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17 Old Wives’ Tales I Still Live By: Weekend Blog Hop

17 Old Wives’ Tales 17 Old Wives’ Tales I Still Live By: Weekend Blog Hop.

 Happy Friday and welcome to this week’s, Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop.

I love my morning walks with Mollie The Collie. An hour-long walk through the woods gets me thinking of all kinds of blog ideas. I can imagine, I get around 10 different ideas a day spring into my head when we are out walking.

Some weird, some wonderful, some funny and some stupid. I really must start carrying a book around me because as quickly as one idea enters my head, it slips right back out when another idea arrives!!

17 Old Wives’ Tales… On one of our morning walks, I noticed myself thinking “Good Morning Mr Magpie how’s your wife” to a Magpie’s in the woods. Just like Kayleigh from the comedy ‘Car Share’ would do!! This got me thinking of Old Wives’ Tales and how I still live by them today.

17 Old Wives’ Tales I Still Live By Weekend Blog Hop:

Here is some my Grandma and Mum passed down to me that I find myself saying over the years to my children.

#1 Walking Under A Ladder:

“Don’t walk under a ladder or it will cause bad luck.”

Ekk I never walk under ladders. Do you?

#2 Find A Penny Pick It Up:

“Find a penny pick it up, all day long you will have good luck” ♯ 🎶♬

Not that I bend down for a penny much nowadays. After all this exercise I am doing lately and my age, I find it hard to bend down. Lol. Plus what is a pennyworth!? Yeap a penny 😁

#3 Don’t Put New Shoes On The Table:

“Don’t put new shoes on the table it gives you bad luck.”

My kids never learn this one. When I see my children just about to put a bag with their new shoes in on the table it is like a scene from White Chick’s movie when I run so fast across the kitchen and snatch the bag out of their hands before I fall to the floor in slow motion shouting Noooooo!!!

#4 An Apple A Day:

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

So they say. I need to live by this one, now I am getting on a bit. Another birthday in a few weeks!! I really need to keep the doctor away.

#5 Magpies, One For Sorrow: 

 One for sorrow,
Two for joy,
Three for a girl,
Four for a boy,

Whenever I see one I am always looking for another Magpie!! Do you look for at least 2 too?

#6 Carrots Help You See At Night:

Carrots Help you See at Night.

Do they? Or just another old wives tale? I tell my kids they do. They always eat a few more when I tell them.

#7 Cracking Your Knuckles:

Cracking your knuckles will give you arthritis.

Not sure if it does but another one I tell my kids. I hope it doesn’t!? I remember cracking my knuckles and fingers when I was little. I would hate to have to go through the pain that my Mum goes through 🙁

17 Old Wives’ Tales

#8 Sitting On A Cold Floor Will Gives You Piles:

Does sitting on a cold floor really give you piles?

Never sat on a cold floor because of this saying.

#9 You Will Catch A Cold Without A Coat:

Can you get a cold from not wearing a coat?

 I know I have caught a fever quite a few times when I have gone out without my coat before. I am so nesh!!

#10 You’ll Catch A Cold If You Go Out With Wet Hair:

If you go out with wet hair you will catch a death of a cold.

One my grandma use to say!

#11 Counting Sheep Will Help You To Fall To Sleep:

Does counting sheep help you fall to sleep?

I keep saying I will count them when I can not get to sleep but at the minute I fall to sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.

#12 Pull Out A Grey Hair And 2 More Will Follow:

Does plucking grey hairs really make more grow back in their place? 

 Another one I believe in but will not ever do!!

#13 If You Eat The Crusts Your Hair Will Go Curly:

Eating the crust of bread will give you curly hair?

I like curly hair and always wanted it but not a fan of crusts.No matter how may times I try to eat them.

#14 Left-hand Money Going Out Right Hand Money Coming In:

When your palms itch it means money. An itching left palm means money to be paid out, while an itching right palm is money coming in. 

 Never believe it if my left hand but alway hope it is true when my right-hand itches.

#15 Don’t Break A Mirror Or You Will Get 7 Years Bad Luck:

Does breaking a mirror really give you 7 years of bad luck? 

 Noooo stay away from the mirror.

#16 Dandelion Will Make You Wee The Bed:

If you pick a dandelion you will wet the bed.

Never pick a dandelion unless you want to wee the bed, haha!!

#17 Do Not Cut Your Fingernails On A Friday:

Cutting your nails on a Friday is unlucky.

I neverrrrrrrr cut my fingernails on a Friday. Do you?

17 Old Wives’ Tales…

Old wives’ tales are usually handed down to us from our parents/grandparents as that is where I heard them from. I am in my 40’s but I wonder how many people under this age still live by them!?

Let me know in the comments below if you have old wife’s tales. Also if you are the younger generation that uses them.

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32 comments so far.

32 responses to “17 Old Wives’ Tales I Still Live By: Weekend Blog Hop”

  1. Tamar SB says:

    These are great!

  2. Stone Cottage Adventures says:

    My grandmother used to say, "Peaches, peaches. My nose itches. Here comes a man with a hole in his breeches." Thanks for hosting this great party! -Marci @ Stone Cottage AdventuresI am co-hosting a couple of link parties myself this week. If you have time, I'd love for you to join the fun at my place. No pressure, of course! 😉

  3. Stone Cottage Adventures says:

    'Forgot to mention I am here from Post Comment Love -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  4. Doused In Pink says:

    So fun to read these! A few of them I've never heard like don't put new shoes on the table! That scene from White Chicks cracks me up! Thank you for the linkup!JillDoused In Pink

  5. Impulsive Artistry - Artist Charles Wolf says:

    Thank you for hosting – I don't really adhere to any of these sayings, but they are funny to read. : )

  6. Heather{Our Life In a Click} says:

    I knew some of these but some are new to me! I don't even think I've ever seen a Magpie! This was a fun post. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. vanity andme says:

    "don't put that umbrella up indoors"!! Why would you do that anyway?? lolHave a great weekend Claire x

  8. csuhpat1 says:

    Some of those old wives were super smart. So, it might be wise to follow them. Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful weekend.

  9. harmskills says:

    Yes! I am very superstitious! My husband didn't believe me about the new shoes one so I looked it up and it comes from back when miners didn't return their shoes were left out something like that!!!! Thanks for hosting! Mommatogo.com

  10. Keri Jones says:

    Never heard of the finger nails one, too funny, lol x

  11. Lily Seymour says:

    Love them! My Mom always said…. "everybody can't be your friend" and that is so true!

  12. Mother of 3 says:

    I've heard of so many of these… but I am not good at following many of them; except walking under a ladder; I never do that!

  13. Carol @Comfort Spring Station says:

    I read that the wive's tale about carrots was started by the British govt during WWII. They had developed radar and didn't want Germans to know so they said they feed pilots lots of carrots to improve their sight to see in the dark. Not true but they are good for you!

  14. Paula Rockwell says:

    Hello Claire! This is a terrific post! I have heard of most of your wives tales and actually follow a few myself. My mother always has said to never open an umbrella inside as that will give you bad luck. Awhile back one of my children opened one inside and I freaked out! And I will definitely avoid walking underneath a ladder!

  15. Stephanie Robinson says:

    I was nodding along to many of these but haven't heard of the fingernail one before – thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo

  16. Our Fairytale Adventure says:

    This made me laugh. I do so many of these! I always tell people off when new shoes are put on the table!

  17. Ruth says:

    Such a fun pot. I enjoyed reading this.

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