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Monday, 17 March 2014

Reflections In My Sunglasses...

It has been an amazing sunny day yesterday and I managed to get loads of washing done. ( Can you see the washing in my sunglasses in my garden selfie? lol)

So board doing housework we got dressed up and had a nice long walk to the train station. We had lots of fun going to Nottingham, around the shops then meeting my husband from work.

First up on our walk to the train station we played a little game. We gave each other 5 clues to guess a famous person. Me up first-
  1. He is green...
  2. He loves a pig...
  3. He has been kidnapped and a bad person in his place... 
  4. We had our photo took in Meadowhall outside the pictures with him yesterday...
  5. He loves the pig so so much!!
My son chirps up I guested it... its daddy!!! What who loves a pig? gee thanks!!

Haha.. not even a clue it was Kermit the frog!!

On the train we had at run for a table, just managed to get it before 2 lads..yeah ... we won... a man on the next seat , laughed and said bad look boys...

Then all the way my kid ripped me with the jokes ~

My mums so ugly she ...

My mums so big she...

My mums so thick she...

Making lots of silly but some quite cleaver jokes up,,, all in fun, I'm sure they watch to much tv!!


Top~ Republic
Scarf~Petticoat lane market
Jeans~ Citizens Of Humanity Selfridges
Shoes~  Converse

What have you been up to this weekend?

Enjoying the sunshine?

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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Lets Go Shopping....


Scarf ~ c/o School Gate Style
Shirt ~ Primark
Cardigan ~ Primark
Jean ~ Matalan
Shoes ~ c/o Keds

With my husband having a Saturday off work today we went Shopping....Yeah...

A Quick visit to my mother-in -laws house, and a trip into Chesterfield for breakfast,  and me to buy some crafting things first.

Then off to shopping to ....Meadowhall.

Can't believe we went today, if you watched Ant and Dec's Take away show  tonight? you will have seen the super computer is going to be there on Monday giving some holiday tickets away,,,Grrr can't get Monday!!

A mad few hours around the shops, wow it is packed on Saturdays, them home for some yummy Pizza.

This time I had a plan, when it is busy, shopping with the children too and I have no plan, I end up buying nothing. So this time I had a plan, new shoes for walking miles when we go to London. Something bright, comfy and fabulous.

Converse! ...I had these in mind! After changing my mind in every shop, blue ,red, pink, light blue I ended up with these.

With 5 coloured tongues that could go with most things I own, what not to love!?!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

What I Wore...

On Friday my son who is at Uni asked me and my older 3 children to meet him half way from us both in Nottingham for an all you can eat lunch. 

Even though it is warming up a little outside, there is still a cold breeze in the air. It was wrap up warm, something not to tight around the waist (with having and all you can eat lunch including all you can eat cakes, Ice-cream and chocolate fountain) and flat shoes for lots of walking.


Coat ~ Millets
Jumper ~ Primark
Dress ~ local in sale
Shoes ~ Primark Re fashion here

We all had a great day and really enjoyed seeing my son, just a shame my husband had to work :(

Wow my kids can tuck some food away!!

And I can really tuck some treats away...

Thursday, 2 January 2014

What I Wore : Sales Shopping...

What I Wore~

Gold top ~ Dorothy Perkins

Dress ~ Primark
Tights ~ F and F
Boots ~ Barratts

Wow it was a beautiful day today?

The sun was shining the sky was blue, a little chilly out of the sunshine but great weather for January. We took a ride out to the shops in Derby for a change, somewhere the children had never visited.

Parking up at the park and ride once on the bus we notice our daughter carrying her Sophia the first teddy that Santa had brought her (ones that they sell in most shop!). So for the first half hour, you know who got to babysit the princess teddy outside all the toy shops until they had brought something, eventually my son got some toys so we could pop her in a carry a bag.

Boy did I get some strange looks, I felt like shouting "it's not mine honest!!" ha-ha...

I am sure my husband wishes he did not go bearing in mind he never brought anything and I got a few bags full.

I think the shops have been picked over now?

 I did get a few bargains, a heart dress from Primark for £3.00 and a lovely skirt with blue lips on from H & M for £4.00. Never one to miss a spending spree!

I spotted some nice boots on line at The Garage shoe shop but never seen anything better in the shops so I need to order some now I'm back.

Once I got home I was freezing, bare arms in January!

I did buy a nice chunky cardigan though, just like the ones my grandma use to knit me...

5 minutes nap under 2 duvets to warm me up a cup of tea and biscuits helped me to recover to do my run, 3 miles in the dark on my own is not my idea of fun but it has to be done and I felt loads better for it...

Have you been around the sales?

Do you prefer going around the shops or shopping on line?

Have you picked up a bargain in the sales yet?

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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Is The Season To Be Jolly Fa, La, La, La, La, La,La La, La....


