11 Tips On Buying And Wearing The Perfect…

11 Tips On Buying And Wearing The Perfect Christmas Jumper.

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11 Tips On Buying And Wearing The Perfect Christmas Jumper.

Hello friends. I love Christmas novelty jumpers. We all love Christmas jumpers here. Do you love Christmas jumpers too?

A New Christmas Jumper Ever Year:

Every year me and the children have to have a new novelty Jumper.

The kids because they grew out of them. Me, because I love them.

Something festive, something fun, something to celebrate Christmas.

Not yet convinced the hubby to wear one, but all the rest of us love them.

I have quite a collection now as I never chuck anything away. Well, only once it has worn out.

My 2nd eldest Son was first off the mark this year, as he had a jumper delivered last week.

Getting ready for December and ‘Christmas jumper Friday’. 

Last year I was sorting all the children out and forgot to buy the fun and cheery one I loved until the middle of December.

Great my favourite jumper had sold out!!

The only ones I could find were two sizes too small or two sizes too big!!

In the end I went for the larger sized one..( It made me look thin when I took it off!) Remember this one?

New Look Christmas Jumper:

When New Look offered to gift me my favourite Christmas jumper from their website, I was over the moon,. A chance to get my hand on a jumper I love nice and early.

With only one small question, which style to go for!?!

11 Tips On Buying And Wearing The Perfect Christmas Jumper.
11 Tips On Buying And Wearing The Perfect Christmas Jumper.

I picked this Pale Blue Sequin Santa Christmas Jumper.

How sweet is this one!?! 

With the lovely Santa on it.

About My New Look Christmas Jumper:

Sequin Santa design

Breathable woven fabric

 Simple long sleeves

 Rounded neck

Casual fit

Cuffed hem


11 Top Tips On Buying And Wearing The Perfect Christmas Jumper:

1.) Buy Nice And Early:

Buy nice and early!?!

November is perfect.

Before your favourite designs or sizes sell out!

2.) Make Time To Shop:

Have a spare morning visiting the shops.

Take a good look at all your favourite shops and see which styles, colour, pattern you like. You do not want to buy one then see one you like more, do you?

3.) Not Got Time To Shop?:

Open up all new windows of your favourite shops on the internet,.

Type in the search box ‘Christmas jumper’ and the page will show you all the Christmas jumpers they sell.

Aww, so many choices!!

4.) Think Of What Clothes You Already Own:

Think of what colour jeans/trouser/leggings/skirts you already own so you can match your jumper up to.

5.) Look On The Internet For Ideas On How To Style:

Search Christmas jumpers on Google and see what jumpers people have been wearing them with and which style bottoms.

Pinterest is great for photos of fashion.

6.) Where Will You Be Wearing it?:

Think of where you will be wearing it to get an idea of how to dress it up.






Days out?

Walk in the park?



Meal out?

7.) Find One You Love:

Which pattern and style will you really like to wear all December?


Cute Animals?


Christmas Trees?

Christmas Pudding?

Favourite T.V Show?



Tree lights?




Gingerbread Man?


Just to name a few ideas, lol…

8.) Wear It Early And Start A Trend:

Wear it as early as you like.

9.) Mix It Up:

Make it look like a different outfit by styling it with different  clothes~ jeans, legging, skirts.

Get the most wear out of it this year before January when it will be time to pack it away for next year.

10.) Stick To You Shopping List And Only Buy What You Had Planned:

Do not get carried away!

It is so easy to buy lots.. they are so sweet. {If I had money, I would buy them all}.

11.) Have Fun:

Have fun and enjoy wearing it, this is what they are all about.

Some Fun Ideas Where To Wear It:

 Have a ‘Christmas jumper Friday’ at home throughout December, invite friends round, make mince pies and drink Sherry!

Yummy, now this sounds great… 


11 Tips On Buying And Wearing The Perfect Christmas Jumper:

About this post~

I was gifted a Christmas jumper of my choice from New Look. All thoughts are my own opinion and I was not paid for this post.

