Lego Simpsons Mini Figures Series 2...

My son has been saving up his money for the last few months. In readiness to buy the new Lego Simpsons Series 2 mini figures. He bought all the Series 1 figures over a 6 month spell last year.
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Clairejustineoxox : Top Posts Of 2014...

Happy New Year everyone. Just a quick post today to share my 4 most view posts of 2014 with you.

1.) What I wore Diamond League. What an amazing day!!

2.) Tom Tom Cardio Watch Review. My new best friend again now Christmas is over...

3.) Bop It Beats Review { love this game} 

4.) Creative Mondays !! My favourite blog hop of the week!

So here is my top viewed posts. What are your most viewed posts this year?

Don't forget Creative Mondays starts back this week and you can still link up here 

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Pound The Alarm...

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Bop It Beats! From Hasbro Gaming : Review ...

Bop it!
Spin it!
Scratch it! 
Flip it!
Reverse it!

My daughter and I have been having lots of fun testing out the new Bop It Beats game this week, from Hasbro Gaming. How cool is this DJ style turntable? The principle is the same as the original games, with a whole new makeover and musical twist.

As you may have guessed from the picture above, we are big fans of all the Bop it games. Having 4 children ranging from 9 to 20 years old, they all have enjoyed fun bop it games over the years. Mum and dad always love joining in with the fun too!!

Everyone used to argue whose turn it was, my eldest son being the first to clear the original Bop it. We often ended up buying more than one of each model to save on tantrums!

The new Bop It 'Beats' is so much fun, think original Bop it crossed with a fun DJ style twist. The aim of the game is still the same, to see who can get the highest score by following the instruction being told. The music plays and you are the DJ.

Start the game by hitting the bop it button on the side. Nicki Minaj music ,'Pounds the alarm' starts to play. Then follow the instruction being shouted out.

Bop it!
Spin it!
Scratch it! 
Flip it!
Reverse it!

As the game goes on the difficult level increases. There are 5 game modes~Classic, Classic Party, DJ, DJ Party or Remix. To change the games, slowly turn the turntable before you start, to choose which one you want to play.

Classic game

Starts off nice and easy, then the speed increases and the reverse and repeat commands are added.

Classic Party game

Same as the classic game but you can have more players, simply pass it over to your friend when the command says so. Perfect for a party game!!

DJ game

This is a game of memory, follow the instructions he will tell you the moves and you don't start until he says go!! This is such a fun game on the memory!! Aww it gets harder as it goes on too..

DJ Party game 

The Dj game you can play with friends. Pass it over on command ...

 Remix game

Freestyle mode, have fun practising all the modes, flipping it and seeing the Bop it light up...

Me and my daughters favourite game is the classic and DJ party games, so we can play together. I ended up waiting for my 4th child to have one who just enjoys playing, not caring if they win or lose. Fun is the name of the game. If my boys are reading take note?! Hubby too...

To change the level simply press the bop it button to turn the turntable around slowly to pick a new game.

About Bop it beats
  • Bop It! Beats game combines the classic Bop It! game with songs by your favorite musical artists.
  • Spin the turntable to win in the all-new Bop It! 
  • Beats game. Bop It! Beats is just like the classic game you know and love but with a funky hip-hop twist. Choose from five game modes and move fast to keep up with the action. Spin the disc clockwise, scratch it up, or reverse and spin the turntable when the game commands it. Go solo or gather some friends to see who's the real musical master. You can also co-operate and try to beat a high score together! With music by famous artists in the mix, and lots of challenging difficulty levels, Bop It
  • Beats is rockin' fun from start to finish. 
  • 5 game modes.
  • Classic, Classic Party, DJ, DJ Party or Remix.
  • Difficulty levels increase as the Classic and DJ games progress.
  • For kids aged eight and up.
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years old.
  • 1 or more players.
  • 3 x AAA batteries are required.
  • Batteries included.
  • Price £21.99

About this post-

I got sent this Bop it Beats for review.

All thoughts are my own honest opinion and I did not get paid for this post ...

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Twister Rave Skip It : Review...

This morning me and my daughter has been reviewing Twister rave skip it. We had lots of fun at the park trying to master the moves. This games comes from one of the biggest toy companies in the world - Hasbro gaming range.

About Twister Rave Skip~

The longer you go, the more you'll glow with this fun Twister Rave Skip It game. Simply put the hoop on one leg and swing the Skip It while you hop over it. To keep it going you have to move your foot forward and backwards. The colours glow as you skip, and when all 4 colours glow, you've made it. With 4 colours and more than 20 light patterns, you can light it up to level up with Twister Rave Skip It. Once you stop moving though, you go back to the start and try again.

What me and my daughter thought of the game~

We was looking forward to trying the Twister Rave Skip It out as it was not a game we were familiar with. Anything that has the word Twister in gets my daughters attention straight away as she loves the original game but then again who does not? First thing first, we open the game and placed our batteries inside (requires 3 AAA batteries which are not included). Then we found somewhere flat with plenty of room to move. The park was the best choice for practising, the sun was out and plenty of room!

