101 Sandwich Fillings- For Your Christmas

101 Sandwich Fillings- For Your Christmas Parties, Afternoon Tea Or Weekend Family Evening Snacks. Hello friends. So how are you today? Happy Monday. So are you planning any Christmas parties? Because I know I am.

Sometimes you can not quickly think about what to put on your sandwiches when you’re in a rush, so here are 101 ideas. 101 Sandwich Fillings – For Your Christmas Parties.

Step up your Christmas parties, afternoon tea, or weekend family evening snacks with my extensive collection of 101 delicious sandwich fillings. So from classic favorites to unique and creative combinations, these recipes will take your sandwich game to a whole new level.

101 Sandwich Fillings - For Your Christmas Parties

101 Sandwich Fillings – For Your Christmas Parties:

101 Sandwich Fillings – For Your Christmas Parties. Whether you’re craving a hearty meat-filled option, a refreshing vegetarian delight, or a mouthwatering spread of flavours, you’ll find the perfect filling to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

Prepare to impress your guests and loved ones with these crowd-pleasing sandwich creations that are sure to become a highlight of your festive gatherings. So if you are planning a Christmas Parties, Afternoon Tea Or Weekend Family Evening Snacks party, I have just the sandwich fillings for you!!

You might also have plenty of different filling in and around your kitchen to make the perfect sandwiches too!!! So today I am sharing a quick list of some of our favourite sandwich filling for kids to adults. All ages really.

Also, a perfect list to keep handy for when you have an unexpected visitor arrives or if you are planning a party. So let’s hope we can plan some small Christmas family parties this year to share our sandwiches with!!

101 Sandwich Fillings- For Your Christmas Parties, Afternoon Tea Or Weekend Family Evening Snacks.

Here We Go:

1.) Firstly, Chicken Salad, Anyone? How about this tasty filling with sweet pickle, red onions, spinach and cheese sandwich? Of course, topped with mayonnaise. So tasty. With sweet pickles and creamy mayonnaise with a hint of mustard, celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday with this Royal recipe from Hellmann’s. Chicken Salad. So tasty.

2.) Secondly, Hard-Boiled Egg Sandwich. Cooked eggs, cooled and mashed up with mayonnaise and cress. Indeed, great for afternoon tea. Also, one of my favourites!!

3.) Thirdly, Sliced Ham, Cheese And Pickle.  Such as A Branston Pickle, sweet pickle or a ploughman’s pickle? I always have a jar of these kind of pickles in. Especially at Christmas! Likewise, pickled onions! So good.

4.) Fourthly, Turkey And Cranberry Sauce. Tradition at it’s best!! Why not add a bit of cold stuffing in for good mesure? So tasty, too.

101 Sandwich  Fillings- For Your Christmas

101 Sandwich Fillings- For Your Christmas Parties, Afternoon Tea Or Weekend Family Evening Snacks:

5.) Ham, Cheese, Beetroot And Salad Cream. Yum, yum!! in addition also add some crunchy salad. So good. One of my favourite sandwiches.

6.) Tuna, Mayonnaise. A pinch of salt and pepper and sliced cucumber. Because I love cucumber on everything!! So yummy.

7.) Also Another Classic: Cheese And Pickle. Because pickle goes with everything at Christmas. So tasty.

8.) Tuna And Cheese Melt. What’s not to love? So tasty!! Love making these. So moreish. Tuna And Cheese Melt.

So Some More Recipes?

9.) Egg And Bacon. Indeed also great for brunch!! So yummy and great if you are planning warm sandwiches, slice sausage on top too is so good.

10.) Plain Cheese. Maybe a little plain so why not add some condiments!! Or make it even better by toasting it!! So yummy.

11.) Strawberry Cake Sandwich. Why not try something a little different!? Of course strawberries are so full of flavour. So much fun and great for afternoon tea. Because who does not love afternoon tea? Strawberry Cake Sandwich. So much fun.

Sweet Onion and Olive Focaccia:
Recipe and photo c/o Haywards Sweet Onions.