What do you think of my new jumper?

Love it as much as me?

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  1. Janice
    18 November 2014 / 21:43

    The jumper is lovely, it looks great with the red trousers!

  2. Susanne Remic
    18 November 2014 / 16:05

    What a fab post ! LOVE how you make a Christmas jumper look so stylish!! x x

  3. Kim Carberry
    18 November 2014 / 10:58

    I love this jumper…..So festive!

  4. sharon powell
    18 November 2014 / 10:27

    That's a lovely jumper, I love New Look though 🙂 I would love us all to have Christmas jumpers but it's so expensive for us all to have one x #TriedTested

  5. Emma Iannarilli
    18 November 2014 / 10:08

    Absolutely love that jumper and how you have styled it, I've only ever worn one once, but have one for this year.#Tried/Tested

  6. Kate Fever
    18 November 2014 / 09:36

    This is fun – love how well it works with the festive red trousers too! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

    18 November 2014 / 08:09

    Ooh I like it and the sequin effect, I love Christmas jumpers, the ones in New Look are cool this year. I want a Minion one!

  8. Coombe Mill
    17 November 2014 / 08:53

    I love this Christmas jumper, the Santa looks like he's got a cheeky grin. There's some great tips in there as well.

  9. Victoria Welton
    15 November 2014 / 17:04

    I am LOVING this Christmas jumper. It is awesome!! I am afraid I have a rather jokey Christmas jumper from tipsyelves…the two snowmen one! 😉 Thank you for linking to PoCoLo 🙂 x

    • 15 November 2014 / 17:21

      Thanks Victoria, whoo I love the joke ones too 🙂

  10. Susan Clayton
    15 November 2014 / 16:47

    Love it! Very pretty with just the right amount of Kitschy.

    • 15 November 2014 / 17:04

      Thanks 🙂 I lways wanted on with Santa on 🙂

  11. Leovi Leovi
    14 November 2014 / 14:55

    Very nice Christmas sweater!

  12. pixiedusk
    14 November 2014 / 09:30

    It looks nice! Really festive and brighten up the day! I need to get one of those =) #pocolo

  13. Stephanie Volkert
    14 November 2014 / 00:45

    It's always interesting to see what things are called in other countries. That's a sweater here in the U.S., whereas a jumper is a one-piece outfit (top sewed to bottom). I love it though!

  14. Margarett Murphy
    13 November 2014 / 19:13

    Wow that looks good …all ready for the Christmas season…bring it on !!!

  15. PinkOddy
    13 November 2014 / 19:09

    Great tips and you look fab in your Christmas jumper. Maybe you could get your husband to wear a Christmas onesie 🙂

    • 15 November 2014 / 16:57

      Haha, can not get him to wear them and we all love them too 🙂 thanks for stopping by 🙂

  16. Kezzie
    13 November 2014 / 17:49

    Your jumper is cool!!!! I have alreAdy got mine and it is soooooo cute!!! It is also a different kind of material too!! I'm going to wear mine with a red skirt and hopefully a crown and glory headband!!! X

    • 15 November 2014 / 16:56

      Whoo Kezzie, can't wait to see your Christmas jumper, i love them 🙂

  17. Julie Corbisiero
    13 November 2014 / 16:24

    Hi Claire, you sweater is so cute and perfect for the holidays! It looks nice with your red pants too. Have a nice day and enjoy the weekend.

    • 15 November 2014 / 16:53

      Aww thanks Julie, hope you having a lovely weekend 🙂

  18. SarahMummy
    13 November 2014 / 14:59

    It's fab! We've never done Christmas jumpers before, but this year my daughter said she would like one, so your post was very useful! I want to find one that's reasonably priced, but perhaps not as cheap as Primark etc! The search is on…

    • 15 November 2014 / 12:23

      Thanks Sarah, whoo I will keep an look out for the one you pick 🙂

  19. Please may I?
    13 November 2014 / 14:43

    I have to say I do like New Looks Christmas jumpers and thins one is lovely.X x