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11/08 Silent Sunday…


36 responses to “11/08 Silent Sunday…”

  1. SarahMummy says:

    Great pic! I love giraffes 🙂 Which zoo was this taken at?

  2. Glenda Gee says:

    Great picture. He looks as if he is about to speak to you.

  3. Dawn Hart ~ Stone Pit Crafts says:

    Wow what a fab picture, were you feeding it?

  4. Carissa M says:

    Great pic, looks like he's going a cheeky grin! If I were to do a caption, it would be "hey beautiful, what are you doing later?"

  5. Linz Toothpaste says:

    Haha!! Love giraffes…so expressive!!

  6. Jean says:

    Nice close-up. Needs to brush his teeth though 🙂

  7. Crafts on Sea says:

    I love this, he looks so cheeky!!!

  8. Shona Wood says:

    Hehe what a cute pic!! Shushkat x

  9. Kriss MacDonald says:

    love the picture of the cheeky fellow! (i'm presuming the giraffe is a boy!)

  10. Kim Carberry says:

    hahaha!! Brilliant picture x

  11. Sarah Wood says:

    That is one cool giraffe! Great close up

  12. Lisa1970 says:

    love it! 🙂

  13. Mary @over40andamumtoone says:

    Great photo – do love giraffes

  14. Judy Haughton-James says:

    You got a good close up shot Claire! I think the giraffe is such a fascinating animal.

  15. Jaime Oliver says:

    What a cracking shot lol

  16. Coombe Mill says:

    Great close up – Giraffes are so lovely.

  17. Annie says:

    Great shot! Looks like he is smiling 🙂

  18. Emily Foran says:

    Wow – poser giraffe! xx

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