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Saturday, 12 July 2014

June's outfit Round Up...

Wow how quickly has this June gone?

This post I got ready for the 1st of the month, but my oh my I forgot to post it!!

Another month flying by...

Already into July and nearly the school holiday..


Here is a round up of some of my June outfits.

Think I was loving the red Primark Jeggings...

Now where did I put them!!

Share-in-style was fruit.

Day in Bakewell

Was a great month...

Not long before a round up of the next month...

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

A Visit To Holland Park...

You know when you see something beautiful, dresses up amazing in the most wonderful colours?

You just have to film it!!

No not me, haha

The stunning peacocks...

Last week me and my husband had a rare day 'us time' and 'no children' in London. Thanks to my oldest son coming home from uni and taking his youngest brother and sister to and from school. 

First we went to find Holland Park. 

A park my husband had read about how lovely it is and wanted to see for himself.

They were right!!


Lots of wonderful things to see.

The waterfall and Peacocks being my favourite...

Can you see this fish?

Amazing how big they are!!

We had an amazing day walking around the parks and riding around London on the hire bikes...

What I wore~

Necklace ~ my old shop
Jacket~ Matalan
Shirt ~ New look
Jeans ~ Selfridges
Trainer ~ Pimped up Reeboks
Bag ~ Cath Kidston

Double denim eh, what do you think?

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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

I'm a True Believer...

Oh my the weather is so unsettled at the minute. 

First its lovely, then its torrential rain, now its just being so dull and overcast. 

Come on summer!! 

Show an appearance!!

We did get a lovely day last week and this is what I wore on the school run. 

Having to walk a 3 miles round trip (morning and afternoon) I do like to have comfy shoes on. 

These Nike trainer boots my husband brought me a few weeks back are perfect for the job.

In other news ~ 

What happens when it is a nice day and one of your favourite feel good songs starts playing on you CD player? 

 Sing at the top of your voice, of course!?!

Check first to see if the windows are closed! 


 Make sure their is no window clearer going up the ladder to clean next doors windows!!

Whoops FAILED again!

Think he was and looking around wondering where that horrible noise was coming!?!

Oh well, we get more embarrassing as we get older, don't we?

Or is it just me?

Might as well embrace it ;)

What I wore~

Top ~ Primark
Skirt ~ Pinched off my mum ( always great when your mum buys something new and it is to small!!:))
Trainer/boots ~ Nike

Now I leave you with the song I was singing to. 

Turn the volume up, open the window and sing to the next door neighbours window cleaner!?!

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Share-In- Style : Red

Wow apart from the last 2 days the weather has been gorgeous. We have been very spoilt. The children have been none stop on the trampoline and enjoying the warm weather. Now with plans to get the garden straight and lawn mowed this weekend it has been raining, typical!!

I love this maxi dress.

 I picked it up in the January sales from Bhs and have been patiently waiting for the summer to wear it.

It goes perfectly with this lovely red beaded scarf necklace . 

I teamed it up with cute flat ballet shoes to go out on a lovely shopping trip with all the children.


Dress ~ Bhs
Scarf necklace ~ c/o Bhs
Shoes ~ c/o Cheekyshoes

Now hopefully the sun will be back out for the bank holiday weekend!?!

What are everyone's plans?

Mine is to have lots of family fun with the children and husband, starting with taking my daughter on a run :)

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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Vintage Style With A Modern Twist...

Good morning everyone :)

I am up with the birds tweeting this morning and ready to go!!

You know when you have so much to do, and do not know where to start? well today is that day!!

I wore this outfit on a rainy day at the weekend.

We had a few hours spare so went to Medowhall shopping centre in Sheffield.

You know when you don't have money and see lots of things you want to buy? then when you have birthday money, burning a hole in your pocket but can not spend it?

Well that is what kind of day I had.

And to top things off I tried to buy a few pretty silver rings from a well known jewellery shop the day after. Another location but the staff was to busy chatting with friends to serve me, even though I had money in my hand!! So I had to walk out empty handed.

So I still have my birthday money to spend.

Now torn new rings ot new shoes?

I wore this dress on Saturday, as my husband mention it in a conversation.

He spotted a picture on Facebook and said-

"I've not seen you wear this dress in a while"

"You look lovely in this"

So off I toddled upstairs and went to pop it one ..


Scarf ~ Primark {new love this, can you see the little pink flamingos?}
Vintage style dress ~ c/o Sainsburys {about a year and half ago}
Shoes ~ Converse

Remember me saying I have so much to do today want to get done.

Well here goes~

Get children up, feed, lunch boxes done, to school.
Paint the downstairs toilet.
Gloss the coat rack.
Gloss the shoe rack.
Paint ceiling.
Paint the hallway.
Gloss the hallway.
Paint ceiling.
Get 2 more loads of washing done.
Get rest yesterdays washing dry {did 5 loads as its been raining a week}.
Go shopping { 3 miles walk, round trip } to buy some cool bits for down stairs toilet {wash basket, accessories ect}.
Have a look for something to spend my birthday money on.
Catch up with blog comments.
Build a trampoline.
Go a run.
Make dinner for everyone.
Visit parents.
Do an outfit post.
Do 99% of this list!

And all with cold water, mind you. 

Having to boil the kettle every time we want some hot water.

As the boiler man is still so called mending my boiler, charging me lots of money 4 weeks after I phoned him.

So hopeful he will arrive with a part he has been waiting 2 weeks for today too!?!

I can but hope..

Now to pop my old clothes on and start on the decorating...

Think I will pass on posting photos of these though, haha...

Have a good day :)

What are your plans today?

We all should be outside enjoying the sunshine really, it is beautiful outside today...