Jumper ~ local shop £10-00
Skirt ~ Primark
Legging ~ Matalan
Slouch socks ~ Primark
Boots ~ Matalan
Bag ~ Cath Kidston

As promised today I am sharing another one of my Christmas jumpers!!

I tormented my husbands eyes out for some fun Christmas jumpers a few weeks back and Eek, I've only just got around to wearing this one, Whoops!!

Not long left to wear it now either!!

I should wear it every day now to get my moneys worth!?!

Yeah all the children are all broke up from school.

All 4 kids hype up and ready for Christmas.

Let the excitement begin!!

Yesterday me and my oldest son went to Nottingham.

Shopping for surprises.

Yeah right!

Last Friday before Christmas!!

The surprise was, wow how busy is it!!

Not much shopping done but we visited my favourite restaurant Peachy Keens for an all you can eat buffet lunch!!

Hope I do not put to much weight on over Christmas!!

Winter is officially here today!!

Shortest day of the year today to!!

So from tomorrow we will be heading back to summer :)


What is everyone up to this weekend?

All ready for Christmas?

Or running around pulling your hair out for last minutes presents like me?

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Out To Lunch...

Don't you find it weird when you phone does this?

I did not even take these pictures on my phone!!

Spooky ...


Runs around a little...

Then get use to it!

Yesterday I met my husband in Nottingham after he finished work for some lunch.

It was lovely.

I was going to wear my Christmas jumper but too early?

With the sun was shining brightly I though I may be to warm?

So opted for a dress. 

Being a nice sunny day I got my favourite Irregular Choice shoes out to wear.

We went to one of our favourite all you can eat buffet restaurants, May sum.

Filled up with lots of yummy food and treats and the chocolate fountain!

Our son pop over from university to join us too, which was great.

Are you eating enough? you look pale! are you getting enough rest? drinking enough water?

Ha, some of the quick fire questions he got asked!

What I wore-

Dress ~ Lands End
Long sleeve T-shirt ~ Primark
Tights ~ Primark
Shoes ~ Irregular Choice
Jewellery ~ Carboot sale

University closes on Friday, so it will be great to have my son home for Christmas, I hear he has lots of bags full of washing for me too!! 

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Too Early For Jumpers?

Jumper ~ Primark
Dress ~ Local shop in sale
Cosy tights ~ Primark
Shoes ~ Cheeky Shoes

Autumn has only just arrived and I have already been poorly :(
 Last week I got a fever and was knocked off my feet for 2 days, the kind of illness when you just cannot stop sleeping.

On Saturday I knew I had to try a little race as it was only a week until my half marathon, (eek now only this Sunday). I really think the rest sure did me good though, after a few weeks of pushing myself into running and spinning once the kids were back at school. Park run is only 5k ( 3.1 miles ) so I knew its not to long to run if your not feeling well and I felt pretty good so went for it. My best time in a year, 25 mins 21 sec so I was happy with that!! My 10 year old son was 2 minutes behind me this time, as he won me a few weeks back too, so now he is in training again!!

After a big cooked breakfast we went out shopping for the day as it was my husbands day off from work. I wrapped up warm and had chance to try out my new primark jumper, my cosy fleecy tights from last years sales and some cheeky shoes I was reviewing.

I had a nip into a charity shop where nothing caught my eye, as walking out the lady in the shop said "can I just say how lovely you look" aww when I was feeling sorry for myself, this cheered me up no end :)

Now lets hope I'm all fit and healthy for Sunday...

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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Share Your Style Saturday : Walk In Matlock...

A few weeks back me and my husband hopped on the train from Nottingham for a walking day out in Matlock.

We got of the train at Matlock Baths and walked along the country lanes to Matlock town centre, stopping to take in some of the breath taking views along the way. We well earned the big bag of fish and chips, hot chocolate and chocolate chip muffin at the end of our walk!!


Body warmer ~ Republic
Blouse ~ Peacocks via Charity shop
Jeans ~ Abercrombie and Fitch
Trainers ~ Reebok

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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Expensive Tights Or Cheap Dress?


Dress ~ Primark

Necklace ~ My old shop

Belt ~ off my Primark skirt

Tights ~ Primark

Shoes~ Irregular Choice

Haha not really expensive tight but at the side of the dress I picked up off the sale rail for £1-00 last summer, they was 3 times more money. The dress might be 2 sizes to big for me but at that price I think it looks ok with a belt? I got to try out my anniversary Irregular Choice shoes out last night and I love them. White and black polka dots with red flowers are my all time favourites.

I met my husband for a drink yesterday as we had to much food to have a drink on our anniversary.

Wow we walking into Weatherpersons in Nottingham for a quiet drink and the pub was packed!! Can really tell I don't get out much. 

Had a great evening though with lots of double Bacardi and cokes, with chips and peas to walk home from the train station, what more could a girl ask for? 

No hangover today yeah !!!

