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11 Mince Pie Filling, Mince Pies How To Make Recipes

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11 Mince Pie Filling, Mince Pies And Tarts Ideas For Christmas. Hello friends. How is your weekend going so far?

Do you like a tasty mince pie at Christmas? If so, you might fancy trying one of these 11 Mince Pies And Tarts Ideas For Christmas.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash.

11 Mince Pie Filling, Mince Pies And Tarts Ideas:

Over the next few weeks hopefully, when lock-down has been lifted, I will be hitting the gym ready for December when we make lots of cakes and Christmas treats.

Mince pie, jam and lemon tarts are among my favourite Christmas buns, just like grandma used to bake.

Indeed the sweeter the better. I take after my granddad there.

However, I do love all kind of party foods. As well as sweet treats.

Of course, mini cakes are my go-to favourite cakes but I usually would go for 2.

Here are a few recipes tart and pie recipes I’ve posted over the last few years.

 1.) Easy Christmas Mincemeat:

Firstly, we love Christmas baking especially mince pies but have never got around to making our own mincemeat.

So today I am sharing an easy peasy lemon squeezy idea with you 🙂

Do you also fancy making your own fruit mincemeat recipe for all your Christmas baking this year?

Here is an easy recipe for you: Easy Christmas Mincemeat.

 2.) Primula Surprise Mince Pies:

Secondly, Christmas is all about spreading joy; so why not give your loved ones a little surprise this year with real mince pies,.

Also loaded with spicy minced beef and a surprise cheesy centre. Primula Surprise Mince Pies.

 3.) Cornish Rum Nickys:

Thirdly and do you fancy trying these Cornish Rum Nickys? Filled with clotted cream. How yummy!?

Because cream and mince pies go together perfectly. Cornish Rum Nickys.

4.) Ultimate Mince Pies with a Twist:

Fourthly Merry Christmas and do you love mince pies? So are you looking for something a little different this year? Ultimate Mince Pies With A Twist.

 5.) Mincemeat and Mince Pies:

Hands up who likes mince pies! Also a firm favourite at Christmas here in the UK and Santa’s favourites!! Mincemeat And Mince Pies. Indeed, such a Christmas tradition.

11 Mince Pie Filling, Mince Pies How To Make Recipes:

Photo By kaboompics.

6. Orange And Cinnamon Crumble Topping Mince Pies:

So are you looking for something a little different to bake this Christmas?

So how about making some of these sweet crumbled topped mince pies? Orange And Cinnamon Crumble Topping.

 7.) Truvia Mince Pies:

Another tasty recipe, Mince Pies Anyone? Yummy!!

Mince Pies Anyone? Yummy!! I have grown up on mince pies at Christmas but I know a lot of people don’t know they are a sweet treat without meat in them. Truvia Mince Pies.

8.) Mini Blueberry Tarts:

As well as mincemeat you could also try these Yummy Mini Blueberry Tarts. A great alternative if you do not like dried fruit.

So how sweet are these? Mini Blueberry Tarts.

 9.) Meringue-Topped Mince Pies:

So how yummy are these!? This twist on the traditional mince pie recipe includes a light, fluffy meringue top. A great addition to a traditional mince pie.

Meringue Topped Mince Pies.

10.) Mince Pies:

Also Mince Pies with a crumbly twist! …yum, yum…But would one be enough?

Mince Pie.

 11. Healthy Mince Pies:

Last but not least, Honestly Healthy Chef, Natasha Corrett, has created a special Christmas recipe for healthier Mince Pies.

Finally the Honestly Healthy Mince Pies.

All washed down with a nice Sherry afterwards?

11 Mince Pie Filling, Mince Pies How To Make Recipes:

We mostly only make these at Christmas!! For some unknown reason!! So do you only make mince pies at Christmas too?

So what are your favourite Christmas treats? Or things you only bake at Christmas? I like most thing’s, especially if they are sweet!!

11 Mince Pie Filling, Mince Pies How To Make Recipes:

11 Mince Pies And Tarts Ideas For Christmas.

11 Mince Pies And Tarts Ideas For Christmas:

So do you fancy trying any of these mince pie recipe ideas? Do you also like the sound of any? Because I could eat one or two right now!

Also if you are looking for any recipes in-particular hit the tags on the sidebar.

Updated post. First published here 20th November 2014.

11 Mince Pie Filling, Mince Pies How To Make Recipes:

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11 Mince Pie Filling, Mince Pies How To Make Recipes:

Finally, lovelies; I hope you like this post?

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  1. Kim Carberry says:

    Ahh! They all look so tasty! I'm sat here drooling! lol x

  2. Alice Emma Thompson says:

    Oh my goodness mince pie tastic! We're stirring up our mincemeat at the weekend x

  3. Sarah Barnes says:

    So many ideas, so little time! These all look amazing. The blueberry ones sounds really different, practically a health food surely?! Would love you to link up to my Festive Food Friday linky if you fancy it 🙂

  4. Ruth says:

    Lots of great ideas here

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