Zumba Exhilarate Review...

January, a time to pay for the excesses of December on the purse and the waistline.

A resolution I have every year is to get into tip top shape, for the summer. Usually I fail miserably, this year I hope to be different. I always pick up a new fitness DVD in January to help with my fitness goals, usually a celebrity endorsed one where the celeb has "accidentally" been snapped by a lurking paparazzo looking twice the size we remember, back when they were "famous". Only now to be miraculously size 6 and looking better than ever. If I was a cynical blogger I might think they put on weight deliberately just to bring a fitness DVD out.Mmm that's perhaps better best forgotten.

With my fitness kick in mind  I was pleased to receive The Ultimate Zumba Fitness DVD Experience -Exhilarate to review.

As many of you know if you frequent my blog I am a big fan of Zumba, although I have let it slip the last few months with one thing or another. Trying to cram in my running, family time and a seemingly endless list of jobs is never easy and my previous Zumba DVD has been hiding on the shelf.  As it's now the New Year I have just started a Zumba class again, at the local leisure centre. I am committing to doing the DVD at least 2-3 times a week ironing pile or not!! Below is the media bumf about this lovely packaged set then my thoughts.....

About Zumba Fitness-EXHILARATE

The DVD set comes in a lovey box and include-

7 DVDs

1. Step by step-

This DVD learns you a total of 24 different steps featuring 6 of the most popular Zumba rhythms.You can follow along with the easy beat breakdowns to lots of great songs including merengue,salsa,reggaeton,calypso,cumbia and belly dance.I love this DVD as they explain how to do each move by breaking down the steps which helps you to pick Zumba up easier.Also love the fashion I need this green/purple pink Zumba suit.
2. Activate-

45 minute work-out helps to activate you body and awaken your senses.It is designed to reach an endorphin release zone and lose yourself deep into the music.This is a 5-minute, easy-to-follow class to get you started,Now you can put all you learnt in step by step guide into a full Zumba dance.On this DVD it also has lots of great tips on what to wear and footwear to how to move.


Body sculpting workout that starts with toning workout to use the toning sticks with.Designed to build lean muscle and define your entire body.After a warm up it straight onto the Zumba toning sticks.This is a great Zumba workout for when you want to put that bit of extra effort in.


60 minute workout designed to reach a endorphin release zone and supercharge your senses.This is a fast workout really works you and wakes you up.Best if you can have the volume turn up load to really get into the workout This takes a little more time for me to get into as its not the usual Zumba music I know and love but having said that its very catchy..


20 minute workout for if your in a rush or just want a quick pick me up.This workout will give you a rush that lasts all day.Great if you want a good workout but sometimes there's just not enough hours in the day.The idea is they don't stop and you don't stop.This is such a fun,fast beat, dance-y workout.And as I mention fashion earlier there is some great outfits in this DVD.

A trip around the world with music from the exotic sounds of Bollywood ,hip hop to French reggaeton.
7.Fitness Concert-

Immerse yourself deep into the party with the fitness concert.
Programme guide-

This book contains everything you need to know including-

Training tips and technique

This is a must read and tell you everything you need to know before starting Zumba.
Weekly Workout planner

The weekly workout planner helps you know when to do a workout with a beginners plan ,Super sculpting or tight on time plan.
Your training zone

Utilise your personal training zone for maximum results.
Total body stretch

8 body stretches great for when you've finished your workout.
10-days Accelerated fat loss programme

A 10 days accelerated fat loss program with some great recipes and meal plan idea.
Zumba toning Sticks

2 Zumba toning sticks

What I think of Zumba Exhilarate:

If you thought you had seen all Zumba had to offer then think again, as this set will have you aching in places you did not know could ache. In a good way!!

This DVD is packed full of more music and dancing than ever before and by doing this at home it has given me the confidence to be on the front row at Zumba class! If I can keep this going right through to summer and beyond I know that it will help shed some unwanted weight and help tone me up. The good thing is although you are exercising you really do have fun at the same time, which I think is the key to any form of exercise, enjoyment must come first..

I have not been 100% health wise the last couple of weeks, so have just gone at my own pace, the beauty of having the set at home, is that you can pause and take ten if you want too. Nobodys watching!!! Overall highly recommended set, beautifully packaged and I will be sticking with this all year so please ask how I am doing in a few weeks, just in case the biscuit jar has hold of me....

The clothes and outfits in the DVDs are something else, I just have to talk the hubby into buying me some!

Where to buy-
Zumba fitness DVD set £59-98

They also have some great fashion which is defiantly worth checking out Zumba Wear Uk

I was sent this Zumba DVD to review for my honest thoughts and was not paid for this post ...
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Zumba Review...

