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Sunday, 2 February 2014

What I Wore...

It has been so cold this week and I have been layering up to keep warm. With snow in the week but only a snow shower, it has been really cold. Warm and cosy jumpers ready for when I've done my runs, swimming and cross training, here is a few of the layering up I have wore this week...

Jumper ~ Sports Direct
Jeans ~ Sports Direct

Dress~ Lands End
Long sleeve t-shirt ~ Primark

Jumper ~ Sports Direct

Sweatshirt ~ Republic
Waist coat ~ Republic

Onesie ~ The all in one company

Hope you are all staying warm? 

Have you been layering up too? 

Or do you live somewhere nice and warm?

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Too The Short Of It...


Top ~ Matalan 

Shorts ~ Next 

Shoes ~ Crocs

Wow I am loving this weather, it is amazingly hot for a change. The only problem is apart from not being able to sleep at night is I cant be bothered to do any work in the day!! it makes me lazy. This weather makes me want to lay on a beach somewhere nice, especially when you smell the suntan lotion!! mmm coconuts!!

Aw last week I was so excited to win this lovely simmering and glittering collection of Avon make up from Ojos World. Cosmic eyeshadows, nailwear pro+ nail polish and some mascara, I have been spoilt!!

 I love anything that glitters, shimmers or sparkles and this weekend I have been having a yummy mummy in training pampering time :)

 It took me a while to deiced which nail polish to try first, because they are all great... then I went with the blue...


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