carboot sale
Leggings ~ matalan
Shoes ~Longsdale

Bakewell is our favourite, get away for the day and relax place. 

Where is your favourite place to walk and relax?

About this post~

I was asked to style some of the new scarf necklaces from BHS for the point of this review. All thoughts are my own honest opinion and I did not get paid for this post ...

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Share-In- Style : Red

Wow apart from the last 2 days the weather has been gorgeous. We have been very spoilt. The children have been none stop on the trampoline and enjoying the warm weather. Now with plans to get the garden straight and lawn mowed this weekend it has been raining, typical!!

I love this maxi dress.

 I picked it up in the January sales from Bhs and have been patiently waiting for the summer to wear it.

It goes perfectly with this lovely red beaded scarf necklace . 

I teamed it up with cute flat ballet shoes to go out on a lovely shopping trip with all the children.


Dress ~ Bhs
Scarf necklace ~ c/o Bhs
Shoes ~ c/o Cheekyshoes

Now hopefully the sun will be back out for the bank holiday weekend!?!

What are everyone's plans?

Mine is to have lots of family fun with the children and husband, starting with taking my daughter on a run :)

Linking up with Mis Papelicos for Share-in-Style and this week theme is red...

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Allusions Scarf Necklace At BHS...

I am a huge fan of scarves and love my necklaces. When I heard you could buy a combination of the two, I was intrigued. A 'scarfnecklace' who stocks them? Would they go with any of my clothes? How much are they? I was pleased then that BHS sent me some to try. I would soon find out if they were up my street or not.

To celebrate the launch a new line of Allusions jewellery and scarf necklace, BHS wanted some people to give them a whirl in real life situations. Lucky me..

Having 4 children my outfits are usually thrown together, needing to be comfy practical and ready for anything. Certainly when they were babies scarves and necklaces were stored away. Nothing round the neck which an infant can pull is a given. Now my youngest is 8 the odd scarf and necklace has started making an appearance. When these arrived I gave these a run out on a few different day trips. Quick and easy to add to an outfit, giving you a touch of glamour in a hurry.

First up a lovely day out walking around Bakewell. Dressed smartly, yet fit for purpose I was ready for a day out in the Peak District. I styled this black and white zebra print one with a red tunic, black and white shrug, black shiny leggings and some red lace up boots.

Next up a family day out to the Seaside. Lots of walking, out to the beach etc I styled this pink scarf necklace with a flowered tunic, white denim jacket, super fun ripped jeans and trendy pumps.

Finally a shopping trip.

I love this maxi dress I picked it up in the January sales from BHS and it goes perfectly with this red bead scarf necklace . I teamed it up with cute flat ballet shoes (which are hiding under the dress), lovely for a shopping trip with all the children..

I am loving the new range of Allusion scarfs and cannot wait to style some more on the blog over the next few months... watch this space ...

About this post~

I was asked to style some of the new scarf necklaces from BHS for the point of this review. All thoughts are my own honest opinion and I did not get paid for this post ...
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My Instagram Week In Fashion...

I love taking pictures and posting them Instagram so today I'm sharing what has been happening over there for me...

Sunshine has got me wearing some shoes I re-fashion, upcycled last week. You may have notice I have gone a little mad lately up-cycling thing? So many idea, I wish there was more hours in the day!!

And as the sun was shining it would be rude not to wear them when I had just finished them!?! ...

My new up-cycled vest and scarf (that I posted yesterday) made from my sons t-shirt he did not want, made one out of an old running top top too, great for running in the sunshine this morning when I ran 14 miles...

How beautiful packaged my scarf's came from School Gate Style....

My Irregular Choice shoes that I got for Christmas came out of the box now its nice weather...

Mini me going on a run to the park with her dad,,,, awww...

How amazing are the bottom of the Irregular choice shoes, I so do not like to wear them, as they are lovely...

On Tuesday wearing one of my School Gate Style scarf's, can not wait to share the other one but after my run today I am so tired and lazy to get dresses up! I am now eatting a big chocolate muffin and I do not care, hehe....

Button and bows upcycled shoes I made this week, taking forever to do the pictures and tutorial, so will be on the blog next week.

And lastly I brought some green mans jeans for my son in the Jack & Jones sales for £10.00 a few years ago. A complete bargain, I though but he never liked the colour. He asked me a few weeks ago to put them in the charity bag, and I came up with an idea. Cut them way down as my son is over 6ft tall, bleach stars and lines down them and wear them as 3/4 jeans... Love them... another tutorial to look out for?

Are you on instagram?

What has your week in pictures been about?
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How I Will Be Wearing My Next Paralympics GB Supporters’ Scarf....

The lovely people at Next have sent me one of their official Paralympics GB Supporters’ Scarves and want to know how I will be wearing it.

The scarves have been designed by Next as part of their support for London 2012 and are the must have item of the summer!(All profits from the sale of the scarves will be donated to the British Olympic Association - helping British Olympic and Paralympic athletes deliver their best performance at London 2012 and beyond)

Here is some way's  how I will be wearing the scarf....

And using it to shout them on....

Want to try and win some great prizes?

The ‘Wear it, Wave it and Win’ prize draw on the Next website where people can upload photos of themselves wearing the supporters’ scarves and win some great prizes, including London 2012 tickets kindly donated by the BOA/ visit there website to buy your scarfs and upload your photos click here 

What Next say about the scarf

Next are proud to present the historic Must Have Item for the 2012 Olympic Games a stylish scarf.

However you wish to wear it, the Must Have Item is more than a piece of attire. It is a piece of British history, a memento for you and of one of Britain’s greatest teams.

It has been designed as a tribute to Team GB and this is reflected in the nine hundred athletes that are shown on the scarf. The detail and preparation that has been applied to the scarf represents the detail and preparation that every athlete puts into their training throughout their lifetime.

Thousands of symbols create an overall picture of the powerful Team GB lions head. The 60 hands within the design signify one for each of the million supporters. The 900 hearts, figures and stars are for the athletes we love, the athletes themselves and to show each one is a star.

Every scarf will have the XXX symbol to proudly show Great Britain is the only country to ever hold three Olympic Games. 14 Paralympic lion heads will humbly sit among the design to state the 14th Paralympian games that this Must Have Item celebrates too.

This multi lingual scarf, appeals to everyone who wants to be involved within the Games, regardless of their nationality or heritage. All four countries that make up our nation are embodied within the design by a British Rose, Welsh Daffodil, Irish Flax Bush and Scottish Thistle.

More frequently used symbols such as telephone boxes, minis, London taxis and London buses all help create a sense of location, while not forgetting the M1 to show that this Olympics is involving the whole country.

All Olympic sports are represented in the scarf design. This is shown through figures running or fencing, cycling and rowing. It might be an archery board or sailing boat. Each and every sport can be viewed in the scarf, as each and every Olympic sport will be taking place in Great Britain.

For those you who like a challenge there is one map of Great Britain hidden in the complex design. See if you can find it!

The Must Have Item can either be a fashion accessory, a great piece of artwork or even a fun game to play. But whatever its use it is a piece of history to keep and something we can all be proud to wear.

The scarf can be bought for £10 and is 90x90cm, it also comes in a smaller 50x50cm size, priced £5 and can be bought in any Next store.

About this post...

I got sent one of the small scarves for this review and was not paid for this post....
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