What Do You Need To Make A Bouquet

What Do You Need To Make A Bouquet Of Flowers? Creative Mondays Link Up.

Creative Mondays Blog Hop | Creative Mondays Link Up. Happy Monday friends. Welcome to another fun filled Creative Mondays party. Good morning lovelies, so how are you today? It is also world napping day today and I might just take a nap; after getting ill last week!

I am feeling much better today after catching a cold and being poorly with it. It was one of those cold with a right old tickle-y cough. Which was so annoying!! I am so glad it is passing by now!!

What Do You Need To Make A Bouquet Of Flowers?

What Do You Need To Make A Bouquet Of Flowers?

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What Do You Need To Make A Bouquet Of Flowers?

So to make a beautiful bouquet of flowers, you will typically need the following items:

  • Some Pretty Flowers.
  • Add Some Green Leaves.
  • A Pair Of Scissors.
  • Some Rubber Bands.
  • Ribbon To Finish.

Firstly, Some Pretty Flowers. Choose a selection of blooms that you enjoy or that have special importance for you or who you are making them for. You can get them from a florist, a food shop, or, if you have a garden, you can grow them yourself.

Secondly, Add Some Green Leaves. To give your bouquet more depth and texture, pick a couple different kinds of greenery. Eucalyptus, ferns, or leaves from trees or plants are a few examples.

Thirdly, A Pair Of Scissors. For trimming the stems of your flowers and greens, you’ll need a good pair of scissors or garden shears.

Fourthly, Some Rubber Bands. In arranging your flowers, you will need a way to keep the stems connected. Rubber bands are suitable for this.

Fifthly, Ribbon To Finish. When your bouquet is all set up, you may add a finishing touch by wrapping a ribbon or twine around the stems.

What Do You Need To Make A Bouquet Of Flowers?

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What Do You Need To Make A Bouquet Of Flowers?

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11/03/2019 Creative Mondays Link Up
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