Next Christmas Wish List...

With Christmas just around the corner Next kindly asked me to join their competition to win something off my wish list. All blogger who are on the Next Blogger Network can enter and the 5 best entries will each receive 1 item selected at random from their wish list. Whoop.. this sounds great to me. Having 4 children we have sent all our pennies to Santa so no more treats for mum until the January sales. Here is a few of my favourites..

My #NextmasWishlist

Loving the Cream Faux Fur Jacket

Now this Metallic Rib Dress would look amazing with black boots...

Talking of black boots, how cool are these!?!
These Whistles Erica High Block Chelsea Boot are amazing. 
I had some like these eek {25 years ago} and they were great.
Love these...

Nice and cosy...

Always fancied one of these Kimono's..
Jessica Wright Suze Floral Print Tassel Kimono...

Now my daughter has a teddy bear coat and tells me I have to get one. 
This Faux Fur Jacket is so sweet.
How cool would I look going snowballing in this!?!

Everyone loves a nice pair of jeans...
Lift Slim And Shape Boot Cut Jeans...

Everyday heeled Chelsea boots...
Yes please!!
Square Toe Chelsea Boots...

Aww so sweet...
Tatty Teddy™ Pyjamas..

Love owls..
Novelty Washed Across -The-Body Bag

All these items can be found at Next. Anything on your wishlist?

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New Shoes And Lots Of Rain : Share Your Style Saturday...


Dress ~ Next 

Belt ~ Primark

Tights ~ Primark

Shoes ~ Irregular Choice

Arr what a week, great if your a duck!!

We certainly have had our fair share of the rain over the last few days. So much so just trying to run a few miles to the gym was hard work. After only 5 minutes I got so weighed down with all the rain, I had to turn back and go home. Me and 3 of my children had a lovely day out on Tuesday, then we meet my husband from work for lunch as they had a day off from school as the teachers were striking. So lots of yummy food!!

 Finally got to wear my new shoes what my husband treated me to a few weeks back!!

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Too The Short Of It...


Top ~ Matalan 
Shorts ~ Next 
Shoes ~ Crocs

Wow I am loving this weather, it is amazingly hot for a change. The only problem is apart from not being able to sleep at night is I cant be bothered to do any work in the day!! it makes me lazy. This weather makes me want to lay on a beach somewhere nice, especially when you smell the suntan lotion!! mmm coconuts!!

Aw last week I was so excited to win this lovely simmering and glittering collection of Avon make up from Ojos World. Cosmic eyeshadows, nailwear pro+ nail polish and some mascara, I have been spoilt!!I love anything that glitters, shimmers or sparkles and this weekend I have been having a yummy mummy in training pampering time :)

 It took me a while to deicide which nail polish to try first, because they are all great... then I went with the blue...
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Going Out...Out Out...

When I was taking to my friend this week she said to me in a conversation "when I go out 'out out' and I've not got it out my head all week!!

Driving the kids mad all weekend saying it,... In the very words of Micky Flanagan on Saturday we went Out...not just out ...we went Out Out !!

Top- Next
Skirt - Primark
Belt - shop in Blackpool
Shoes Matalan
Necklace-Fiona Paxton

So I leave you with  Micky Flanagan ...talking about going Out Out..

Link up with- Creative Mondays

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How I Will Be Wearing My Next Paralympics GB Supporters’ Scarf....

The lovely people at Next have sent me one of their official Paralympics GB Supporters’ Scarves and want to know how I will be wearing it.
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Working Out With The Davina Range At next Week 4.......

4 weeks have already gone by and I though this was the last week of working out with the Davina range at next but no I still have one more week left to try and lose some weight. How quickly has this month gone? I have had a fun/packed/tiring/ month fitting as much exercise as possible.
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Get The Cheryl Cole 2011 Style Awards Look From Next...

On Monday 13th February you will see all the great of the fashion world heading to the prestigious Elle Style Awards 2012 in London, proudly sponsored by Next.What a wonderful and unforgettable night this would be. Remember last year? This is my favourite look from the night Cheryl Cole in this amazing floor-length Alexander McQueen gown...
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Working Out With The Davina Range At next Week 3.......

Strike a Pose !!
 For my readers who missed last weeks post, here is a laugh for you .Me working out. 

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Working Out With The Davina Range At next Week 2.......

As many of you who reads my blog would know this month I'm getting fit with the Davina range at next and have been sent some lovely thing's of my choice to review...

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Working Out With The Davina Range At next Week 1.......

Tried a few from the list
Had a good  first week getting fit with the Davina Range at next but a bad week for feeling ill and having to push through it ...

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Working Out With The Davina Range At Next....

My new years resolution didn't actually start on the 1st January as I had planned.It was cold and very windy and just too hard to get myself back out running after a lazy month of not much exercise and eating to excess over Christmas. The husband under my feet and four children still off school did not help either!!

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Next’s New Shoe And Fitness Collection In Collaboration with Davina McCall..

3 of my favourite hobbies are running buying shoes and eating cakes.Come the new year one of these will have to go.Reluctantly its going to have to be cake, which will hopefully make way for my new fitness regime.
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