BBQ Weather : Out With The Bright Clothes...

  • Headband ~ £1.00 shop 
  • Top ~ Primark 
  • Skirt ~ Primark 
  • Shoes ~ Crocs 
  • Belt ~ Gift
The weather was amazing yesterday and looks to be great today too with the sun eventually showing up. I'm planning a bbq for tea later, that's if I can get some food when the hubby gets home from work and hopefully there is something left in the shops as I bet loads are having a BBQ today!!

Me and my little 2 are now getting ready for a mile walk to the train station then a ride to Nottingham. I am hoping they will help me find some inspiration for some ideas on a room make over I'm planning for a challenge to change a room on a budget of £50 this bank holiday,,,

Whats your plans over the weekend???

Have a great Bank Holiday :):)

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Share Your Style Saturday...

I am so fed up of Winter now and all ready to spring into Spring. It may have been snowing, frosty raining and really really cold all week but after finding this dress in The British Heart Foundation Charity shop this week it got me all ready for Spring. I just had to try it out, and although still cold I loved all the bright and cheerful colours. Wearing my yellow tights that my kids always laugh at, comparing me to Marge Simpson I know I'm guaranteed to put a smile on their faces ....

  • Dress - Primark via British Heart Foundation
  • Tights - Primark
  • Boots - Barretts

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What I Wore : Snow Week!!....

Trying to do more outfit posts again as I've not manged any for a while and so got out of doing them. This week we have had loads of snow so I'm trying to get away from throwing my jogging pant on. With going to the gym more since the children are back at school its hard work getting away from the gym wear. It's so much warmer wearing jogging pants and sweat shirts especially when its cold icy and snowing outside!!

I love this Jacket I got a few months ago from Primark it looks so stylish, really good quality and keeps you toasty and warm. First time I've brought a navy coat and it goes with more thing than I first expected ...

T-shirt - Primark few years ago
Jeans- Matalan
Boots - Barratts

One thing that as been keeping me warm at night before bed time is my onsie. I have gave a few people a laugh and a few people a frown posting my picture in  the Rock up in red for the British Heart Foundation competition. So though I would share my picture here, for the fun and hopefully make you all laugh  :)

Onesie- Primark

Meanwhile there has been lots of snow here, so snow boots a must...

 Lots of sledging...

And lots of snowballing...

Yesterday was hard work finding time for exercise as the children had a snow day off school. I manage a run to the gym and back 3 miles in the morning, half hour spinning class and a 3 miles run on the treadmill in the evening. Today they were all back to school so I did a hours spinning and a 3 miles run on the treadmill, hoping to snow don't hang around to long as I've got a marathon to train up for...

Days ran this year 22/22 #runstreak #Londonmarathon

Miles ran this month 136

Workouts 27

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What I Wore ....

Although the mornings are starting to get very cold, the sun came out today and put me in a good mood. Feeling cheerful I put a flower in my hair, my ripped jeans on and a top I brought in the summer sale I've not got around to wearing yet...

Top - Primark
Jeans -  Abercrombie and Fitch
Shoes - Primark

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Jackie Brazil Hot Indiana Jones Necklace Review...

At the minute I am loving the colour hot pink,just lately I have started changing all my accessories,scarfs and shoes !! Also my nails and my trademark red lipsticks has been set aside (for the moment)and bright pinks are strongly becoming my favourite shades .This colour is just so cheerful and always brightens up a dull,windy or rainy day...

A few days ago I was contacted by the pr for to see if I would like to review a piece of their Jackie Brazil Indiana range and I was delighted to see this hot pink necklace it caught my eye straight away.I just knew I had to review this piece of the collection.

About the Jackie Brazil Hot Pink Indiana Jones Necklace

This Jackie Brazil Necklace from the Indiana Jones range has a hot pink colour. No two beads made by this designer are the same so your necklace will be completely unique. The necklace is made from an assortment of different shaped and sized beads, some are glittery, some have blacks, purples and all shades of bright pink within them. The shocking pink colour makes this a vibrant piece of Brazillian designed jewellery.

What I think to the Jackie Brazil necklace

I don't usually wear statement necklaces but since this piece had been delivered I can't stop looking at it and trying it on.I keep planning nights out and what I will be wearing with it,I love this necklace it's such a beautiful piece of jewellery to own and I am so glad I got to review it.My daughter keeps asking if she can have a look at it we both like looking at the beads as each one is different.She keeps telling me to look after it (someone already has her eye on it!!)

This necklace is RRP £59.95 and is priced at £37.00

About this post-I got sent this necklace for this review all thoughts in this post are my own honest opinion and I was not paid for this post

Outfit post-

Necklace-Jackie Brazil Indiana

Dress- George at Asda last year

Shoes-Matalan few years ago

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What I Wore And Where I Wore It:Week In Blackpool..

 Last week we went to Blackpool and here is a few outfit pictures I took on my phone..


Top- Primark

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2 Nights Out In One Month....

Very rare but now the children are getting older we are making time to go out more,and we still have a babysitter as my oldest son turns 18 in a few weeks...

I got my first bottle of Lou Lou over 23 years ago and still love the smell (this is not the original bottle!!) it has been replaced time and time again but when I run out I always keep coming back to it...

Got to wear my new dress I got with my sons money he gave me for my birthday.Can't believe it was only £4-00 from Asda I love it!!...

A great reason to wear one of my very high and un-sensible pair of shoes...

What I wore-

  • Dress-Asda
  • Leggings-Primark
  • Shoes-Matalan
  • Necalace-Primark
  • Braclet-Merci Maman


Did walk a mile to the train station though (reminds me of something out of Wizard of OZ )

Here is a few photo from my night out....

Whats your favourite perfume?

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What I'm Wearing And Where I Wore it :Busy Week ....

Been a busy week with lots of thing's to do this week because it was my birthday.

My little 2 children made me wear these badges all day.No I'm not 93 hehe that's the mirror for you....

F & F dress
Primark Shoes
On Thursday I went out to lunch with my friends we had some yummy food and amazing drinks...

Dress my987wardrobe
On  Saturday (my birthday ) I got to wear my lovely new maxi dress...

Top + belt Primark
Dress my987wardrobe
Shoes Matalan

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