Halloween Scare...

Trick or treat,
Smell my feet,
Give me something good to eat....

With only weeks away from Halloween, all the little witches, skeleton's, zombies, ghouls and ghosts 
will start to be appearing from nowhere. It has already found us going through my children's costumes to see which ones fits them or if we need to buy new ones.

We live on a very quiet street where not many people have children, plus it's very dark up here so we don't get many trick or treaters. Just around the corner there is always lots of people who really go to town dressing their children in all kinds of scary costumes and some make a real effort to decorate the outside of their house too.

My youngest two children love to dress up, as did their brothers when they were younger.They have fun scaring everyone. Once the children have came in from school they have a quick snack and get their scary costumes on. When the evening starts to turn to dusk I take them out a few hours trick or treating.

We only call to houses that have a pumpkin in the window or have decorated their houses up outside, this way we know they want us to call. My kids look forward to this fun months before, so I always try to make it exciting for them.

This is a picture of our favourite house we visit every year, they make so much of an effort it would be rude not to call....

Last year we took our camera with us as we were so excited to take some pictures. After calling at some houses we decided to take shots of there fun Pumpkins.

This Pumpkin scared and caused us all lots of stress !! 
and sure made everyone involved jump...

I thought this pumpkin was so good I took a picture. Once I had taken the picture the lady who lived in the house came out running towards me in all of a state.
I thought she was going to hit me !!
 "Where is it,where is it" she shouted !?!?
"It's here" I said shaking and looking down at my lovely camera...
"What!! not that the ambulance" she replied
Looking puzzled I said "There is no ambulance".
 "I was in my kitchen and I saw flashing lights" she replied
"I was only taking a picture of your cool Pumpkin"  I REPLIED
"Oh"she said calmly,turned around quietly and walked back inside.

This is when my children said "mum can we go home now".
I never took another picture that night, not sure if I will be taking my camera out this year...

They forgot about all the fuss once we got back home, shared out their sweets and ate lots of yummy party food....

Do your children love or hate Halloween?

About this post-thanks to the very kind people at Very who have sent my daughter Halloween costume she will be dressing as a Scarlet this year. I have not been paid for this post and all the contents of this post are true from last year...
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