Giving up on alcohol this month though, trying my best to get fit for my half marathon in 4 weeks time, eek... :)

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Sunday, 25 August 2013

What I Wore...


Dress ~ Primark

Shoes ~ Cheeky Shoes

Had a lovely few days away at Butlins in Minehead with the children this week.

On day 1 we found a amazingly tiring big hill to run up but left the running the rest of the week for lazy beach days fairground rides and chocolate cake!!

This is one of my outfits I wore on a night out and then to travel home in, it feels smart and also comfy to wear.

I love this dress it is one of my bargains I picked up in the sales last year. You can't really see the print close up, as well as the flowers it has cute little birds in too. One of this seasons must have prints? I noticed that the new Cath Kidston bags have birds on them ( already on my wish list )

After wearing my high heels the night before ( Ouch!! ) I opted for my comfy cheeky shoes, as we had a walk to the beach to settle all the food we had before we went out for some drinks.

What is everyone else wearing this week?

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Sunday, 26 May 2013

BBQ Weather : Out With The Bright Clothes...

Headband ~ £1.00 shop 
Top ~ Primark 
Skirt ~ Primark 
Shoes ~ Crocs 
Belt ~ Gift
The weather was amazing yesterday and looks to be great today too with the sun eventually showing up. I'm planning a bbq for tea later, that's if I can get some food when the hubby gets home from work and hopefully there is something left in the shops as I bet loads are having a BBQ today!!

Me and my little 2 are now getting ready for a mile walk to the train station then a ride to Nottingham. I am hoping they will help me find some inspiration for some ideas on a room make over I'm planning for a challenge to change a room on a budget of £50 this bank holiday,,,

Whats your plans over the weekend???

Have a great Bank Holiday :):)

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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Who Stole All The Sunshine?

Dress ~ Primark
Necklace ~ Primark
Tights ~Primark
Shoes ~ Peacocks
After all weekend of no stop rain later in the afternoons, plans for a night out on either Friday and Saturday for me and my husband went out the window. On Sunday my hubby decided we wasn't going to put off our night out for just me and him no longer.

The rain stopped around 7 ish so we got set on for a few hours time out,shower,changed and dressed all ready to have a night out. The last time we went into town the taxi driver told us it was no longer busy on Friday night and Sundays was the best nights out in town  nowadays!! So with this in mind we hurried off into town.

This surly wasn't the case of best night out in town on this Sunday night!!

After walking into town which was about a mile and half walk, as we had just missed a bus, we had one drink and walked home. It was so quiet with only a handful of people in Wetherspoons and no sign of anyone in any other pubs.

If we had some of the beautiful sunshine we had over the bank holiday I'm sure there would have been loads more people out.

Needless to say yesterday all was nursing 2 sore feet from all the walking in high heels. Trying again this week to get a night out hopefully, maybe a Saturday night?!!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

These Shoes Are Made For Walking...


Top ~Select {old}
Jeans ~ Matalan
Pumps ~ Primark

Lots of walking again today as its still the children's holiday here.!!

I noticed lots of children go back this week but mine still have this week off as they were late breaking up for their holiday.

 My soon to be 10 year old son fancies a nice all you can eat restaurant as one of his treats the day before his birthday, so over the next few days all we will be doing is eating lots of tasty food and eating lots of yummy cakes :)

Next week I may well need a bigger dress size!!

12 days to go before my marathon, eek panic is starting to set in!!

If shoes grow on trees, I'm ordering a nice new red pair....

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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Share Your Style Saturdays : Day Out In Nottingham...

Dress ~ Gok Wan Sainsbury's
Top ~ Car Boot Sale
Tights ~ Tesco
Boots ~ Matalan

Me and my youngest 2 children had a day out in Nottingham a few days ago. Very windy, cold and a long walk to the train station meant I needed good walking shoes on!! We went planning what shoes I wanted to buy for my big birthday, coming up in less than a month. Lots of fun looking around toy shops so the children could spend there Easter money and ended up buying a double cheese burger
before running to the train station to meet my husband from work...

We've had a busy week with walks, shopping and fitting my running in. My children have another week off school so lots more things to plan and also my youngest son turns 10 so we have a party to plan too ...
Whats everyone else got planned for next week?

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

What I Wore : Parents Evening ...

One Monday I did it!!!

I did my first 20 miles run getting ready for London Marathon.

 I knew something was not quite right with me feeling weak and dizzy at 14 miles but knew I had to do 20. After running around the block for the last 6 miles I finished my run at 20.01 miles which took me all morning, well 3 hours 47 minutes or something like that. Next day I woke up full of cold and with a really bad sore throat....Needless to say I have given up on my run streak that lasted since Christmas, had lots of sweet things and a few pot noodles. Feeling slightly better today I had to stop feeling sorry for myself and get ready for parents evening...

Outfit - 

Bracelets- cutey

And yes good school reports all around :):):)


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