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10 Home Made Gift Ideas…

We love to make sweet little homemade gifts.

Do you like to make special presents?

The best time of year to give someone special a handmade with made with love is Christmas!

Here are some ideas for you to try out this Christmas:

1.) Home Made Macaroons:

Blackberry Or Strawberry Homemade Macaroons anyone!?

How adorable and sweet are these? I would love someone to make me these as a gift.

Perfect and pretty gift for someone special.

These pretty patisseries are very fashionable at the moment but can be very expensive to buy, so why not make your own and give as a gift in a recycled box lined with non-stick baking paper and a lacy paper doily tied with ribbon.

Home Made Macaroons How sweet?

2.) Christmas Stocking:

Want to know how To Make A Christmas Stocking?

Look no further.

Here is a lovely Christmas Stocking idea for you to make.

3.) Homemade Chocolate Macaroons:

Macaroons always go down great in our house. 

How about making some of these chocolate macaroons filled with Milk Chocolate Ganache?

Homemade Chocolate Macaroon.

4.) Meringue-Topped Mince Pies:

Something sweet for Santa? Meringue Topped Mince Pies

5.) How To Make A Cupcake Bouquet:

How beautiful a bouquet of flowers. 

What a lovely idea?

How To Make A Cupcake Bouquet.

6.) Chocolate Truffles:

Christmas is alway that bit more special with chocolates. 

Chocolate Truffles.

7.) Mini Christmas Cakes:

These Mini Christmas Cakes are adorable!!

8.) Easy Christmas Mincemeat:

Easy to pre-prepare, freeze, then defrost when needed this mincemeat recipe uses either Whitworths’ Mixed Fruit, or a combination of Whitworths Sultanas, Raisins and Currants, to create a rich, flavoursome finished product, without the addition of preservatives.

Easy Christmas Mincemeat to make your mince pies that bit more special.

9.) Mini Christmas Cakes:

Little and oh so sweet Mini Christmas Cakes.

10.) Stained Glass Cookies:

Lastly something for your Christmas tree.

 Stained Glass Cookies.


4 responses to “10 Home Made Gift Ideas…”

  1. Julia Nyanyo says:

    You've found some lovely inspirational idaas here, thanks

  2. Julie's Creative Lifestyle says:

    I too love all of these ideas listed Claire and thanks for sharing it at C&C with J&J!

  3. Veronica Lee says:

    I love to make special presents and these are really sweet.

  4. Carrie @ Carrie's Home Cooking says:

    What lovely gift ideas! So cute! We are hosting the Whisk It Wednesday Link Party and thought you might want to share there too! Have a wonderful week! Carrie@ Carrie's Home Cooking

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