101 Sandwich Fillings – For Your Christmas Parties:

12.) Sweet Onion and Olive Focaccia: Bread Made Easier. Also any fillings on Sweet Onion And Olive Focaccia. Very tasty, indeed!! Or simply just good quality butter.

13.) Cheese And Tomato, Cheese And Onion, Cheese And Tuna, Cheese And Beans Toasties. Of course, if you don’t like cheese you can drop the cheese. Warm Cheese Toasties. We love toasties here! Especially cheese ones.

14.) Fried Egg, Bacon, Fried Tomato And Mushrooms. All at the same time. Also great for brunch!!

15.) Pork, Apple Sauce And Stuffing. Another great warm filling. Not only tasty but so very Sunday dinner style.

16.) Tuna, Green Pepper, Spring Onion, Cucumber And Mayo. Not only tasty but beyond tasty!! Ha!!

17.) Turkey Club Sandwiches: Left Over Turkey Ideas. Smart snack. Turkey, streaky bacon, blackberry and apple chutney, salad and Stilton topped with mayo. Of course, a fun twist to a Christmas dinner sandwich. Turkey Club Sandwich.

Fish Finger Sandwich With Tartar Sauce And Rocket:

18.) Fish Finger Sandwich With Tartar Sauce And Rocket. What’s not to love about fish fingers? Because I loved them as a kid and still love them. So good. But the hotter the better for me so the sauce melts into the bread.

19.) Tuna Pepper Onion Cucumber. Tuna with chopped red pepper, sliced red onion, strips of cucumber with a drop of lemon juice and balsamic vinegar. Indeed a packed sandwich.

20.) Salmon And Cucumber. So very posh!!

21.) BerryWorld Strawberry Parma Ham and Parmesan Crostini. Who my!! Of course, very nice. Strawberry And Parma Ham. So tasty.

Some More Tasty Filling:

22.) Pork, Cranberry Sauce And Mayo. How delicious? Don’t you think? We enjoy these for tea sometimes instead of a dinner when were have been busy working.

23.) Cream Cheese, Bacon And Tomato Salsa. Indeed, great with corn chips too. So good.

24.) Prawn Avocado And Mango. So very 80’s and I love the 80’s!! On thick sliced bread. Yummy. Prawn Avocado And Mango.

25.) Sausage And Tomato Sauce. Yes, please. Of course, plenty of tomato sauce on.

26.) Salmon Salad. Also a healthier option.

27.) Pulled Pork And BBQ Sauce. Oh my!! Love pulled pork here too. Another favourite.

28.) Avocado Eggs Benedict. Great for brunch!! However I love avocado on anything.

29.) Egg And Cheese. Also a fun twist to add cheese to your boiled eggs.

30.) Chipotle Burgers With Sweet And Sour Courgette And Red Onion Pickle. Whoo, interesting!! Chipotle Burgers.

101 Sandwich Fillings- For Your Christmas Parties:

101 Sandwich Fillings – For Your Christmas Parties.

31.) Peanut Butter And Jam. Also a firm favourite!! So good.

32.) Lebanese Breakfast. The morning after the night before sandwich!?

33.) Chocolate Spread, Peanut Butter And Banana. My kind of sandwich. In addition to smoothies made from these ingredients too.

34.) Cheese, Chicken And Salad. Nice!!

35.) Ham, Egg And Cress With Mayo. So tasty.

36.) Grilled Chicken and Hummus. Love hummus too.

37.) Avocado And Smoked Salmon. My favourite posh nosh!! So posh.

38.) Turkey, Cranberry, Avocado And Spinach. Traditional with a modern twist. So much fun.

39.) Potted Meat. Remember potted meats? Very 70’s methinks!!!

40.) Quince Orange And Chestnut Chutney With Mature Cheese. Love a good cheese board! Quince, Orange And Chestnut Chutney With Davidstow® Cheddar. So tasty.

41.) Beef And Chutney. Who yes, please.

42.) Gammon And Pineapple. Best served hot!!

43.) Chicken & Tomato Salad. Nice hot or cold.

44.) Prawn, Mayo And Cucumber Slices. Maybe my all-time favourite!?

45.) Crisps Sandwiches. Very 70’s!! Worth a go!!