Up first mum, I needed to try so I could show my daughter what to do and who would not want a piece of the fun!?!. I placed it over my foot, so glad the hoop is adjustable to go over bigger feet too. After my first go I thought I'm to old, I will never get it. After 5 goes I was on a roll, it was really fun once you got it going around. I found it work best with my leg moving forward and backwards, it really helps you get into the swing of things.

My daughter simple placed the hoop onto one leg and swung the Skip It around. She took a little longer than me to master it. For some reason she had it in her mind to run forward to so it took a little time to get the thoughts in that you stand in the same place. One we master it we felt like we had done a work out, so home for a rest before we go out later for round 2. Soon we will be ready for competition time!!

You need a little coordination for this game, which does come in time, even for someone my age...

What you need to know~
  • The game is light up skipping fun
  • Rave Skip It lights up in 4 colours as you swing it and hop over it.
  • Not to be used in complete darkness.
  • 20+ light patterns.
  • 3 AAA batteries required (not included)
  • Only use on flat surfaces.
  • Don't stop or the Skip It resets.
  • Coordinate your leg speed with the speed of the swing.
  • Only to be used around ankle, never use on arm.
  • Age range 6-14 recommend.
  • RRP : £19.99

About this post~

I was sent the Twister Rave Skip It game for the point of this review. All thoughts are my own honest opinion and I was not paid for this post...
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Hula Happy Challenge with Total Greek Yoghurt...

Over at Total Greek yoghurt's Facebook page they are challenging people to see how long they can keep a hula hoop twirling around their waist.

They sent me 3 hula hoops so we can join in the challenge trouble is I can only manage 10 seconds at the minute!! and I've been trying all weekend... Bet you can do better than me...

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Silent Sunday...

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Peg Dolls Fun Craft Challenge....

I've been thinking of some craft ideas to do with the children this weekend when my mum reminded me of the peg dolls we use to make when I was little.Pinterest is great for finding new ideas and over the next few day me and the kids will be making lots of girl and boy peg dolls for my Creative Mondays hop!!

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Harry Potter Lego - The Night Bus Review From Littlewoods Review...

All my 3 boy's are fans of Harry Potter so when I was asked to review Lego The Night Bus from Littlewoods I thought it would be a lovely chance to get one of my older sons to make something with his younger brother...

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Snow Boogie Polar Bear and Penguin Inflatable Tube Sledges from Snow Boogie Review....

My youngest children have been asking when will the snow arrive? every morning for what seems like forever!! " when is the snow coming mum, when when when? "soon I always reply. In fact the only morning they did not ask was Christmas Day. We cannot afford that expense everyday to keep them from asking. So with that in mind I was especially glad to receive the Snow Boogie Penguin to Review.

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Last week on the Bananagrams challenge and we had to find word for the Christmas theme...
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This week on the Bananagrams Challenge we had to find things that are yellow....
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Bananagrams Blogger Battle Challenge 3

This weeks challenge is all about fruit! We had start our crossword with the word BANANAGRAMS and see how many fruits we could think of. 

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Bananagrams Challenge And Chance To Win....

I am taking part in a fun  Bananagrams challenge with my family creating crosswords.The first challenge is based on 'me and my family.I have to use words that describe my household,name,pets and interests, what we like for dinner, literally anything that gives a flavour of my life.
The only rule is that I have to start by using the word ‘BANANAGRAMS’.....

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Light Strike Review...

We have just been sent some Light Strike toy's to review.This is described as new super-cool interactive battle game from the WowWee makers of best selling toy,Paper Jamz and Robosapien.They sent us a box full of products that included 2 guns,4 different add on accessories and a Intelligent targeting system.
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Pudsey Bear Is Back In Build-A-Bear Workshop For Children in Need....

Pudsey and his Beary Best Friend....Blush Bear...Return to Build-A-Bear Workshop...
We have just been sent a Pudsey Bear teddy to review how excited was my little girl!! Below is a snippet about the Children in Need campaign from Build-A-Bear Workshop...

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Children In Need 2011...

BBC Children in Need have launched the designer Pudsey bear collection.The traditional Pudsey bear has had a makeover to raise money for the charity.The collection will be exhibited in Liberty,London from November 7-19 November 2011.Fancy geting your hands on a designer Pudsey bear?
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Lite Sprites Review....

Lite Sprites a new toy which myself and daughter are lucky enough to be sharing our thoughts on. We had never heard of Lite Sprites before and so decided to check out YouTube to see what they were all about.Once we watched the YouTube video we were really looking forward to them arriving as they look really good fun for my daughter (and myself) to play with.
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Micro-Scooters Review


We have just been asked by micro-scooters to review one of their Maxi Micro Scooters.The company run by two mums who have made scootering to school popular nationwide.They have scooters to suit every age group from three years and up - right through to adults who want to join their children on the school run or even commute to work. The ladies now work with the original Swiss company who developed Micro Scooters and advise them on ideas particularly for pre-schoolers.The scooter I picked to review is the Maxi Micro Limited Edition lime green t-bar.

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