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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

What Are The Best Colour And Style Tops To Go With The Classic White Jeans?

A few weeks ago over on twitter F & F (Clothing At Tesco) had a twitter party where they was giving away
some gift vouchers to spend on new clothes. They were asking their followers to tweet using the hastag #SummerSOS and ask them your summer dilemma fashion question. They tweeted back an answer to help you out with your fashion question and also entered you into the draw for a prize.

Here is what they tweeted...

F&F ‏@FandFclothing"Watch our video with fashion expert @AngelaButtolph. We'll be solving your style dilemmas live on Tuesday. #SummerSOS"

I have a few pair of white trousers and never ever wear them. Thing is with light trousers is I am never sure of what to wear with them. So my question was...

"What are the best colour/style top to go with the classic white jeans? I have 2 pair never wore @FandFclothing @AngelaButtolph #SummerSOS"

I got this very helpful reply ..

Hi @Clairejustineo. Update classic white jeans with SS14's neon shades. Shop #SummerSOS: here F&F and my personalised Vine message.

Later I received a message to say I had won a voucher to pick something on-line from there website. Yeah.. So here is all the tops I brought to go with my white jeans. Most of them were in the sale too so I got plenty of fun shirts, vests and a lovely t-shirt...

Now my question would be..

"which top first to wear with my white jeans!?! ;) 

Sharing my winning post over at the Share-in-Style at Mis Papelicos as this weeks theme is white..

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Going Dotty For Cotton...

Headband ~ Primark
Shirt ~ F and F Tesco
Skirt ~ Primark
Shoes ~ Crocs
Trying to wear more cotton as the hotter days are not good for me wearing polyester clothing as I am allergic to it. This outfit is perfect being 100% cotton, just what the doctor ordered!!.
What is it when you see a cute little dress in the sale at a great price makes you forget your allergic to something? Maybe its just me with an eye for a bargain but I have lots of clothes I cant wear during the summer months.
Its not too great when it comes to running everything suitable for exercise is polyester or a form of polyester, sports bra, sock and mostly legging. I have managed to buy a few new 100% cotton tops for running which I am very pleased with...

This one is from the sweater shop and I have it in red white and blue, not sure the writing is to clear for running though as my friend thought it said I <3 plumbing!!

Also my son brought me this one on his 19th birthday which I thought was so sweet of him to buy me something on his birthday!!

Also have my eye on this little number for the Robin Hood Half Marathon, think it might be to predictable?

What are you loving in the summer?

Mine is anything cotton!!

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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Triple Polka Dots...


Polka dot shirt ~ Tesco F & F
Belt ~ New Look ~ via Car Boot Sale
Skirt ~ Car Boot Sale
Shoes ~ Cath Kidston

Not 1, not 2 but triple polka dots for me yesterday!!

You may have guessed I love polka dots so I tried mixing them up for a spot of shopping. With a mile and half walk in town to catch the train into Nottingham to meet my husband from work, I needed comfy shoes on too.

When you have no spare money you see lots of things you want to buy then when you have some you do not see nothing!! yesterday I tried to spend the rest of my birthday money!?!

 Tried but my husband paid, yeah I'm not complaining I still have my money for another day!!

 I brought lots of little things including my new sweet Care bear Pjs lol

We let the kids decide where they wanted to eat, so we ended up in MacDonald's for a big Mac and chocolate milkshake...

After a walk round the shops we jumped into the car to watch my eldest son run a track race in Derby, yeah I watched my 2 oldest boys run this week, and on Wednesday my youngest son has been invited to a fastest kid in town race so I cant wait to watch this too...

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Whats everyone been up to this weekend?

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

London Marathon Thought, Sunburn And Pale Legs!!!


Dress ~ Next via The British Heart Foundation Charity Shop
Shoes ~ Tesco

Not only are my legs in pain from the London marathon I have sun burned painful shoulders!!

I trained hard all Winter thought the snow, rain, wind even the snow  came back up to a few weeks ago, for it to be a wonderful sunny day in London on Sunday and forgot to take suntan lotion!!

Sunday was amazing, the crowds were amazing, the atmosphere was amazing and the water stations were amazing.