46.) Sweet Potato Ginger Jam. Fun one to try, especially on toast!!

47.) Avocado And Feta Cheese. Modem with a twist! So much fun.

48.) Turkey And Ham Salad. Oh so Christmas-y!!

49.) Strawberries And Chocolate Spread. Very fun to try, especially with the kids!!

50.) Turkey Stuffing And Mayo. Christmas dinner in a sandwich.

Fit For The Queen: Coronation Chicken.
Recipe and recipe photography by Hellmann’s.

101 Sandwich Fillings- For Your Christmas Parties:

51.) Coronation Chicken. Yes, please!!

52.) Chicken, Lettuce and Coleslaw. Love coleslaw, especially cheese coleslaw.

53.) Turkey Meatballs And Cheese. Another tasty one. On nice sub cobs.

54.) Sun-dried Tomato, Spinach And Grilled Cheese. Now I could just eat this one!

55.) Peanut Butter And Banana. Another favourite of mine!

56.) Pulled Beef And BBQ Sauce. Delicious.

57.) Organic Steak Sandwich With Green Goddess Mayo. As it is British Sandwich Week (8th to 14th May 2016) I thought I would share some yummy sandwich recipes, starting with this organic steak sandwich with green goddess mayo by Helen Graves. Organic Steak Sandwich With Green Goddess Mayo. Tasty!!

58.) BLT. Bacon, lettuce and tomato’s BLT! LOVE THESE!!

59.) Prawn Combo. Prawn, avocado and chopped tomatoes topped with lemon juice and spinach.

Lemon Curd:

60.) Lemon Curd. Reminds me of my Granddad. He loved these. Who I loved ketchup sandwiches too.

61.) Turkey, Bacon And Cheese. Whoo, I can just picture this now!!

62.) Sandwich Scones. Very fun to try.

63.) Steak And Onion. Match made in heaven.

64.) Banana And Honey. Yep, I also love this one!

65.) Thai Pork. Yummy!!

66.) Chicken, Avocado, Cheese And Spinach. So good and healthy too.

67.) Rare Roast Beef, Wasabi And Watercress. For the carnivores try this modern twist on the original sandwich eaten by the Earl of Sandwich back in 1762. Who is said to have first put some beef and watercress between two slices of bread so he could eat without interrupting his card game! This more sophisticated version with bagels is a perfect teatime treat. Rare Roast Beef, Wasabi And Watercress Bagels

68.) Spinach and Smoked Salmon Eggs Royale With Pumpkin Seeds. This colourful, healthy and tasty brunch idea can be part prepared ahead of time and then be ready in moments. Spinach And Smoked Salmon Eggs Royale.

69.) Sirloin Steak Sandwiches, Gherkins With Horseradish Sauce. Naughty but nice!

70.) Cheese, Ham And Tomato. Very tasty!!

71.) Cranberry, Cream Cheese Turkey Sandwich. How tasty!?

Turkey and Mozzarella Christmas Sandwich Loaf:
Recipe and recipe photography by Make More Of Salad.

101 Sandwich Fillings- For Your Christmas Parties:

72.) Turkey and Mozzarella Christmas Sandwich Loaf. A great recipe to use up that left over Turkey. Turkey, Mozzarella Christmas Loaf. Yes, please.

73.) Grilled 3 Cheese Sandwich. Whoo, love these.

74.) Chicken, Red onion, Red Grape And Mayo. Different!!

75.) Tuna And Sweetcorn With Mayo. My Daughter favourite.

101 Sandwich Fillings- For Your Christmas Parties:

101 Sandwich Fillings – For Your Christmas Parties.

76.) Corn Beef And Tomato. Hubby loves these.

77.) Rainbow Chicken Roll Ups: Great For Afternoon Tea. Are you looking for something a little different for your lunch? Something to pack up and take to work or pack up for the children’s lunch box? Or maybe have already in the fridge for a lunchtime treat. How about trying these fun  Rainbow Chicken Roll-Ups? Chicken, Cream Cheese, Strawberries And Vegetables.

78.) Ham And Green Peppers. Sounds very pizza-ish!!

