Snow Boogie Polar Bear and Penguin Inflatable Tube Sledges from Snow Boogie Review....

My youngest children have been asking when will the snow arrive? every morning for what seems like forever!! " when is the snow coming mum, when when when? "soon I always reply. In fact the only morning they did not ask was Christmas Day. We cannot afford that expense everyday to keep them from asking. So with that in mind I was especially glad to receive the Snow Boogie Penguin to Review.

Now whenever they ask, I just tell them to get sitting in the penguin and get practising, once they are fully confident in the Penguin the snow will arrive.It certainly keeps them quiet!! Although if we do not see any snow this winter, it may cost me a trip up to Scotland to find some!!!

Every year when the snow does come we rush out to buy a sledge and usually get left with the ones nobody wants, or just a piece of cardboard not this year. We have the Snow Boogie Penguin!!

About the Snow Boogie Penguin and Polar Bear Inflatable Tube Sledges

Kids can have fun on the slopes like never before with the cool new penguin and polar bear sledges. The adorable 44" inflatable snow tubes are made of durable, cold resistant PVC vinyl to ensure that you can ride the penguin or polar bear all the way to the bottom of the slope as many times as you like! Filled with air, the inflatable sledges offer a slick and speedy, but cushioned ride all the way down. Two soft grip handles ensures that kids are safe and comfortable when the snow tubes are in use. Sledging has never been so much fun.

The sledges are also great for homes with little storage. Once the snow has gone, you simply deflate the sledges and put them back in the box. At just 29cm by 15cm, the box easily stores away for next year.

The Snow Boogie Penguin and Polar Bear Inflatable Tube Sledges are so lovable, the kids are likely to get attached to their favourite animal sledge. If they want to keep them out after the snow is gone, they are also great for indoor use as comfy, bouncy seats for kids bedrooms. Made from strong PVC, they are easy to keep clean as well.

The sledges are very durable, but if they do get a puncture, they come with two patches for a quick fix and they are ready to use again.

They are suitable for ages 4+ and can take riders up to 54kg.

Available in Penguin or Polar Bear..

What I think of the Snow Boogie Penguin

The Snow Boogie Inflatable Sledge looks a fun idea.My imagination was that it would be like a cycle inner tube and puncture easily. Having looked at it though I was surprised how strong the PVC looked.Although you do get a couple of patches just in case. The kids really like it and have been asking when they can use it.They have been practising their snow moves and having fun playing on it.I think this looks great and at around £12-99 is an excellent price, all we need now is the snow to really test them.

Will update more photos and how it works in the snow once it has arrived.

Price: @ around £12.99 RRP

We was sent a Snow Boogie Penguin to Review and was not paid for this post....
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