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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Pink Dress And Jelly Sandals...

Yesterday after a week of working really early mornings, my husband finished work and got home in time for us to have just over a hour to ourselves. 

Yeah a whole hour!

Before the school run to pick up the little 2...

So we got dressed up and went out for a nice and rare pub lunch together.

 April showers. Great eh? No!!

I wore my jelly shoes, no ruining these bad boys in the rain!!

And they are comfy too, result!!


Dress ~ Love Label

Shoes ~ Primark

Today over at Mis Papelicos blog hop, the theme is ~ Pink...

So I dressed in pink and now I'm ready link, hehe..

I love this blog hop so if you want to stop by, link up and find some great pink outfits from all over the world... Click the link above ...

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

My Birthday Over For Another Year...

Wow this weekend has just flown by!!

Yesterday I turned another year older!

Had too much good food and was spoilt to bits with a lovely afternoon shopping in Meadowhall.

Always a good idea to wear flat shoes when we go on a shopping trip with the kids though ...

Shame my fun day turned to a tunnel vision migraine at the end so I had to save my box of Kripy Kreme doughnuts till today..

I brought some lovely clothes (will share later in the week) and now have enough money to buy some fabulous shoes.

Only enough for 1 decent pair though, so should I go with a heeled pair of Irregular Choice or a cool pair of trainers, not ones to run in, cool ones to wear with jeans?

That is the question?

Or wait till the summer sales and buy both?


Dress ~ Primark (few years ago)
Shoes ~ c/o Cheeky Shoes (original ones)

Off to enjoy the sunshine now and do a spot of gardening .. How quickly has the grass grown!?!

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Butterflies on Primrose Hill...

What I Wore~

Dress/top ~ Matalan
Jeans ~  Abercrombie and Fitch
Shoes ~ Longsdale

Whoo I am in love with a park!!

All the times we have visited London and I had never been to Primrose Hill before. When we went to down to stay for a few nights for my marathon, we stopped by. My husband had a list of places we needed to visit, this was on top of his list.

The views over London were stunning, breathtaking and I can not wait to visit again!!

This one is on top of my places you have to visit when going to London now. Have you been before? We even went to London zoo a few times last year, and missed it.

How could we? it is only just across the road!!

Today I am so tired, I have done so much but also so happy. My husbands day off so we went out for the day to Bakewell. A rare evening out at the pub too.

 I have found out today I am on the Brit mums short-list for the style bloggers!! So exciting and I so needed to share...

Thanks so much to everyone who voted and I just need to ask one more little favour?

Could you please vote again to get me down to the last round???


Monday, 17 March 2014

Reflections In My Sunglasses...

It has been an amazing sunny day yesterday and I managed to get loads of washing done. ( Can you see the washing in my sunglasses in my garden selfie? lol)

So board doing housework we got dressed up and had a nice long walk to the train station. We had lots of fun going to Nottingham, around the shops then meeting my husband from work.

First up on our walk to the train station we played a little game. We gave each other 5 clues to guess a famous person. Me up first-
  1. He is green...
  2. He loves a pig...
  3. He has been kidnapped and a bad person in his place... 
  4. We had our photo took in Meadowhall outside the pictures with him yesterday...
  5. He loves the pig so so much!!
My son chirps up I guested it... its daddy!!! What who loves a pig? gee thanks!!

Haha.. not even a clue it was Kermit the frog!!

On the train we had at run for a table, just managed to get it before 2 lads..yeah ... we won... a man on the next seat , laughed and said bad look boys...

Then all the way my kid ripped me with the jokes ~

My mums so ugly she ...

My mums so big she...

My mums so thick she...

Making lots of silly but some quite cleaver jokes up,,, all in fun, I'm sure they watch to much tv!!


Top~ Republic
Scarf~Petticoat lane market
Jeans~ Citizens Of Humanity Selfridges
Shoes~  Converse

What have you been up to this weekend?

Enjoying the sunshine?

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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Lets Go Shopping....


Scarf ~ c/o School Gate Style
Shirt ~ Primark
Cardigan ~ Primark
Jean ~ Matalan
Shoes ~ c/o Keds

With my husband having a Saturday off work today we went Shopping....Yeah...

A Quick visit to my mother-in -laws house, and a trip into Chesterfield for breakfast,  and me to buy some crafting things first.

Then off to shopping to ....Meadowhall.

Can't believe we went today, if you watched Ant and Dec's Take away show  tonight? you will have seen the super computer is going to be there on Monday giving some holiday tickets away,,,Grrr can't get Monday!!

A mad few hours around the shops, wow it is packed on Saturdays, them home for some yummy Pizza.

This time I had a plan, when it is busy, shopping with the children too and I have no plan, I end up buying nothing. So this time I had a plan, new shoes for walking miles when we go to London. Something bright, comfy and fabulous.

Converse! ...I had these in mind! After changing my mind in every shop, blue ,red, pink, light blue I ended up with these.

With 5 coloured tongues that could go with most things I own, what not to love!?!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

What I Wore...

On Friday my son who is at Uni asked me and my older 3 children to meet him half way from us both in Nottingham for an all you can eat lunch. 

Even though it is warming up a little outside, there is still a cold breeze in the air. It was wrap up warm, something not to tight around the waist (with having and all you can eat lunch including all you can eat cakes, Ice-cream and chocolate fountain) and flat shoes for lots of walking.


Coat ~ Millets
Jumper ~ Primark
Dress ~ local in sale
Shoes ~ Primark Re fashion here

We all had a great day and really enjoyed seeing my son, just a shame my husband had to work :(

Wow my kids can tuck some food away!!

And I can really tuck some treats away...


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