Over the last 4 weeks i have been reviewing the Zumba Fitness dvd kit I have had a great month with the easy to follow dances moves. The music is great and very addictive and the people on the dvd make it so much fun...
Zumba-fitness-dvd-kit-4-weeks-review start

Zumba-4-weeks-review-half-way through

I think Zumba is a great workout the moves are easy to pick up and most of all FUN (obviously perfecting the moves is another matter!!)
I can see myself losing weight with Zumba as you can feel yourself working hard straightaway. You know you are getting a workout but still raise a smile the whole way through. Over the years I have loads of Videos DVDs on fitness weight loss etc and this is the 1st one that is fun from beginning to end. Which I think is the key to a long term health plan. If you enjoy it you will stick with it, which I believe is the case with Zumba .
Guide to losing weight with Zumba

1.) Own a Zumba DVDs and try to fit Zumba in about 3 times a week..

2.) Try to eat more fruit and vegetables and pick healthier snacks.

3.) get plenty of water.
What I have learnt this month:

1.) Zumba is so much fun you can really let your hair down and go for it.
2.) Your kids can join in to and have fun with you.

3.) You get a great workout and you can tell it's doing you good.

4.) It's a fun and enjoyable way to lose weight.

Good thing's about the  Zumba dvd set is:

  • Good value for money at £49-98 
  • The total-body transformation guide booklet - which as everything you need to know about starting Zumba from training tips to a fat loss eating plan.
  • Complete total-body transformation system-which is a 3 dvd set...
  • ZUMBA fitness live! & flat abs 2 programmes on 1 dvd....
  • 2 Toning Sticks...
  • And you never have to pay for another class again...

A much more advanced set of targeted workouts than the games console versions.Giving you an overall better workout for your money. Its much easier to repeat moves on the DVD for example and it seems more professional on the DVD rather than gamey. Although the games versions are still fun too. Speaking to a few friends who have both they all prefer the DVD version although one of my friends with young children says the Wii version is probably better if its just for the children to get fit.

The toning sticks give an added dimension to your workout as well.

If your short on time like me,your Zumba DVD is ready when you are, no more traveling to classes.It's like having your own personal trainer and if you don't understand a section straight away you can go back and repeat it.

Most of the classes I have been too are seriously overcrowded so kids toys permitting!! you have much more space at home, without feeling boxed in.

You might not have a Zumba class near you or unable to get to one and want to join in on the latest fitness dance craze fun.

You can join in whatever your fitness stage is and make it easier or hard for yourself.

You might want to join in a class but want to learn Zumba before you start so you have the rhythm and confidence to join a class
The bad things about  Zumba dvd set is:

The guilt when you see the box on the shelf and you have missed a day and are eating a cake and drinking wine.....

Everyone wants to borrow it! No way I need it here....

Classes are good way to socialise and make new friends. So once you master the DVDs grab a few friends and find your nearest class as well, amazing everyone their with your skills!!!

Having had a go on the Wii version of Zumba that does give you a few challenges like scores to beat etc which I thought was good if you lack motivation. Although trying to take over the games machine in a male dominated household is hard to do.

Final thoughts:

Over the last few weeks i have lost three pounds and feel more toned so once the children are back to school and I can have more me time I hope to see some major improvements!
I really wanted to do the Zumba 10-days drop a jean size challenge but with the holidays its been too difficult Roll on September!!

When the kids are back to school and no more chips,ice-creams and wine I will be doing the 10 days challenge and then posting my results...Keep your eyes peeled!

In case you were wondering if I have enjoyed the Zumba so far one word FUN. So here are a few example videos of Zumba Success Stories and i want one of these waistlines...

So why not ditch the workout and join the party...

And have FUN!!!!!

I received the Zumba fitness dvd to review for free in exchange for my honest review of what I though of it and was not paid for this post...
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Zumba: 4 Weeks Review half way....

This month I'm reviewing the Zumba Fitness dvd kit and over the last 2 weeks I have been loving the Zumba's dance moves and I can really feel the movements toning up my stomach.The first week I spent reading the total-body transformation guide learning the basic and 20 minute express.

Day one: Zumba basic dvd followed by total body stretch.

Day two: Zumba basic dvd followed by total body stretch.

Day three: Zumba 20 minutes Express.

Day four:  Free Day.

Day five:  Zumba 20 minutes express.

Day six:  Free.

Day seven: Zumba 20-minutes express dvd.

The music is really great and you really want to move and groove to it.

Top tips from the total body transformation guide....
1.) If your new to Zumba follow the basic dvd which breaks down each rhythm into easy to follow step.

2.) Use the RPE chart so you stay within your zone and don't over do it.

3.) Wear supportive footwear.

