10 Spooktacular Halloween Themed Birthday Party Ideas

10 Spooktacular Halloween Themed Birthday Party Ideas

10 Spooktacular Halloween Themed Birthday Party Ideas. Hello friends. How are you today? All good I hope? Autumn is upon us and Halloween is just around the corner.

So are you looking for some Halloween treats to make for a birthday party this October?

10 Spooktacular Halloween Themed Birthday Party Ideas:

If so, look no further as I have 10 recipes to share with you today.

How about trying some of these fun and scary recipes out? Because they all have an Halloween theme to them? So what is not to like?

1.) Mummies Revenge Gingerbread Mummies: Firstly, Mummies Revenge, Arrgg!! These fun Halloween Gingerbread Mummies are so fun and oh so scary.

These would be great at a Halloween birthday party. Mummies Revenge. The Gingerbread men are coming to haunt you! Fun but scary? Also especially tasty. Mummies Revenge.

2.) Homemade Halloween Biscuits: Spooky Fun: Secondly, biscuits anyone? Do you fancy making some of these biscuits this Halloween?

The great thing about these biscuits is you can cut them into any shape you want to (or whichever shape cookie cutters that you can get your hands on) and decorate them with your own favourite toppings to make them all look different. Of course, something Halloween themed would be perfect.

My favourite cookie cutters have to be witches, hats and cats at this time of year. However I also love a pumpkin cutter.

How about making some of these homemade Halloween spooky biscuits? Especially great to make with the kids. Homemade Halloween Biscuits: Spooky Fun.

3.) Berry Spooky Halloween Cupcakes: Scary Party Food:

Thirdly, Berry Spooky Halloween Cupcakes anyone? These cupcakes are so much fun and also have a bit of fruit in them. What’s not to love?

So simple to make cupcakes that make a huge impact on your party guests. A trick and a treat all rolled into one! Berry Spooky Halloween Cupcakes: Scary Party Food.

4.) Halloween Jellies: Fourthly, these Halloween Jellies are so much fun. Great for a children’s Halloween party too. How cool are these!!?

These easy jellies are great fun to make and kids love to decorate them – the spookier the better! They are also cheap to make and look great. However they also make a great talking point! Halloween Jellies.

5.) Nutella Banana Muffins With Salted Caramel: Next, are you planning on baking and yummy cakes this Autumn as well as a Halloween party? Are you planning anything fun for Halloween where you need to cook up a big batch? Remember all of these recipes are easy to double up as well.

Another day closer to Halloween and I have another frightfully delightful recipe to share with you.

Fancy trying some of these yummy Nutella banana muffins with salted caramel? Salted caramel has to be one of my favourite toppings because it is so sweet and tasty. Nutella Banana Muffins With Salted Caramel.

Halloween recipes

10 Spooktacular Halloween Themed Birthday Party Ideas:

Five down, five to go!! Indeed, five more tasty recipes:

6.) Gluten Free Chocolate Orange Halloween Cookies: So how fun are these Gluten Free Chocolate Orange Halloween Cookies?

Yeap, Gluten-free too. It is always good to have some gluten free treats at a party as you never know if any of your guests have coeliac disease.

My Daughter has been left out so many times at school when the teacher shares treats out. She had even been laughed at by a teacher before who said to her oh yummy, you do not know what you are missing out on.

However, imagine how bad this made her feel!!

Terrifyingly yummy, these chocolate orange-flavoured cookies will tickle your taste buds for a little Halloween treat. Prop up your broom, sit back and enjoy with a Witches Brew. Here is how to make some gluten-free cookies: Gluten Free Chocolate Orange Halloween Cookies.

7.) Popcorn Brains With Maggots: Halloween Recipe: Fancy trying out these; Popcorn Brains With Maggots? Try gorgeously gruesome sticky ginger cakes with popcorn topping – squirming with icing maggots!

How freakishly nice? Eek, how scary are these Popcorn Brains With Maggots? Popcorn Brains With Maggots.

8.) Roasted Cauliflower Brain With Green Slime Hummus And Dead Man’s Finger Sandwiches:

A month filled with scares and frights, so that must mean one thing then; Halloween is on its way Arrrggg!!

Today I have a fun and scary Halloween recipe to share with you. Perfect for sharing with the Children any day this month. Roasted Cauliflower Brain With Green Slime Hummus and Dead Man’s Finger Sandwiches.

9.) Ultimate Halloween Cake:

Fancy making this ultimate Halloween cake? This chocolatey red velvet cake is a real showstopper. How nice is this recipe? Because who does not like cake? Ultimate Halloween Cake.

10.) 10 Spooktacular Halloween Themed Birthday Party Ideas Spooky Sausage Rolls:

Last but not least, Spooky Sausage Rolls anyone? Are you children a fan of Halloween and like all things spooky? Do they love sausage rolls?

If so why not try out these spooky sausage rolls. This fun recipe and get the kids involved in the perfect Halloween or after school treat. Spooky Sausage Rolls.

So what do you think about these 10 Spooktacular Halloween Themed Birthday Party Ideas? Do you fancy making any?

Do you have any fun plans for Halloween this year? My Daughter is planning a Halloween dress up and maybe a party or two! Lots of baking planned that is for sure.

10 Spooktacular Halloween Themed Birthday Party Ideas.

10 Spooktacular Halloween Themed Birthday Party Ideas:

So what do you think of these Halloween recipes? Do you fancy trying any? As I feel like I need to make a batch or two up soon.

Thanks for stopping by today. So are you a fan of Halloween or not? Of course if not, I have lots of other fun recipes on the blog if you would like to hit the tags on the right.

Finally, I hope you like this post?

If so why not follow along so you never miss a post? So remember you can also share your thoughts here too in the comments below.

Also if you have Halloween recipes to share pop them in the comments below to inspire us all too 🙂

10 Spooktacular Halloween Themed Birthday Party Ideas

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