79.) Mashed Avocado, Slice Cold Boiled Egg And Sliced Radish. Love avocados!!

Hotdogs And Mustard:

80.) Hotdogs And Mustard. Topped with red sauce. You had me at hot-dog sausages.

81.) Easy Salmon Sandwiches: Perfect For Afternoon Tea.  Easy Salmon And Raspberry Sandwiches. Whoo best with friends and wine.

82.) Tuna, Corn, Red Kidney Bean and Mayo. Above all, tuna and mayo on it’s own, rocks!!

83.) Egg, Avocado And Black Pudding With Rocket. Something a little different.

84.) Chicken, Red Onion And Grape. So fun.

85.) Cottage Cheese. Very 80’S classic!! For example, also great on crackers.

86.) Chicken Tikka. Also, love chicken tikka.

87.) Pulled Turkey, Sweet And Sour Maple Sauce. How tasty!!? Pulled Turkey With Sweet And Sour Maple Sauce. Above all, this sandwich filling screams Christmas.

88.) Cheese And Cress. Another family favourite, especially with egg!!

89.) Beetroot, Carrot & Chickpea Pittas With Spicy Yogurt. Beetroot, Carrot & Chickpea Pittas With Spicy Yogurt.

Plain Ham:

90.) Plain Ham. Yep plain but a lot of it.

91.) Goats Cheese Crostini: Savoury Party Snack Ideas. You can experiment with different meats or cheese too. These ones are made with goats cheese, Branston pickles, walnuts and a few other ingredients all put together on a French baguette. Goats Cheese And Pickles. So tasty.

92.) Cheese And Chive Spread. Whoo takes me back to 1985!! I use to live on these.

93.) Spinach And Egg. Oh yes.

94.) The Ultimate Halloumi Sandwich: Branston Pickle. So are you looking for something a little different for lunch? As today I am sharing The Ultimate Halloumi Sandwich from Branston Pickle. How Tasty!? The Ultimate Halloumi Sandwich. Love halloumi. Do you also love halloumi?

95.) Chicken And Sweetcorn, With Mayo. How nice!! So good.

96.) Cream Cheese Spread And Ham. Whoo with a slice of ham chucked on!?

Love A Good Sandwich?

97.) Bramley, Cranberry And Rosewater Jelly With Davidstow® Cheddar. This winter themed jelly pairs perfectly with Davidstow® 3 Year Special Reserve Vintage and Davidstow® 18 Month Extra Mature cheddar and can be made and stored well in advance for the busy Christmas period. Bramley Cranberry And Rosewater Jelly With Mature Cheese.

98.) Chicken Bacon And tomato. So tasty.

99.) Roast Beef Sandwich With Goat Cheese. At the same time another tasty recipe to try. So tasty.

100.) Jam Sandwiches. Another 1980’s recipe!! After that, you will not also need a treat afterwards!!

101.) Last But Not Least, Banana And Chocolate Spread. So very brunch-y!!

Christmas Parties

101 Sandwich Fillings – For Your Christmas Parties. Also The Photo Credits: Thanks to the amazingly talented Jill Wellington.

101 Sandwich Fillings- For Your Christmas Parties:

So if you were wondering, yes I am very hungry after writhing this list. Now which sandwich to pick!! Because I would like to try them all!! In conclusion only 2 thing you have to decide now, is it hot or cold and what kind of bread/cob/pitta/bagel to use!?

So can you think of any more sandwich filler ideas? List them in the comments because I would love to try them!!

101 Sandwich Fillings – For Your Christmas Parties. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit here today. As always, we’d love to hear what you have to say. If you liked this post, why not subscribe to make sure you don’t miss any future ones? So, I also hope you found today’s article interesting. You can also share your thoughts in the comments box below if you’d like. I’m hoping you’ll be able to see us again soon.

101 Sandwich Fillings
Also, recipes and recipe photography’s by: Branston pickle, BerryWorld, Seasonal Berries, Make More Of Salad, Pure Maple Syrup From Canada, Seasonal Berries & Branston pickle.

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101 Sandwich  Fillings - For Your  Christmas Parties
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