4.) Stay hydrated drink water before,during,and after your workouts.

5)  Modify if needed.

6.) Make sure you have plenty of room to dance.

7.) Do a five minute stretch routine after Zumba without bouncing and breathing deeply.

Basic and 20 minutes Express


It's a great idea to watch this dvd if you are new to Zumba to get the most out your workout.
The Zumba instructors guide you through each step in 3 easy beat breakdowns.Starting off with a quick introduction. The essence of Zumba is the fantastic music and the Latin rhythms and this is the key to all the routines so by learning the routine and rhythm it will ensure its fun and easy follow and if your stuck on a move you can always repeat and practice the move.

The basic workout  is great for breaking down the moves and every move is broke down into 3 easy steps giving you a good explanation how to move and what the moves are called...
The easy beat dances are-

Merengue    Quebradita    Cuban salsa     Cumbia     Reggaeton  Plus  a few more 

20 minutes is a really good workout and you can really tell its giving you a total body workout. Now I've got use to Zumba tomorrow I'm starting the 10-days drop a dress or trouser size challenge.so be sure to check back on Thursday 4th of August for my end of the month review....

so please pop back on Thursday 11th August for my end of the month review...
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ZUMBA Fitness Dvd Kit 4 Weeks Review....

I tried Zumba earlier this year and I was totally hooked after my first class i went home and told my husband i loved it that much i wanted to be a Zumba teacher. I went to the class for around six weeks but the problem was it wasn't  just me who loved it.Everyone who went did so as a result the classes got too large to cope with demand leaving us having to book weeks in advance. The class was so full you didn't have much space leaving you just guessing what the Zumba teacher was doing because if you missed a move you were worried about getting someones hand in your face, so i decided to quit.....

After month's of wondering if i should find another Zumba class i get the change to review the Zumba Fitness dvd kit.

Inside the Zumba fitness dvd kit you get

1. The total-body transformation guide- which as everything you need to know about starting Zumba from training tips to a fat loss eating plan.

2. Complete total-body transformation system-which is a 3 dvd set...

A. ZUMBA FITNESS BASICS : The easy beat breakdown system will allow you to pick up Zumba

B. ZUMBA FITNESS 20-MINUTE EXPRESS : For when your short on time.

C.ZUMBA FITNESS CARDIO PARTY : A total body workout that gets your feet moving ,hips swinging and whole body groovin.

3. ZUMBA fitness live! & flat abs 2 programmes on 1 dvd....

A. ZUMBA FITNESS LIVE : Shot in front of a live audience

B. ZUMBA FITNESS FLAT ABS : Dance away those love handles.

4. 2 Toneing Sticks


Zumba is a great way way to get in shape a Latin-inspired dance fitness program  involves dance and aerobic movements.Choreography incorporates hip-hop,samba,salsa,merengue,mambo,martial arts,and some bollywood and belly dance moves.Squats and lunges are also included.Unlike a typical dance class where counts are used Zumba involves following music with repetitive Movements.Created by dancer and choreographer Alberto "Beto" Perez in Colombia during the 1990s

This is a great video of Zumba so you know what it involves

The great things about a Zumba dvd is ....

1.You don't have spend time travelling to a gym.
2. You get to do it whenever you feel like it.
3. It's like having your own personal trainer.
4. You can repeat bits you have missed or need more time to work on.
5. You get to choose how much space you like.
6. Once you've brought your dvd set you don't have to spend every week paying for a class.
7. It is fun and you do forget that its a workout.
8. Not to much different move so it's easy to pick up.
9. The music is great and you really get into the beat.

Zumba have a great challenge on
Lose up to a jean size ....

What you will need to Lose 1 jean size in the Zumba challenge

1.  Zumba Fitness set and follow their Zumba fitness system and accelerated fat -loss plan
2. Stay Hydrated drink water before,during and after workouts.
3. Eat a health diet plan .

The good thing about Zumba is its a great and fun way to get in shape and it don't matter what your fitness level is...

Over the next 4 weeks i will be reviewing what i have gained from this challenge.

Please pop back on Thursday 28th for my half way through review and Thursday 4th August for my end review and final thoughts....

My Zumba video ( don't laugh to much it's only my 2nd video blog)

What I hope to achieve from Zumba:

1. Build some strength and stamina.
2. Improve my cardiovascular system.
3.Some fat loss.
4.Tone my legs and bum.
5.Get some sculpture to my abs.
6. Find some rhythm.

Please pop back in 14 days for my half way through review post and in 28 days for my end of month review blog....

Anyone else doing or has done the Zumba challenge?

About this post : 

I was sent this Zumba fitness dvd for free in exchange for a honest review and was not paid for this post...

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