The whole experience from where to leave your bag to finding family at the end of the race was perfect.

Thing that will stick in my mind forever-

Leaving my children and husband to go to the start

The amazing crowds cheering you on for 26 miles

Children wanting to give you high fives

People giving you sweets,bananas, oranges and even chicken nuggets

Knees going at 13 miles

The crowds going wild at the end cheering you on

Seeing my husband and 2 youngest children happy and sad at the end because I was crying and they were proud of me

A stranger stopping me in London to tell me how proud I should be and how fantastic I am

People looking at you funny when going home because you cant walk straight line

Legs so painful I can't walk down stairs and Sunburn the next day!!

The painful look on my face on nearly all the official photos, surely I looked fresh somewhere?

Can't wait to try and get in for next year race :)

Now wheres the fake suntan lotion? ,,, my legs need to catch up!!

Im on the shortlist for the BIB style award, Please please vote for me :):):)


Thursday, 28 March 2013

Spring Is On Its Way, Right?...

Outfit | Earrings ~ My old shop | Top ~ Kiss collection £3-00 | Skirt ~ Primark |
 | Tights ~ Primark | Shoes F&F Tesco | Nail Polish ~ Avon

Don't you just love it when you find a pair of shoes hiding in your waredrobe what you brought in the sales a few months back that you had forgot u even brought? I can remember buying 3 pair of shoes at Christmas for £5-00 a pair but could not even remember this style!!

 Maybe it's because of all the snow and bad weather? or just because I've been wearing boots for the last 3 months? oh well its like hitting the sales again without having to pay out :)

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Bargain Boots And Birds....

 After feeling sorry for myself having a really bad headache and feeling weak like I am fighting a cold, I got out of my lounge ware and smartened my self up today. Wearing my bird shirt I picked up from Primark a few weeks ago and my new boots I picked up from Tesco on line on Monday (which were delivered to store).

 These boots must are my bargain of the week as my husband spotted them for me after seeing a deal on Hotdeals website for £5-00. We had them delivered to store and when I was there I noticed they are still priced up at £25-00 whoop whoo such a bargain and the feel so comfy to wear...

Top - Primark
Jeans - Abercrombie and Fitch
Boots -Tesco online

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Friday, 14 September 2012

Tesco Family Perks Package...

On Saturday we had a wonderful surprise parcel from the lovely people at Tesco

As a busy mum with teenage kids they wanted to send me a gift along with some information about new "Family Perk package".This is a new initiative intended to make life easier for families.

About the Family Perk package

The idea is to help busy families by offering a single mobile phone bill for up to five handsets.Not only that,but you just need to have two handsets on the same contract to qualify,with each member of the family then able to choose one of the following perks-

500 minutes to Tesco Mobile phones
150 extra minutes to any network
250 MB of extra data

For more details you can visit Tesco Mobile

I think this sounds a great package and is definitly something we will look into.As a family of 6 we already have 4 mobile phone users in the house,3 of which are already on different contract with money coming out at different times of the month.

They sent us a gift that would bring together value to family life as this is really the key behind Tesco's Mobile's new Family Perk package. After reading the letter I couldn't wait to open my gift.

I was very please with what was inside our gift we got sent

A packet of chocolate fingers - Yummy these didn't hang around too long...

A 500 free days out guide - This will come in very handy as were always hopping out on the train for days out...

£10-00 Costa gift card -  Saving this on for a special treat when we next go out on the train for a day out we will all have our favourite hot chocolate...

Little Red Press,Keep Calm And Make A List Diary - I'm always making lists and loosing them!!...

Little Red Press ,Put On Your Lippy And Smile make up bag - Great because I am always chucking lipstick in my bag and can never find them either...

A mobile phone emergency charger - This will come in very handy as when we go out on the train I'm forever wasting my battery then realise I may need my phone once its out of charge..

A £10-00 Tesco gift card - I will remember this day at Christmas as I'm off to pick treats up now as I've noticed they have just started doing tin of chocolate that we can all share...

Thank you Tesco we love our gift :)

About this post-I got sent this gift from Tesco and I decided to post about this,I was not paid for this post and all thoughts are my own honest opinion


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