Mollie In The Woods...

Last weekend me and the youngest 2 children had lots of fun taking Mollie into the woods.

We let her have a little run off the lead and played hide and seek with her. 
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Puppies And Poppies..

How big is Mollie getting now?

Mollie is just over 12 weeks old now. When your with your puppy all day everyday, you do not notice them getting bigger until someone mentions it. I can tell she is getting heavy when I pick her up though..

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Wordless Wednesday Linky...

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Saturday Is Caption Day...

Seen this linky and it sounded great,this photo is over 5 years old but one of our funniest photos.

Add your caption....

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The Gallery : Colour

My daughter brought some friends up to help cheer them on...
This week over at The Gallery the theme is colour is green.

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